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Monday Night Raw

Mickie was out in the ring waiting to see who she was going be fighting.

(Breaking the Habitat- Linkin Park) Came on and a girl about 5'6 came out. She was wearing Flare jeans and a screen tee that said "I'm not to be reckoned with" and had her hair in Pony tail. Mickie looked very confused because she had no idea who the heck she was.

She did the Metal signs and ran to the ring sliding in.

"And now weighing in at 125 pounds Aaliyah." Lillian said with a smile

Mickie looked at her (A/n: you know that bugged out look she gives ha). Aaliyah just smirked and kicked her in the stomach. Mickie looked up at her and screamed. Aaliyah just rolled her eyes and Mickie knocked her down with a swipe kick.

And then kicked her in the stomach. Aaliyah jumped up (A/n: you know how when Lita use to wrestle and she would jump back up yea that's what I mean.) Then ran to the ropes and did a back flip onto Mickie. While she was down Aaliyah ran and jumped onto the turnbuckle and turned her back and did a corkscrew moonasult. She went for the pin "1…2…3!" The referee called out and the bell rang. Her song came on "And your winner is Aaliyah!" Lillian said and the referee held up her hand. The crowd cheered. She asked for a mic.

They handed it to her and put it up to her lips the crowd cheered louder and she smirked.

"Mickie, you want to know something, I have a problem with you especially since your such a crazy btch acting like you were Trish fyi your nothing but a mental whre." Aaliyah said and the crowd screamed. She threw down the mic and her music went on and she walked up the ramp backwards.

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