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Aaliyah ran out into the cold night. Putting her hood up she started to slow down until she was just walking at a steady pace.

"Why does this stuff always have to happen to me?" Aaliyah thought as she cried.

Her phone rang; she took it out of her pocket. She noticed that it was Jeff and put it back in her pocket not wanting to talk to him right now.

She heard someone calling her, slowly turning around she saw Shannon. Sighing to herself and wiping the tears she walked over to him.

"Hey what are you doing out here alone?" Shannon asked looking at her.

"Um just getting some air." Aaliyah said saying the first excuse that came to mind.

"Oh well a beautiful lady shouldn't be out here by herself at night; you never know what creeps lurk around here." Shannon said putting an arm around her shoulder in a friendly and protective gesture. Aaliyah didn't answer him. "You alright?"

"I'm fine." She mumbled.

"Come on lets go back to the hotel." Shannon said

"I will meet you back there ok?" Aaliyah asked just wanting to be alone.

Shannon sighed

"Fine, you sure you're alright? You look like you've been crying or something." Shannon said giving it one more try.

"I'm fine Shannon; I'll see you a little later." Aaliyah said walking the opposite way of her worried friend.

A few minutes passed which turned into an hour; finally Aaliyah calmed down and headed back towards the hotel.

Her cell phone rang again; she looked at the caller ID happy to see it was Amy and not Jeff who was calling.

"Hello?" Aaliyah asked

"Hey, where are you? Jeff is worried sick" Amy said in a whisper.

"I'm coming back. Did you see the room?" Aaliyah asked

"Yeah, who's Jake?" Amy asked worry evident in her voice

Aaliyah stopped walking; tears began to well up in her eyes.

"I'll explain later ok?" Aaliyah choked out trying to swallow the lump in her throat

"Alright hurry back." Amy said hanging up.

Aaliyah reached the hotel a few minutes later, going to Amy's room she knocked on the door.

Amy opened the door a bit seeing it was Aaliyah she opened it up all the way.

"Jeff is in here, go talk to him." Amy said

Aaliyah sighed and walked in the room with her hands in her back pockets.

"Baby where were you! You had me worried." Jeff said getting off the bed and hugging her.

"I'll, uh, be in Matt's room." Amy said walking out of the room so they could be alone

"I'm sorry, something just scared me and I needed some space" Aaliyah said apologetically

"I saw that note. Is that Jake guy your ex-boyfriend?" Jeff asked

Aaliyah put her head down to hide the tears that were about to fall.

"Yes" She mumbled

They sat in silence, Jeff didn't know what to say and neither did Aaliyah.

There was a knock at the door, knowing that Aaliyah wasn't going to answer Jeff stood up and walked over to the door.

"Hey bro, the manager said that your room is finished being cleaned up." Matt said

"Alright, thanks man" Jeff said closing the door and looking back at Aaliyah.

"Come on lets go back to our room, ok?" Jeff asked sitting back down next to her. He wrapped his arms around her trying to comfort his obviously upset girlfriend.

"Ok" Aaliyah said walking out of the room with him close behind.

"I'm just going to go to bed, hopefully I'll wake up from this nightmare" Aaliyah said mumbling the last part. She took out shorts and a tank top and walked into the bathroom to change. When she came back out Jeff was un-packing some stuff.

"Night" Aaliyah said simply before getting in the bed and falling asleep.

In the middle of the night Aaliyah heard her cell phone go off.

"Hello?" Aaliyah asked sleepily.

"Hey" Someone said

"Who's this?" Aaliyah asked

"Milly" She said

"Oh, hey can I call you in the morning I was asleep." Aaliyah said

"Oh sure, sorry" Milly said hanging up.

Aaliyah hung up her phone and turned around moving closer to Jeff and putting her head on his chest.

Later that morning Aaliyah woke up and saw Jeff looking at her.

"Uh morning" She said stretching out her arms.

"Morning, you know you're so cute when you're asleep" Jeff said with a smile.

Aaliyah blushed with a small smile.

"I'm going to go see my brother, I'll be back soon." Aaliyah said after brushing out her hair a bit.
"Alright." Jeff said

Aaliyah walked down the hall and was about to go to the elevator when Trish stepped out in front of her.

"So you think you winning last night makes you the best female wrestler?" Trish asked glaring at her.

"Look Trish get over it, Jeff loves me and not you. Oh and I may not be the best yet but I know I'm better then you." Aaliyah said pushing her before walking into the elevator.

"Looks like its time for plan B." Trish said to herself before walking away.

Aaliyah knocked on Glen's door.

"Hey" Glen said hugging her.

"Hey bro, nice match last night." Aaliyah said with a smile.

"Thanks yours was nice too, well except for the kissing scene" Glen said shivering in disgust

"Brothers" Aaliyah said rolling her eyes.

"Oh and sisters are much better." Glen said with a teasing smile

"Yup" Aaliyah said with a confident smile

Glen gave a fake evil smile and tickled the back of her neck which made her laugh and gasp for air

"Glen stop" Aaliyah said in between fits of laughter.

"Ok" Glen said and sat down on his bed to let her catch her breath

"Glen, um, Jake sent me a note last night. He said he was coming back for me" Aaliyah said looking down at her feet.

"He did!" Glen asked anger filling his voice

"Yeah. He trashed the room that Jeff and I are sharing" Aaliyah said wiping some tears that were falling down her face, the only person she trusted to show her emotions in front of was her brother.

"Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you and I don't think Jeff would either." Glen said reassuringly as he hugged her

"Thanks bro well um I'm going to go back to my room, I'll see you later." Aaliyah said hugging him and walking back down the hallway.

A few minutes later she arrived back into her room. She heard the shower running and sat down on the bed watching TV. A few minutes into watching some cartoon she heard Jeff singing. She held back a laugh and tried to watch the program but was getting too distracted by the singer in the bathroom.

"Oh yeah I can spin a tornado, I can dry up a sea" Jeff sang Matt's entrance theme causing Aaliyah to laugh more.

A little while later the water turned off and Jeff not knowing Aaliyah was back came out of the bathroom naked.(A/n::drools:)

He jumped when he saw her sitting there with her mouth open which turned into a smirk. He took a towel and wrapped it around his waist

"Like what ya see?" Jeff asked laughing.

"Uh huh" Aaliyah said walking over to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he wrapped his arms around her waist. She leaned up and pressed her lips to his, after a few minutes of this it turned into something more (A/n: guys I'm not about to be specific with this… sorry.)

Later that day

"Hey Matt" Jeff said as Aaliyah and Jeff roamed the halls

"Hey bro, Aaliyah." Matt said with a smile

"Hi" Aaliyah said returning the smile

They walked outside. Which they regretted as their bodies registered the temperature outside.

"Oh my god it's freezing" Aaliyah said putting her hands around her bare arms.

Matt and Jeff laughed

"Shut up" Aaliyah said with a puppy face.

"Aw don't do that face, you know it makes me weak" Jeff pleaded

Aaliyah chuckled before she interlocked her fingers with Jeff's.

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