The Time Has Come

Summary: Hiei has been gone for three years and Koenma wants him back on the team in order to help protect the rest of the gang thats being attacked at random. But what Koenma doesnt know is that Hiei has two kids...wait how did that happen?

Chapter One: Revenge

Spirit World

'It was a quiet day, calm and relaxing…at least it was until Yusuke Urimeshi barged into my office without being announced,' thought Koemma.

"Koenma! What's the big idea, me and Keiko were minding our own business, taking care of Yuke, our son, a three year old, innocent little kid. When, all of the sudden demons come barging in attacking! And here I thought you had the demon attacks under control, Explain Yourself!" demanded Yusuke, Koenma's former Spirit Detective.

"We do have it under control…minus this group of demons that just sent a letter saying they were going to extract revenge on the former spirit detective and his friends and family," mumbled Koenma.

"And just when were you planning on telling us this?" Yusuke exclaimed.

"We thought it was just another empty threat. But then Kurama came and told me that he and Shizuru have been sensing a lot of demon energy near their homes and Kuwabara and Yukina have already encountered demons trying to breach the wards surrounding the temple," said Koenma.

"Right, so what should we do?" asked Yusuke.

"Take Kurama's advise and have everyone stay at the temple. You stand a better chance together and those who can't fight would be better protected."

"Ok, so that would be me, Yuke and Keiko, no one knows Keiko's family and my mom's dead. Kurama and Shizuru, you and Botan, Kuwabara, Yukina, their kids Koorie and Riei, and Hiei. That's twelve, plus theirs Kurama's mom, Shiori and her husband, as well as his stepbrother Shuichi, which adds up to fifteen. I hope we're staying at the temple," said Yusuke.

"Yes you are, Yukina's already preparing rooms. But I'm not going, I need to stay here in Spirit World," said Koenma.

"Suite yourself, but what about Hiei? He's in Demon World and probably doesn't want to come back. It's been three years since we've last seen him, hell we don't even know where he is," Yusuke complained.

"Actually we do, he sends reports about the movement of demons entering and exiting the human world. If you want, you can go with Botan when she goes to get Hiei," suggested Koenma. 'Besides, if you go it will help persuade Hiei to leave Demon World,' thought Koenma.

Yusuke didn't even blink, "When does she leave and how long will it take?"

"She leaves in thirty minutes and it wont take long, an hour maybe two. It depends on what Hiei needs to pack and how long it would take to gather all of that. But you can contact Keiko and let her know if you think it would be safer," said Koenma.

"Yea, I'll do that, hold on a minute," said Yusuke as he headed for the door. Once in the hallway he searched his pockets and pulled out his communication mirror.

Flipping it open he called Keiko (everyone in the gang was given one), it only took a minute for her to respond.

"Yes?" asked Keiko, "whose calling?"

"It's me, Yusuke. Listen, Keiko, I need you and Yuke to pack up and head for the temple, we're going to be staying there for a while, where it's safe.

"Also, if you could contact Shizuru and Kurama and give them the message, that would be great. I'm going to head over to Demon World with Botan to get Hiei, so if you could pack some things for me, I'd really appreciate it," said Yusuke.

"Sure no problem, but you owe me an explanation for what's going on when you get back," said Keiko.

"Deal, stay safe," said Yusuke as he hung up. Walking back inside he was meet by Botan.

"Are you ready? If you are we can head out now, since I'm good to go," said Botan.

"Yea, the sooner the better," said Yusuke.

"Bingo! Step this way and we can open up the portal,
said Botan as she pushed Yusuke into the portal, he disappeared. "Ja, Koenma!" she shouted as she jumped after Yusuke.

"Good luck," whispered Koenma.

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