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Warnings: This chapter only -- Implied one-sided Naruto x Sasuke.

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Paper and Pink

Scrawled on a piece of paper at least twenty times was a name – Sasuke. It was a popular name at Konoha High – if you were a real girl, you spent your days swooning and gawking at the boy who belonged to that name. But it didn't befit a girl's behavior to throw a crumpled piece of paper unceremoniously at a trash can. The laziness with which it was tossed suggested a male's uncaring hand – any female would've carefully teared it to shreds before placing it in the trash can. No one would want their daydreams to be revealed; no one would want to take the chance at having it found – the embarrassment it would cause, the social taboo! But here it was, an almost defiant sheet filled with sketchy penciled versions of the beautiful name. It was an obvious grab for a girl who was about to leave class – who could miss it!

Curiously unlike the rest of the page, there was writing etched in the top right corner of the lined sheet, baring a new, neatly written name. Next to the name was the date, and then the class period. The girl smirked as she read the name, realizing the paper was originally intended for class notes. She thought to herself, what other boy could be so stupid? It was perfect – who else was dumb enough to write his name on such a revealing piece of paper?

Brushing pink locks behind her ear that had escaped when she bent to retrieve the prize, the girl rose and let the smirk bloom into a full, evil smile. She read the name once more aloud, knowing all the other students had already left the room.

"Uzumaki Naruto."