Chapter 19: Thanksgiving Aftermath

"Never again." Rory groaned as Logan opened the front door and let her in, taking her coat and hanging it up with his as she kicked off her heels leaving them on the floor near the door. Logan went to pick them up only to roll his eyes at himself and follow her into the living room where their friends were all waiting.

Tristan and Mia were sitting in front of the blazing fireplace while Jess was sitting in the loveseat with Joan on his lap sideways, her legs dangling from the couch arm, while Finn and Evie were on the couch opposite of Rory. Finn was laying down, his arm over his eyes while his legs were on Evie's lap as she held a bag of ice on his leg, alternating legs every few minutes.

"How the hell did you guys all get in here?" Logan asked as he fell onto the couch next to Rory.

"Tristan let us in." Jess said.

"Spare key." Logan nodded, remembering the phone call he'd gotten during dinner. "Were all of your Thanksgiving's as eventful as mine and Rory's?"

"Not really." Jess said looking at Joan who shook her head. "Then again it was just us, Josh, Lorelai, and Luke. Had my mom and TJ been involved then I'd have something to talk about."

"That and you wimps only did one Thanksgiving this year." Rory pointed out.

"So did you!" Jess argued; only to watch Logan shake his head.

"We had two." He head. "Rory had Gracie cook us a small version of Thanksgiving dinner and ate it an hour before going to my parents."

"Ha!" Rory smirked.

Jess rolled his eyes. "Ours was pretty tame, ask again around Christmas and I'll have stories to tell."

"Wait, wait, wait." Evie said looking at Rory who laid her head on Logan's shoulder. "You do more than one Thanksgiving?" she asked not quite able to wrap her mind around that fact. Rory was so tiny and of course they all knew she could eat her weight in food, but hell more than one Thanksgiving was…ludicrous.

Rory nodded. "Normally, I think my record is six."

"Six?" Finn choked out. "I could barely survive this one."

"Yeah, what did happen to you?" Mia asked with a raised eyebrow.

Evie winced in sympathy. "My nephews attacked him."

"You got attacked by kids?" Tristan asked trying to smother his laughter.

"They were vicious!" Finn groaned.

"My sister and brother-in-law aren't the greatest when it comes to discipline, in fact they are prime candidates for 'Supernanny'" Evie laughed "Those kids only fear my mother and since she was distracted by cooking dinner, she didn't have time to put the fear of god into them."

"So what happened?" Joan asked.

"Evie's brother and brother-in-law left me alone with them and…"

"We found him in the corner with Jack attached to his ankle while Travis kept kicking a soccer ball at his legs. But my family all gave him kudos over the fact that he didn't cry or yell at the kids. Travis has reduced my brother Emery to tears before and my sister Katrina is always yelling at them."

"It hurt like hell though." Finn groaned, wincing when Evie switched legs to where little Jack had had his teeth latched.

"I know baby." Evie cooed, trying hard to fight the smile. "Our kids will be better."

"Promise?" Finn muttered.

"Swear." Evie laughed, looking over at Rory who was smiling over at her. "So yes, we had an eventful Thanksgiving; Finn got a good dose of crazy when we sat down at the table. Our family is notorious for being able to carry on three conversations at once; problem is we get louder and louder as time goes on. So Finn was very lost at the table. But all in all he passed the Channing test. My mother loves him, my brother accepts him and my sisters want to marry him, so all is good."

Finn groaned. "Thank god, and just wait until Christmas, us Morgan's are pretty crazy ourselves."

Logan snorted. "Please you and your younger sister are the only crazy ones in the bunch, the rest of the Morgan's are relatively normal."

Finn grinned. "They really are aren't they?"

Rory shook her head and looked over at Mia and Tristan. "What about you two? How was dinner at the DuGray's?"

Mia winced while Tristan held her closer. "It was…eventful." Tristan said with a tired sigh. "We left early, once my dad started reaming into me."

Rory frowned. "I'm surprised Janlan let that happen."

"Yeah, apparently they rushed out of town on last minute business which by the way was a bunch of bullshit, apparently my father asked my grandfather not to come this year since apparently I was going to dinner at Mia's house, and well they got us alone." Tristan rolled his eyes.

Rory winced. "Sorry I couldn't be there."

Tristan shrugged. "Not a big deal Mar." he said looking down at Mia with a smile. "Mia made it perfect when we got back."

Rory smiled. "Did you?" she asked, looking at Mia.

Mia shrugged. "If Tristan says I did, I guess I did, I just told him the truth."

Tristan watched as Mia finally settle into a sleep, as he made his way to New Haven. Jesus, if murder weren't a crime…he thought before shaking the thought out of his head. He hated his parents for making her cry, he hated them for making her feel less then what she was.

He toyed with her fingers that were slipping from his hand. He'd only seen her cry once before, and that was during a movie night they'd been having. He'd made the mistake of putting in "Radio" and that had made her cry every five minutes. By the end, he'd been so shaken she'd laughed at him and said that crying at a sad movie was normal and nothing to be freaked out about. She was fine.

Now though…these were real tears funneled by emotions made by real people not fictional people in a movie and he knew that these tears were meant to be soothed. The thing was he didn't know how. Jess was the one that Rory always cried on and he as the one that took care of whatever had made her cry. He'd never dealt with the actually blubbering phase.

He stopped in front of the front gates of the younger Huntzberger home putting in the code. He watched as the gates opened and drove past them trying to remember what Jess usually did when Rory cried. Held her, patted her back.

Tristan ran a hand through his hair in frustration as he parked in the back at the kitchen entrance, making sure he left enough room for the other cars that would be coming in through the night.

They had elected Rory and Logan's house as the safe haven, while Rory and Logan were planning on having a good dinner they were also planning on telling his parents Rory was pregnant which was going to be stress filled.

He knew his dinner was going to be a bust even with his grandparents there. Without Rory for his parents to focus on it only left him, then add Mia to the mix it was asking for disaster, had he known his grandparents weren't going to make an appearance he would have come down with the flu and hauled ass to Stars Hollow for dinner at Luke's.

Sighing, he rested his head against the headrest. Jess was planning on having an amazing dinner, that he knew. Who wouldn't have a great dinner with Lorelai in attendance?

Shaking his head he got out of the car and closed his door as quietly as he could before going over to Mia's side. He made a quick grab of her so she wouldn't fall out and unhooked her seatbelt.

"Tris?" she murmured as he picked her up out of the car, closing the door with his foot.

"Yeah babe, we're at Rory and Logan's."

She 'hmm'ed' and rested her cheek on his shoulder, her eyes still closed. He reached the kitchen door, and adjusted Mia in his arms as he reached under the door mat that read "WOW! Nice Underwear". He chuckled at Rory and Lorelai's sense of humor and good sense to put the mat at the back door and not the front. He grabbed the key and unlocked the door, making sure the door was closed he threw the key on the counter before going through the kitchen and living room heading upstairs to the guest rooms.

"You can put me down now Tris."Mia murmured just as he was about to open the door. With a slight nod he let her on the ground gently as he opened the door letting her in.

"I'm going to go grab our stuff from the car okay."

"Tristan." Mia said before he could leave again.


"I think we need to talk about what happened." She said quietly.

Tristan sighed as he sat at the edge of the bed running a hand through his hair. "Mia, I am so sorry that they said all those things."

"Tristan." Mia whispered stepping closer.

"No." Tristan said holding up a hand. "Let me talk. My parents have told me I'm useless all my life you know, so I'm use to hearing it and I'm use to letting it slide. But what they said to you, that was just…so unacceptable. They're usually better about keeping their disdain in until we're alone. I wish I could tell you that they would have been on better behavior had my grandparents been there, but sadly I know that's not true. I'm just…so sorry you had to see that, god I just…" Tristan shook his head in disappointment and Mia was pretty sure she saw some shame in his eyes. "I'm so sorry they made you cry."

Mia frowned as she put hand on his cheek and tipped his head up. "You think I was crying because of what they said to me?"

Tristan frowned. "Well yeah, why else would you be crying?"

Mia's mouth gaped open before she shook her head. "You are truly an idiot." She laughed.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"Tristan, I've been called worse and told worse by kids during the twelve plus years of school then what your parents said to me tonight."

"But you cried." Tristan pointed out.

"Yeah! For you!" Mia cried sitting next to him.

"Wait what?" Tristan asked with a frown completely lost with the conversation.

Mia sighed and grabbed his hand as she turned on the bed, sitting cross legged as she faced him. "I've grown up with the idea that parents love their children no matter what, they're proud of their children no matter what they've accomplished and while I'm realistic enough to realize that not all parents are like that, knowing it and actually seeing it are two completely different things."

"I warned you about them." Tristan gently reminded.

"And I know that, but again, hearing it, thinking it and seeing it are so completely different. The fact that your father isn't proud of the fact that you're at Harvard law or how he didn't even care enough to know that you were at the top of your class, god Tris, that hurt." she lifted his hand placing it over her heart. "It hurt right there."

Tristan shrugged. "I'm use to it." he muttered.

"And that kills me." Mia said "You shouldn't be use to that!"

"It's not like I'm happy about the fact." He grumbled.

"Tristan, I just…" Mia sighed. "I love you, and I want from this moment on to know that I'm proud of you for everything you've done and will do. I just…want you to know that."

Tristan stared at her for a full minute, making her shift in her seat, before he leaned down and kissed her. "No one other then Jess and Rory have ever said that to me, you have no idea how much that means coming from you."

"What that I love you?" Mia asked, "Because I do."

Tristan laughed and kissed her softly again. "No, that you're proud of me."

Mia raised an eyebrow and pulled away. "Wait, so Jess has told you he loves you."

Tristan cleared his throat. "In a very brotherly masculine way…yes, but so much better coming from you."

"Good." Mia laughed leaning back in.

"And I love you too by the way."

Rory smiled as she looked at Mia who was snuggling closer to Tristan, she'd liked Mia before, just with the fact that she hadn't fallen at Tristan's feet the minute she'd met him. From the way Rory had heard it, Mia had made Tristan work hard in order to get her to go on a date with him and had told him straight out that she wasn't some girl he could play with.

Now with hearing how Mia hadn't been upset with what Tristan's parents had said about her, but she was upset at how callous they could be towards their own child, that made Rory love the young women even more for her best friend. Tristan definitely deserved a girl like Mia and Rory was ecstatic that they had found each other.

"What about yours?" Jess asked. "Didn't you guys tell the Huntzberger's you were pregnant tonight?"

Rory winced while Logan groaned. "Yes." He said his head rolling back.

"How'd that go?" Mia asked.

Rory looked at Logan who sighed before answering. "The news went well, seeing as my parents aren't just expecting one grandchild, but two."

"I'm sorry?" Finn said looking up. "Did we miss something? Two grandchildren?"

Rory laughed. "I'm having one and Honor is having the other."

Finn looked over at Logan with a grin. "Honor's pregnant?"

Logan nodded. "Yep, she's about a month in a half along. My parents and grandparents could not have been more ecstatic about it, two grandchildren and great grandchildren within the year. Especially one coming from us, they took it…wonderfully."

Jess raised an eyebrow and looked around at everyone and it seemed like he wasn't the only one waiting for the other shoe to drop. "Fine." He said, causing Rory and Logan to look at him. "I'll ask. What went wrong then? I mean if they're so happy about the grandchildren, why are you talking about it as if they absolutely hated the idea?"

Rory laughed while Logan ran a hand in front of his face. "They may not have appreciated me yelling at them."

"You yelled at your parents?" Finn asked.

Logan shrugged. "They deserved it.."

Logan leaned back in his chair with a sigh laughing as his grandfather told him how he'd met Lily.

"Literally ran right into me." Lily laughed.

"I could barely see her with all those flowers she had in her arms." Elias said "Thought I'd run into a bush not a person."

"He helped me pick up the flowers I'd dropped and…we've been friends ever since."

"Awww." Rory, Honor, Joy and Shira cooed, causing the men to roll his eyes.

Joy patted Lily's hand. "Met my Randy while he was working on my daddy's farm."

Randy laughed. "She walked out of the kitchen while I was training one of the new stallions her daddy had gotten, thing knocked me down 'cause I couldn't stop staring at her. Still can't stop."

Shira smiled, while her parents had been one of her sources of embarrassment while she climbed the social worlds, she loved them to death and what they had was always true.

"Now what about you Logan, how'd you meet this young girl?" Joy asked.

"Oh…" Logan looked at Rory who looked back. "Um…we met at a family dinner."

Rory smiled, "I really didn't like Logan when I first met him." She admitted. "And definitely didn't see myself with him, but things change."

"Things change." Logan murmured with a nod and a smile.

"But when did you both know you loved each other?" Joy asked with an innocent smile.

"Ah…" Rory looked at Logan who was staring at his grandmother with a blank expression.


"I think Rory and Logan can agree," Honor began. "That they had different moments when they realized they loved each other. Mom, what about dessert?"

"Yes, I'll go get the maid." Shira said leaving her chair while Rory looked at Honor.

"Thank you." Rory whispered.

"No problem, I saw you and Logan sort of floundering. Are you ready?"

"Not really." Rory admitted. "But I guess its better that it's coming from both of us then one at a time right?"

"Yeah of course." Honor nodded, while Rory raised an eyebrow. "Okay no, they'll still care more that Logan's having a child then me, but still."

"Oh come on Honor." Rory said with a laugh bumping Honors shoulder while the plates were cleared away. "Two grandchildren within a year, they won't care who it's coming from."

Honor laughed "Very true." She looked at Rory and smiled. "This really is great you know."

"Oh and whys that?" Rory asked their voices low so no one else could hear them.

"Well, had say you and Logan not come to your senses and had sex,"

"Oh jeez." Rory laughed.

"Then I would be having mine all by myself with no one to talk to. Josh is sweet and I love him of course."

"Of course." Rory nodded.

"But all he's good for with this whole thing is holding my hair back while I stare into the toilet."

"They become more useful." Rory added.

"But now I have someone to share this with me to. That's going through it and the kids don't have to grow up alone. Being a kid in this family sucks."

"Depends on the parents though." Rory said. "And your parents are better."

"Yeah…now." Honor muttered as her mother came back with the maid trailing after her followed by the dessert cart.

"Dessert is served." Shira said as she sat back down. Honor and Rory looked at each other while the maid served the two different slices of pies. One the maid had gone around she pushed the cart back into the kitchen, Honor gripped Rory's hand as they both stood.

"Rory and I have an announcement." Honor declared capturing the attention of the table.

"Oh is it something to toast to?" Joy asked as she reached for her wine glass.

"Yes, it actually is." Rory laughed.

Honor looked at Rory who had reached down to grab Logan's hand she smiled down at her own husband before capturing his hand and saying. "We're pregnant."

Logan looked around the room and was pretty damn sure that if the maid upstairs dropped a pin they would sure as hell hear it. He was surprised when his mother broke the silence.

"When you say 'we' do you mean you and Josh are pregnant, or…you and Rory?"

Logan looked over at Rory who was trying to keep in her laughter. He knew his mother was trying to keep her excitement to a minimum just in case.

"Well Josh and I are pregnant." Honor nodded. "But…"

"Logan and I are pregnant as well." Rory finished.

"Oh!" Shira said, looking over at her husband who was staring at the two women in shock. "Oh my! My babies!" Shira squealed before getting up and hugging both Rory and Honor.

Mitchum smiled at Logan before getting up and hugging his son who had been standing. "Congratulations son."

"Thanks dad."Logan said with smile.

"How far along is Rory?" Mitchum asked looking at Rory as she accepted the hug from Lily.

"She's three months." Logan said looking over at his wife.

Mitchum nodded. "I'm very proud of you son."

"Thanks dad." Logan said with a shake of his head as his father moved over to Honor and hugged her. Ten minutes later after hugs had been given and congratulations had been shared they were all sitting back down eating their desserts.

"So do you have any plans for the baby Honor?" Shira asked.

"What do you mean mom?" Honor asked raising an eyebrow at her mother.

"Well you and Josh travel so much throughout the year, will you be taking care of the baby or will nannies? Are you planning on sending the child to boarding school or…"

"Mom, the baby is the size of a pea right now." Honor laughed. "Josh and I barely started talking about nursery colors let alone what schools I want to send them to. I don't have to think about schools or nannies or anything like that for at least a year or two and that's if I decide to go with the nannies."

"And what about you Rory?" Shira asked, satisfied with Honor's answer.

"Huh?" Rory asked looking up at Shira.

"What are your plans for the baby?" Shira laughed, causing the other conversations to came to a stop as they listened in. "I mean the baby you carry is the heir to Huntzberger Media."

"Only is he or she wants to be." Rory smiled as she cut a piece of pie.

"I'm sorry what?" Mitchum asked.

Logan rolled his eyes. "We've been over this dad; we talked about this at Rory's birthday dinner. We're not going to push our child to do something they don't want to do. If he or she doesn't want to be the heir to Huntzberger Media then I sure as hell won't push him or her to do it."

"Logan this isn't a choice." Mitchum said. "You're child is the heir."

Rory shrugged. "What if Honor's child wants to run the company? Won't he or she be given a chance? Why push one child to do it, when the other might want to?"

"Rory's right son." Elias said with a nod. "Honor's child has every right to be the successor of Huntzberger Media as Logan's child does."

"And what happens if neither child wants to do it? What then?" Shira asked. "Then there's no one next in line."

Joy rolled her eyes at her daughter. "You're talking as if the girls only have one shot at having a child. If the first batch doesn't want to run the damn company maybe the second batch will."

"We're having kids grandma, not cookies." Honor said with a smile. "But what she said is true. Look, why are we even talking about this? I have a pea in my stomach and Rory has a walnut, they're not even big enough to know what the hell a Huntzberger is let alone what it takes to be one." Honor said with a roll of her eyes.

"These are things Shira and I prepared for even before you were born Honor."

"Well yeah, once you found out mom was pregnant after your one night together, it was something you had to prepare for. Josh and I have plans for our child and like Logan and Rory if that includes them following your footsteps, dad, or Josh's or hell creating their own path, we're happy."

"Same goes for us." Logan said pleased with the way Honor had phrased it.

"No, the same does not go for you." Mitchum said, causing Logan to groan. "You're child has higher expectations because of who you are Logan, You're the heir, therefore you have to breed an heir."

"And I thought you'd actually changed." Logan groaned, Rory looked at her husband and rubbed his leg underneath the table.

"You have to start thinking about these things Logan," Shira told him. "It doesn't matter how big the baby is or how old, these things you have to prepare years in advance, from the preschools you send him to, to the friends he makes."

"Enough!" Logan yelled, causing the women at the table to wince. "Rory and I have plans, we have lots of plans for our child and none of them include boarding schools or monitoring the friends they make. When the time comes I'll share them with you all, but for now I want to finish my dessert in peace and take my wife home to rest." Logan looked at his father "And I'd rather not argue while we have guests at the table."

Mitchum shook his head. "I'm finished; I'll be in the office."

"He'll come around Logan." Elias said as he excused himself from the table and followed his son to the office.

"On this," Logan muttered. "I highly doubt it."

"So your father really hasn't changed?" Tristan asked carefully as Logan rubbed a hand over his face.

"He has on some aspects." Logan said. "He really has, just on this one thing he's being stubborn and it's frustrating as hell."

"You said you had plans?" Fin asked as he sat up moving his legs from Evie's lap and taking the now melted bag from her. "What plans and why haven't we heard of them?"

"We were going to share it a few weeks ago when we were all together, but then Colin and Stephanie made their announcement and well…" Logan rolled his eyes. "I ended up not being able to."

"So what's the big plan?" Jess asked.

Logan sighed "A few months ago I bought a paper for Rory,"

"He bought you paper?" Mia asked with a raised eyebrow.

"A newspaper." Rory laughed loving Mia. "An actual newspaper that's mine to run."

"It's in London, this was before Rory was pregnant, so the original plan was to move to London for a while after Rory graduated in June."

"But I'm pregnant." Rory said. "And as you heard from our Thanksgiving dinner with the Huntzberger's, now that they know that I'm expecting the next heir they're not going to leave me alone."

"So what are you going to do?" Jess asked.

Logan looked over at Rory who nodded. "We bumped us moving up about…six months."

"That's…next month." Evie said.

Rory nodded. "We're going to London for Christmas and staying there until the baby is born."

"You're serious." Finn said with wide eyes. "You're really leaving?"

"We're coming back." Logan laughed. "We're not moving for good, I just don't want Rory to deal with my parents while she's pregnant, if we're in London I'm still working, Rory's working and we have this baby our way without any intrusion from my parents."

"God that sounds amazing." Joan smiled. "You guys look so happy with the decision."

Rory nodded. "We are,"

"I'm telling my dad later this week." Logan said. "So not so happy about that, but we are happy about the decision."

Finn smiled at his best friend. "You know that just because you're in London, that won't stop us from visiting every week."

"We wouldn't expect anything less." Logan laughed.

Rory rubbed her stomach as she stood up. "I'm hungry."

Logan looked up as she walked out of the living room towards the kitchen. "That woman is a bottomless pit."

"And has the right idea." Mia said leaving Tristan's arms and following Rory. "She has pie in there."

"Oh pie!" Evie groaned as she grabbed Joan's hand and helped her off Jess before they followed Rory into the kitchen.

"Our women are crazy." Jess laughed.

Finn nodded. "They are, but we wouldn't have them any other way."

Tristan sighed. "I know this is a sore subject for you guys," he said looking at both Logan and Finn. "But Rory told me that Steph and Colin were telling their parents today. How do you think they did?"

Finn shrugged. "Got what's coming to them don't they?"

Logan mimicked Finn's action and shrugged. "As bad as it sounds Tristan I just…don't care."

Tristan and Jess both looked at each other in surprised and with their eyes said the same thing. They were never going to do this to Rory.


Colin opened the door and let Stephanie into the apartment flipping on the light as they both fell on the couch and stared at the wall.

"So they took that…"

"Really well." Stephanie finished with a frown.

Colin looked at his wife. "This is good isn't it? I mean you're father couldn't have been more relived about not spending millions on a wedding and our mothers were just happy we were finally together. I mean the only thing they were upset about it was that we didn't get a prenup but other than that…this is good isn't it?"

Stephanie ran a hand through her hair. "If it's good then why aren't we happy about this? Why aren't we relived that our parents took the fact that we eloped extremely well? And by extremely well I mean they clapped, Colin they clapped."

Colin sighed and wrapped an arm around Stephanie as she laid her head on his shoulder. "I think because we wished the reactions were swapped."


Colin shrugged. "I think we expected the good reaction from friends and the bad reactions from our parents, we were prepared for that. I know for a fact that it's throwing me off that our friends are shutting us out because we got married while are parents couldn't be happier about it."

Stephanie sighed. "Do you think they'll ever be okay with it?"

Colin shrugged. "As much as it kills us I think we need to give them time to adjust."

"I don't like it Colin."

Colin kissed the top of her head and sighed. "Neither do I babe, neither do I."



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