Okay, so don't even ask how this fic started. xD I think it was originally going to be something about Zexion in the library being angsty, and now it kind of some how ended up a big parody thing. Poor Zexy. D: So, um, yeah. On with the story?

Zexion was woken abruptly from his deep sleep by the sound of some one attempting to break down his bedroom door. The noise made his eyes shoot open, but he closed them again after sniffing the air and realized it was just Lexaeus being his usual annoying self.

Actually, Lexaeus wasn't usually annoying. He was usually in his room training, and leaving the rest of the Organization's member alone. So why was he trying to break down Zexion's door this morning?

It was probably a very good idea to find out. So Zexion quickly pulled himself out of bed, or as quickly as he could, being so tired and all. That bed was really warm and comfy, you know, and getting out and realizing how cold the castle was for some one wearing nothing but black silk pajama pants made him want to get right back in. He mentally cursed Lexaeus for forcing him out of bed so early.

"WHAT?" he screamed, slamming his door open to reveal the vile orange-haired muscular being, only to get hit on the head witha fist. Already angry enough, he turned his head to the side, closed his eyes and took a deep breathe in, and slowly exhaled, then turned back to Lexaeus with his eyes open in a slight glare, though he was much calmer than before. "Please never do that again, or I'll be forced to throw you off a cliff. Thank you. Now what is it that you want?"

"Uh... well... uh... I just wanted to... um..." Lexaeus stuttered in his deep, retarded-sounding voice. He was obviously very nervous. His hands were very fidgety, and his eyes were darting around, his eyebrows slanted to give him a worried look. "Um..."

"Out with it already!" Our sexy protagonist was getting angry with this Nobody who had forced him out of his comfortable bed, only to hit him on the head, then stutter nervously while Zexion stood by the door wishing he had a shirt to cover his slightly muscular torso and arms. The Castle That Never Was was a very cold place, you know.

"Uh... ZexionIloveyou." The slightly retarded muscle man whispered so quietly and quickly that Zexion had barely heard him, but he was still sure of what he had heard. The big oaf had just proclaimed his love to him. Ha. The poor thing probably didn't even know the meaning of what he had just said. This thought made him forget how cold and tired he was, and start laughing until he was out of breath.

"You're kidding?" He asked, raising his eyebrows slightly and still laughing silently. More incoherent babbling came from the big oaf, and Zexion shut the door in his face, shaking his head and walking back across the room in to his king-sized silver-blue bed, and crawling under the warm blankets, quickly falling back asleep before Lexaeus had had any time at all to realize he had been rejected.

Just as Zexion fell asleep, he thought for a moment he could hear quiet giggles coming from somewhere above.

Um. Yes. I am insane, why do you ask? xD And no, this is not a Lexaeus/Zexion story, I promise. Notice the giggles. By the way, this is going to be a pretty long fic, and I think I'm actually going to finish it this time. xD I have my new best friend Kiira (penname Luxord because she loves him to death. xD) to keep me motivated to finish this. Woo. I have quite a few chapters planned.. lots of Zexion lovin'. Yay. Any way.. um.. bye.