snape100 I woke up the next morning to the sounds of the birds chirping and the feeling of hot breath on my cheek. Opening my eyes slowly, allowing them to adjust to the bright sunlight streaming through the windows, I saw a strangely familiar pair of eyes starring back at me. It took me a moment to realize they weren't mine – instead, they were Remus'.

The events of the night previous came rushing back to me as I registered the fact there were two bodies in bed with me – one, as it had been for the past thirty-five years, another for only the second time. Both were equally as welcome as the other.

"Good morning." I said as quietly as I could, watching his lips form the same words. As he did, I set my left hand over the one that was resting on my hip gently – Severus'.

Morning, Sev. Awake yet?

I am now, love… And Remus?

Yes. I took it from him last night, so this is private.

Enjoy yourself?

That was the strangest and kinkiest thing I've ever done.

I'll take that as a yes…

Besides a few other choice times, this was the best.

So, love, who's better?

I snorted at the question. Smiling over at Remus and choosing to simply shrug at his curious look, I poked Severus in the ribs with my free hand.

Remus might be an animal, but you feel like home to me.

An animal, love?

Werewolf, Sev. It was almost instinctual with him, I can't quite explain it. Being of the same creature and all, of course, but with you – I couldn't ask for anything better.

Even chocolate?

You're ten times better than chocolate

Stealing my lines now, are you, love?

Me? Never, what on Earth gave you that idea?

Nothing just a brief sense of déjà vu. And the fact I've said that many times…

Are you mad?

Of course not, love. I don't mind sharing you – only once, mind you – if it makes you happy.

It did… Thank you, Sev, I love you.

I know you do, Lil. I love you too.

I smiled in spite of myself, bringing my left hand up to brush it against Remus' cheek. He returned my smile, content with the silence hanging between us.

I owe you one, Sev.

Indeed you do, Lil. I'm sure you'll find a way to make it up to me, however.

Did you enjoy it?

The look on Remus' face was priceless.

Yes, it was. It was also identical to the one you gave me our first time.

You mean way back in the summer of '77?

Yes, I do… It's been such a long time.

Things have definitely changed…

They have indeed… I wonder what would have happened if I had died that night?

I don't even want to think about it, love.

None of the children would be alive –

Or would have ever existed.

Yes… It's so hard sometimes, thinking about what Harry would have been like without family… Who would he have grown up with?

Sirius, remember? He was the person you set up.

Yes, but everyone thought Sirius was our secret keeper, remember? I had to testify in front of the court and everything.

True, love… It wouldn't have been me, I don't have any blood relation to him. Perhaps your Papa?

No, he was too old to take care of an infant.


A werewolf. My sister, maybe… Although I could never see Petunia accepting one of 'our kind' under her roof.

I highly doubt it, love. Let's not think of that right now, ok?

Ok Sev, I'm sorry.

You have nothing to be sorry for, Lil.

It's been a long time coming…

It sure has.

Things are so different now… how did we end up here?

I'm not sure, to be honest. Life's thrown us quite a few curves, hasn't it?

We beat them.

Yes, we did… A few nights here, a few births there, and we have nine beautiful children.

There's still time for more.

Lily, love, nine's quite enough. Glory's already twelve.

It should have been ten…

If it had been ten, Harry would have never been born.

A child for a child…

Unfortunately, love. But, it turned out ok in the end, didn't it?

Considering there's three of us in this bed? I'd say so.

Only for you, Lil.

I bet that's one of the first times in recorded history two werewolves –

Don't even say it.

I smiled inwardly as Severus wrapped his arms around me, eyes still closed, scooting himself forward slightly so his bare chest was pressed against my back. I melted into him, and then sighed as Remus kissed my forehead.

It was unreal. For so long, I had allowed myself to dream of this – a perfect life, surrounded by the two men I loved. I closed my eyes once more, happiness bubbling inside of me.

On my right was my best friend, the man who had brought as much light to my life as darkness. On one hand, he had been with me throughout all the troubles I had experienced – the abuse with James, the breakup, the baby… the loss of the baby, my recovery, the secret marriage. He knew about it all, even more than I knew, perhaps. He had always been there for me, even when I wasn't there for him.

The hard times… When he and I had slept together for the first time, when I was bitten… when I was pregnant… when I almost died giving birth to twins we had believed to be his…

I hadn't wanted them to be his, to be perfectly honest. I had prayed every night for them to be Severus', not because I thought Remus would make a bad father, but because I didn't want my already rocky friendship with him collapsing, or perhaps having my marriage torn apart. But – I had also been convinced they were his. Pollux's eyes, perhaps, was the reason behind this; I wasn't sure.

God, how I had been relieved when I read that Severus was their father… I had been so happy, it was indescribable. My life was now perfect… he was in it.

On my left lay my husband of thirty-five years. I had loved him with every piece of my heart for so long, it seemed as if I had never experienced life without him. Perhaps that was true – maybe my life began the moment he appeared, maybe it'll end the moment he's gone. I never want to think of that, though… As far as I'm considered, we're living forever.

We have nine children… Either way you look at it, it would have been nine. Blood never mattered with us. I have Gryffindor blood, am Muggle-born, and related to one of the main fighters against the Dark Arts. He's a Slytherin straight from a pureblood family, a former Death Eater… but he risked everything he had, including his family and life, to be with me. I owed him everything from day one… He took me away from James Potter, he made sure Harry was as loved and cared about as any one of his other children. He loved me.

Perhaps it were our differences that made up the Perfect Couple… Together, we were unbreakable. Perhaps it was because of our history and our love for each other that made us stick together all these years… Through all the turmoil we had been through, we had stuck together. We had only spent one night apart by choice – forced by our fights instead of our careers, or even life. I had never left her unless it was unavoidable… the only time we had willingly left each other was the one time we needed each other the most.

No matter what happened in life, I knew Severus would always be there for me, and I for him. We had taken care of each other… Nothing had gotten in our way. We both knew what we needed and we got it, battling everything – and everyone – who dared to get in our way.

No one expected us to last. Our relationship was started on a dare, if anything. James – I owe it all to him. If it hadn't been for his plan, for his scheme to try to destroy Severus Snape – where would we be now? We were complete opposites… We had nothing in common… Over time, we developed the love for each other we still have today. If it hadn't been for that… We would have never connected.

Perhaps that's why we were the Least Likely of All.


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I can see that you've been cryin'
You can't hide it with a lie
What's the use in you denyin'
That what you have is wrong
I heard him promise you forever
But forever's come and gone
Baby he would say whatever
It takes to keep you blind
To the truth between the lines

Oh I will love you more than that
I won't say the words
Then take them back
Don't give loneliness a chance
Baby listen to me when I say
I will love you more than that

Baby you deserve much better
What's the use in holding on
Don't you see it's now or never
'Cause I just can't be friends
Baby knowing in the end

That I will love you more than that
I won't say the words
Then take them back (can't take 'em)
Don't give loneliness a chance
Baby listen to me when I say (hey)

There's not a day that passes by
I don't wonder why we haven't tried
It's not too late to change your mind
So take my hand
Don't say goodbye

I will love you more than that
I won't say the words
Then take them back

Oh I will love you more than that
I won't say the words (no no)
Then take them back
Don't give loneliness a chance
Baby listen to me when I say
I will love you more than that

Oh I will love you more than that (more than that)
I won't say the words
Then take them back (them back)
Don't give loneliness a chance (oh, a chance)
Baby listen to me when I say
I will love you more than that

The Backstreet Boys, More Than That.

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