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Where is Sanctuary?

It hurt. Oh gods it hurt. The unbearable pain that had been forced upon him every horrid moment wouldn't go away. Even though it had stopped, he could still feel it. How many years had he been confined? Two years? Maybe three? In any case, it was only a blink of an eye for someone that lived as long as he did, and yet something wasn't right. The agony that had been racking his existence for these very long years wouldn't subside.

Imagine the delight and the horror to find out that your torture had ended, only to be placed in a different kind of torture. Pain… It felt as though his being had been ripped apart from the inside.

A laugh echoed down the darkened hall. It was a laugh of a half crazed monster that had just been granted freedom after years of physical and mental torture. He wasn't even sure where he was going. It didn't matter really. He was so weak… But staying here wasn't an option. Oh no. He had to get away until he regained some of his sanity.

His hand tightened on his ruby-eyed staff that had been returned only a few short days ago. He had missed it dearly. Without making another sound, he vanished from his Mistress' stronghold, Wolf Pack Island, and began walking the astral plane.

A faint glimmer of the memories he had kept secret resurfaced in him. He needed negative emotions, and while Lina would have been his first choice, he had no idea where she was. He had heard that the golden dragon, Filia, had moved to a town outside the Dark Lord's barrier. He smirked. She was always full of such tasty negative feelings towards him.

Why was he having such a difficult time moving in the astral plane? Oh right. He was still trying to keep himself together. Every time he didn't think about something, he would think about the torture and wham. Instant pain would hit him like one of Lina's Dragon Slavs. If he tried to block it out, he would inevitably start remembering and again he'd arrive at the same outcome.

It was driving him crazy….

Teacups clicked together as Filia gently placed them on the table. She poured two cups of the hot liquid and handed one to her guest who gave her a slight nod as a 'thank you.' She seated herself at the table and took her own cup. For a while both sat drinking in silence. Her guest wasn't much of a talker Filia supposed.

"Well elder…" Filia began unsurely. "What brings you all the way out here?"

Milgazia raised his golden eyes from his cup. His expression hadn't changed at all since he had arrived that morning. It was still unreadable. Didn't he ever smile?

He took another sip before he replied, "didn't I tell you?"

"No," Filia said. He just came in and that was it. She didn't even think he said "hi" before he entered.

The other golden dragon set his cup down on the table and leaned back a little on his chair.

"Must have slipped my mind…"


"Call me Milgazia, elder makes me feel old," he said with a bit of humour in his voice. "Anyway, I came here after I heard about the destruction of the Fire Dragon clan. You are the soul survivor Filia. You shouldn't be alone after an event such as that, especially with an egg."

Filia blushed. She couldn't help feel that when the elder looked at her, all he saw was a silly little child. Maybe she was. She had never taken care of an egg before, let alone a hatchling. Her eyes wandered from the elder until they came to rest on the basket that held Valgarv's egg, and her expression softened.

Milgazia watched her silently. She already had the look of a proud mother dragon.

As he rose from the table, Filia quickly turned back to him. It was time for him to depart.

She saw him to the door, but before he stepped out he regarded her once more.

"If you need help with the hatchling, there are dragons at the Kaakato Mountians that would be willing to help."

"Thank you elder," Filia said kindly as she reached for the door. "I will consider it."

Before Milgazia turned to leave however, both dragons were startled by a horribly familiar presence. Filia's eye twitched ever so slightly while Milgazia's wary golden eyes sought the source of their ominous company. Fear gripped his heart when he felt something wrap around his neck. He couldn't breathe… Fighting every urge he had to fight desperately for his life, Milgazia slowly let his legs buckle and his world black out.

Filia watched horrified. The elder had suddenly become very pale and collapsed on her doorstep. What was wrong with him?

"Elder Milgazia!" she cried as she knelt by his side. She wasn't sure if she should cast a recovery spell on him or not. He didn't seem injured, but she couldn't just do nothing.

"He knew," a familiar voice rang through her mind. "It's funny. He's too good. Oh well. It was still fun. I hope he wakes up soon. I like his hatred."

"Xellos.." Filia hissed as she reached instinctively for her mace. "Show yourself monster!"

The monster materialized in front of her and smiled an almost innocent smile. He opened one of his amethyst eyes and waggled his finger at her. He was forcing himself to act; it was a feature that he had mastered centuries ago, or at least he thought so. When he saw the giant mace coming at him however, pain struck him internally and he fell to his knees and covered his head.

"I was playing! He knew that! It's ok! It's a game!" he cried before erupting into a fit of demented laughter. "It's all a game!"

Filia froze with the mace suspended in mid air. It was almost touching the monster. She let her weapon slide out of the air, tapping Xellos as it did. He screamed in agony and gripped himself tightly. It was as though he was trying to keep himself from falling apart.

Bewildered by the monster's unnatural behaviour, Filia took an uneasy step back. She took a close look at him but couldn't find anything visibly wrong. She also couldn't sense any curses that could have been placed on him, so there was only on explanation in her mind. He was toying around with her.

"I don't know what you're after Xellos," she said looming over him. "But if you don't leave right this instant I'm going to make you leave!"

"You couldn't even if you tried…" he said in a dangerously low voice. Something inside of him was fighting to retain his arrogance.

She glowered at him, then clasped her hands in front of her and began chanting the familiar words to a familiar spell. His eyes widened. It was 'Chaotic Disintegrate.'

All of his smugness immediately vanished. That spell wasn't to be taken lightly. It was true that he had absorbed it before, but he hadn't been weak or mentally unbalanced at the time.

"Stop it!" he screeched leaping back to his feet and grabbing a hold of Filia's arms. He glowered dangerously at her with both of his monster eyes wide open and fearful. His grip was harsh, but when Filia tried to pull away from him, he let her go.

"What is wrong with you?" Filia demanded angrily. "If you're after Valgarv…"

His head fell forward so that his bangs covered his eyes. He shook his head slowly and let his shoulders droop a little.

"Did you come to kill me or Milgazia then?" she asked.

"No no," he said regaining something that could be considered calmness.

"Then what is your problem?"

"Many many things…" he admitted. "Secret things."

Filia was ready to bang her head against the wall. If Xellos was here to mess her up, he was doing a very good job of it. She brushed back some of her golden hair that had fallen in her face and stepped over to Milgazia who was just beginning to stir.

"Well if that's all Xellos, I think you should be going now."

"But, you're the only one left…" he whined. Pain shot through his body again and he wrapped his arms around himself and cringed.

"What do you mean?" she asked exasperated. "Lina and the others are all off doing something and probably upsetting a good portion of the monster race. Why don't you go bother them for a while?"

"I don't know where they are… Besides, I like you Filia."

The golden dragon shuttered. Something about that statement just didn't feel right to her. The elder's eyes blinked open and Filia immediately helped him up. He was still a bit shaky so she wrapped one of his arms over her shoulders and guided him back inside.

Xellos followed, still fighting to keep the hurting inside him from consuming him completely. The hostile emotions that both of the dragons gave off was keeping him from falling apart. He wasn't about to leave. Not now.

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