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Financed Love
Chapter One

It was a slow night. It was raining and the usuals wouldn't bite. They seemed to prefer the cheap warmth that the bars provided opposed to time spent in the cold over a few pretty face. Apparently a good time wasn't on their minds this evening, amber eyes cursed the florescent lights and boisterous music flooding the cold streets.

"Hi there!" Amber eyes perked up delightedly as a potential 'customer' strut by. "Looking for a little warmth tonight?" The seductive voice continued as the stranger hesitated and turned to stare at the slender teen who was readily approaching him.

"Leave me out of you 'business'" The man spat his words at the youth. "I don't need a slut's attention." He concluded glowering before turning away and hurrying off.

"Its alright Rei koi." A cheerful voice startled the hurting. "Everyone has a bad night once in a while."

Rei gave in, to the pain and turned towards the comfort. "I know Tyson its just… I… I just want to see better for us."

Tyson nodded knowingly reaching for Rei's arm so he could pull him back under the alcove that protected them from the worst of the weather, and wrapping his arms firmly around the youth's waist. Rei sighed and leaned against the boy fingering his navy blue hair which had taken to sticking to his face in the rain. This wasn't the first time that the youth had been referred to as a 'slut' but it just wasn't something he was able to get used to.

"Tyka?" Rei asked huddling against his partner for warmth.

"Hmn?" The younger boy asked watching the streets for clients.

"I'm not a slut am I?" Rei asked feeling all to pathetic in this current a state of self pity.

"No more than me Rei koi." Tyson laughed lowering his hand for a quick firm grasp of Rei's rear, which caused a playful sound to emit from the youth's lips followed by a retaliation to Tyson's.

"Hey there, I won't be paying to watch the two of you at it." a cruel voice disrupted their brief play as their attention was drawn to a man who was implying he was interested. Rei was the first to straighten himself out and nudged Tyson to do the same. "Mmmm I like the little kitten," the man mocked Rei's cat like features licking his lips anxiously. Both boys shrank under his leering stare hating themselves before they recollected.

"I'll take this one." Tyson whispered quietly into Rei's ears not wanting to put the more fragile of the two at even more risk.

"Ty…" Rei responded biting his lip knowing that as the older one he should be the one with the responsibility, yet Tyson always seemed to be the more courageous one. "Tyka, be careful." Rei warned the boy knowing that such words couldn't mean anything in their world.

"I'll see you in the morning Rei koi, don't stay out too late I don't want you getting sick." The navy haired boy warned in return rubbing the cat affectionately on the cheek.

"Come on boy, less touching him and more attention to me yo!" The customer smirked smacking his purchase's rear. Tyson rolled his eyes at the man in Rei's direction sending his partner one last smile before he lead the man off engaging him in flirtatious seduction.

Rei watched his friend's retreating form regretfully but knowing it was worth it if they were to eat in the morning. The smile formed just for Tyson's sake quickly died as the youth was left wet and lonely to scan for his chance, at least it would be a night off the streets.

An hour slowly dragged by and hardly anyone had passed the huddled boy. The rain was not letting up and had long since soaked through his already limited clothing. He scorned his tight black pants and loose jacket that was worn to expose his slender body and bare chest and even more so the leather collar that was always positioned around his neck. A slim cord ran from a small latch on the leather band posing as a leash to interested clients. Laying his head on his drawn up knees he sighed inwardly prepared that tonight was going to be a cold night along the street. Many had been spent this way but usually with Tyson, here now alone, Rei just felt, worthless and insignificant to anything.

"The kitten looking for a home?" A voice cooed dangerously in his ear. Leaning into nibble at Rei's ear as the smell of alcohol overwhelmed all the cat's scents. Choking at the thought of the man's drunkenness Rei had to claim all his strength just to raise his eyes and flash this future customer his best smile. "Need a place to stay for the night?" The man laughed kneeling next to the soaked boy already resting his rough palm upon Rei's hip, pulling out a twenty to flash it at the youth.

Rei gaped insulted. He usually charge fifty at a minimum and a hundred to those who looked like they could use the lightened wallet. "I can't accept that." Offended amber orbs narrowed.

"You'll do it for free than? Wow and here I thought I was the desperate one." The intoxicated man laughed practically draping himself over the youth. Rei scowled and hurriedly removed himself from the situation.

"Of course not," Rei hissed in response his pupils slitting viciously. "Raise me at least another forty and we'll… talk." Rei whispered ashamed.

"You're a whore you rely on idiots like me to pay you." The man swayed closer to Rei offending all of the youth's senses with the reek of alcohol. "Take what you can get." He laughed roughly grabbing at Rei who was slowly edging away, and pulling him into his arms. "I can treat you nice kitten," he laughed throwing his hand up Rei's shirt.

"Leave me alone." Rei cried out desperately trying to push himself away.

"Nah, I'm not about to let a pretty thing like you waste away in the night." The grip around Rei's waist only tightened as he explored how accessible the youth's pants were. Rei reacted in the only way he could, he leaned into the man applying enough pressure to his groin in order for his grip to slacken. Then making it seem like this client was getting exactly what he wanted, Rei nuzzled his neck until the precious moment that he was able to bite into the foul flesh. The man shouted out angrily throwing his fist out to collide with Rei's skull. Crying out painfully the amber eyed boy cowered shamelessly.

"Little shit." The drunk shouted fueled by anger wiping away a small trace of blood that budded from the scratch. Towering over the pained figure he rose his fist bring it down on Rei's shoulder and then again to his head. Rei moaned trying to gain his ground to fight back but he was already under advantaged. The man had risen to his feet where as Rei remained huddle on the damp pavement.

"Stop!" He cried out. "Please." He begged, but by then he had lost control of the situation.


Another wasted day. Another meaningless job getting him closer to success? What was it that he had even wanted to do in the first place. He knew that it definitely hadn't been cheating others out of success so his would flourish. Why and when had this started happening. He had never saw himself as a businessman when he was young in fact if truth be told he had wanted to be a teacher not a dream stealer.

Sighing he did little more about the predicament than guide his car through the washed out streets.

"Damn you Hiwatari," he whispered under his breath.

Shaking his head clear of the vicious anger he held against his enigmatic associate he focused on the streets ahead pitying those who would remain cold that night. Some watched eagerly as a few late night soles walked by as if praying that a wallet would drop while the more pessimistic of them just leaned against walls glaring at any movement. The driver shuddered feeling disgusted that he had so much when they had so little. The consistencies of misery ended when his sharp eyes fell upon a sadistic scene. A young girl was being attacked.


Rei fell victim to a sense of masochism as helplessness overtook him. Maybe he had been greedy he thought, the pain and emotion become dull as he lost feeling of the world. Maybe he was only worth the twenty he had offered. At least it had meant the possibility of a warm place to stay the night. He was only a measly whore after all who was he to say what he deserved or not.

"Stop!" He vaguely heard as consciousness failed him, and then the alcohol stricken man was dragged from his slim form and hauled off. He paid little more attention to the situation as the effects of the dull pain and damp cold night finally wore on him, he hardly noticed the strong arms that wrapped themselves carefully around his body. Nor when he was lifted off the cold cement and into the leather interior of a warm car, completely bypassing the softness of the strangers hands as he gently stroked Rei's long wet hair from his face, and admired his lithe from. Finally, a weight was drifted over him as the man draped his jacket over the shivering figure, not caring about the value of mere cloth.

The sound of the window wipers and soft music lulled the content cat from his daze and returned him to his reality.

Damn it, he thought bitterly monitoring his conditions with contempt. He had fallen victim to rule number one; never loose your ground without being paid first. Rei groaned inwardly feeling vulnerable. How stupid could he be, being taken advantage of like this?

"Oh you're awake." A soft deep voice echoed through the warm interior of the car. Rei started and quickly regained his posture whipping his glare on the man. The growl he intended to use to intimidate the man though slipped from his lips as he studied the driver carefully a little shocked. Strong yet gentle blue eyes studied him with an equally shocked expression. He noted that his suit looked like it cost more money than Rei made in a month, and the car… was it real leather interior? And only money bags listened to calming songs, as if their life was stressful with all that money and luxury. The melody was meditative and unlike the regular classical jazz that Rei was used to listening to when the big shots approached him. What was this man trying to do, escape reality? That was a laugh, as if the big shots had anything to escape their lives were perfect.

"You're a slave driver." Rei remarked bitterly using the common tongue for businessmen. Businessmen were always the worst customers because though they always acted too good for people like Rei and Tyson they always seemed to hire them regardless. It was an awkward experience in which it felt as if they were being both pushed and pulled towards all at once, as if the moneybags couldn't stand the touch of them yet wanted their money's worth of pleasure.

"You're a guy." The man retaliated ignoring the savage insult.

"Isn't that why you picked me up?" Rei asked raising an eyebrow slightly offended.

"I- uh…" The man was lost for words. "Do you need a hospital?" he responded instead not knowing how to approach this new predicament. It was his fault, he had wrongly assumed that the sleek clothes, long hair and beautiful facial features indicated that this apparent boy was likely a woman.

"No." The youth responded exasperated that this man was embarrassed to speak of the real reason for their interaction. "So will you take me home to your place or do you want to go to a hotel?"

"A what?" The man blinked. "I um… where do you me to take you?" he asked completely oblivious to Rei's suggestions.

"Wherever that's usually you're decision." The cat sighed knowing these types, the ones who were ashamed that they would hire a prostitute and made Rei do all the talking into what they wanted.

"Usually my decision?" The man contemplated. "Do you have a place to stay tonight?" Again this attributed to a raised eyebrow from Rei who was busying himself now with a check of his injuries. This man really was playing up the naïve innocent act to the tee.

"Not really." The youth replied combing away his hair from a shallow cut upon his brow.

"Um… alright then. You can spend the night at my place." The business man concluded pulling into and under ground parking lot.

"Wait a minute!" Rei exclaimed caught up in the offer. "The whole night? That's going to cost you." The cat grinned at the financial prospect. The man turned to stare at Rei uncertainly before shaking his head and ignoring the comment all together. Bring the car to a halt he silently opened the car door and let himself out gesturing for Rei to do the same. As Rei got up he felt dry fabric slip from his shoulder, looking down at the offending article of clothing he was surprised to note it was a jacket. Had this man given it to him, he wondered before exiting the car as well clutching the coat close to him.

"Ahhh Master Ivanov I was wondering when you would return home." A calm voice gestured accepting the keys that the man held out to him as he exited the car and reached for his brief case.

"Pretty fancy!" Rei spoke out delightedly that he had scored big. "A valet driver and master thing ne?" Rei smirked seductively.

"Um…" The blue eyed man looked around. "Yes." He looked down for a moment and Rei noticed there was almost sadness in his sapphire eyes. What would someone like him have to be sad about?

"And you have a guest tonight I see." The valet driver remarked. "How nice to have some company."

The business man laughed; a playful look dancing in his eyes, then said good night before leading Rei in the direction of the elevator.

"This is pretty ritzy," Rei gasped at the gold that embroidered the intricate designs of the elevator, and then the oil paintings that lined the hallway towards the man's apartment.

"I guess," he shrugged not appreciating the wasted expenses used to make they place look fancy.

"You know I must say you're not the average big shot." The cat inquired anxiously awaiting as the man unlocked the door.

"How so?"

"I don't know you just don't seem as narcissistic as my other clients." Rei shrugged left breathless by the interior of the beautiful apartment. Silk and satin lined the couch that he sat down on while paintings and detailed design spread through the furnishings like spider webs. It was the most beautiful home he had ever seen and still by the man's expression it wasn't appreciated.

"Hmmm, you're other clients?" Blue eyes pondered understanding now what he had fallen upon. "I don't know you're name yet." He told the boy still avoiding the obvious.

"Oh sorry, um… well it depends what mood you are in." The man laughed at that.

"I'm a simple person so give me the truth." His blue eyes danced with amusement as he watched the cat study the soft pillows pulling his legs up underneath him to keep warm.

"Well then… my name is Rei."

"Just Rei?"

"Rei K-…" Amber eyes looked away shamefully. "Just Rei."

"Well Rei, my name is Tala Ivanov and I have a business proposition for you." Tala smiled holding out his hand to Rei.

"You know no offense or anything," Rei inquired shaking the blue eyed man's hand, "but you don't really seem like the type."

"The type?" Tala asked his blue eyes still amused as the boy huddled into a ball shivering beneath his wet clothes. "The type to hire someone like you?"

"Yes," Rei answered a little hurt to be referred to as 'someone like him.'

"Well, lets see." Tala wondered before going to the bathroom and bring back a towel and robe for Rei. "Here first dry yourself off."

Amber eyes met blue as Rei gaped wide eyed searching for expression in Tala's face. No one had ever treated him like this allowed him five minutes to collect himself before divulging in his practices.

"Is something wrong?" Tala asked stunned by Rei's gesture.

"No its just… never mind. So where's the bedroom?" Rei asked toweling his hair.

"That way." I'll be there in a moment. Rei nodded and wandered off to the bed peeling back his clothes to replace them with the robe as he went. Tala just shook his head the youth left. What was he doing? He had a hooker in his apartment. The reality hit him and yet he wasn't as shocked and anxious as he thought he should be. The prospect of company just seemed to warm him slightly and that was how he had achieved his idea. Rei seemed nice enough, for a hooker, why not? This was absolutely ridiculous how was he going to explain this one. As if by means of a guilty mind the phone rang.

"Hello?" Tala asked curious as to who would call him so late at night but the curt voice on the other line explained it.

"I need you at the office by eight tomorrow morning." Came the quick to the point reply.

"Kai," Tala groaned deeply, "you really are a slave driver," he complained mockingly remembering how Rei had called him the very same insult earlier.

"Whatever brings the money in." Kai replied uncaringly.

"Alright." Tala sighed. "You win-" but the man was cut off by a soft voice from his room.

"Um…?" The youth called quietly from the room a little uncertainly. "Tala?"

"Who is that!" Kai nearly shouted into Tala's ear on the phone having heard the voice as well.

"Just a stray cat." Tala smirked, saying good night before Kai could have a chance to pry into his personal life.

Having deserted the phone Tala removed his blazer and loosened his tie. Now what to do with these conditions he wondered knowing he would have to pay the price for Rei's presence yet not wanting to take what was to be given.

He entered his room to find Rei sitting on the bed holding something carefully. His clothes were disregarded in a heap by the bed and he only wore the robe Tala had given which almost managed to reveal Rei's entire body. Besides that only Rei's trademark collar could be noted and the object he held.

"What do you have there?" Tala asked wondering if he should concern himself with Rei's potential thieving.

"Nothing." Rei scoffed trying to hide it but Tala grabbed for his wrist and was surprised when a hair brush landed on the bed.

"A hairbrush?" The blue eyed man laughed studying it carefully as Rei blushed slightly.

"I'm particular about my hair." The youth retaliated reaching for his hair bush so he could stroke his ebony locks.

"Mmmm." The man smiled. "You know how you said I didn't seem like the type to hire you?"

"Yea…" Rei responded uncertainly.

"Well you don't seem like the type to be hired."

Rei looked startled but pleased at the same time. "I don't?" He asked, no customer had ever talked with him as much as this man and he was pleased for the unexpected interaction.

"Not at all, but I'll leave that to you. But like I said I have a business proposition for you."

"Oh right." The cat responded knowing this had all been too good and now they would get down to 'business.' He was almost enjoying the pleasantries and warmth that Tala's house and smile provided, but he hadn't stayed alive this long on mere talks. He began to remove his robe and was surprised when Tala placed his hands over Rei's.

"No not that." Tala smiled, there was something about Rei that seemed to nag at him almost as if he was scared to let him go. "I know people usually pay you for the night, but how much would it cost for a week?"

Rei paled slightly. "An entire week?" he asked uncertainly amber eyes lolling uncertainly.

"Yes. For an entire week a require your companionship. Just that, nothing more. Tell me how much would it cost?" Tala asked not letting go of the youth's hands.

Rei eyed him knowing that some catch would have to hidden behind those warming blue eyes but no deceit could be found. Company now there was a new one. Rei thought he'd put the man to the test just to see who he was.

"Three thousand." He told Tala firmly, knowing that if he was just after pleasure he would never pay such an amount for what he could get for cheaper.

"Done." Tala smiled and then releasing Rei's hand he made a small good night gesture and left the room. "Have a good night sleep kitten I'll be on the couch if you need anything." He flicked the lights out, smiled and left Rei to stare at the door not able to believe his fortune.

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