Luffy was bored, and when Luffy was bored, he looked for something to do. When the ever joyful captain of the Merry Go looked for something to do, look out.

He went over to Nami, who glared at him. He went to Usopp, who shoved him. He went to Chopper, who wouldn't let him in the lab full stop. And, I mean seriously, who could blame him. Luffy and chemicals, don't mix. So Luffy went to Robin, who slapped him with an extra hand. He went to Sanji, who kicked him out of the kitchen...literally. So that left only one more choice.


His first mate was standing behind the tangerine trees, swinging a large weight around, over and over and over and over and well, you get the idea.

"No Luffy." Zolo said before the rubber man even reached him.

"But you didn't even know what I was going to ask!" Luffy whined.

"You want me to play with you because you're bored." Zolo replied as he swung the weight around again, creating a breeze that made the hair sticking out from under the straw hat's hat, blow around.

"No, I wanted to arm wrestle with you." Luffy pouted.



"Because why?"

"Because I want to see whose stronger."

"Why do you want to see whose stronger?"


"Oh alright." Zolo finally conceded. He put the weight down carefully, sat down on the deck and Luffy bounded over. He flopped down onto the deck and held out his hand, elbow bent and resting on the hard wooden surface. Zolo clasped Luffy's hand with his own and Luffy grinned.

"Ready...set...go." Luffy said and they were pushing against each other, trying to force the other down. Luffy gave way a little and then pushed Zolo's hand to the deck.

"No Way!" Zolo cried unbelieving. Luffy grinned.

"I win." he said simply.

"2 out of 3." Zolo said. Luffy shrugged and they went again. Luffy won again! Zolo was seriously shocked.

"Again." Zolo said and so they did. But this time, Zolo had a plan. Zolo noticed that when Luffy arm wrestled, all his attention was focused on their clasped hands. Zolo pushed as hard as he could and then leant forward and kissed the focused captain. Luffy, shocked, let his arm go slack and Zolo pushed it to the deck. The swordsman let Luffy's lips go with a laugh.

"I win." he said softly. Luffy gasped.

"You cheated!" Luffy exclaimed accusingly.

"I'm a pirate. I cheat." Zolo chuckled. Luffy thought a moment and then held his hand out for Zolo to clasp again. Zolo shrugged and did so. Luffy pushed against Zolo's hand, noticing how much effort the swordsman was extruding. Luffy jumped forward and kissed Zolo, and pushed Zolo's hand to the deck. He smiled as he leant back.

"I like cheating." Luffy said and grinned.
The end

ok ok i know you are all saying "Luffy would so not beat Zolo..." but, it still made a cute story, right?