Mister Bear


"No! You're talking to Mister Bear! Mister Bear, this is!"

Touma Seguchi surveyed the plush toy before him with something akin to exasperation, arms crossed elegantly. His green eyes showed a hint of irritation, no more, no less. The N-G President was in control of himself, if not the situation before him.

The pink toy was now spinning in circles, accompanied by bizarre noises. Touma tried again. "Ah, Ryuichi…"

The toy came to an abrupt halt, facing the desk behind which the blond sat. "Not Ryuichi! Nittle Grasper rocks! Ryuichi isn't here now, Mister Bear is! Sparkly, sparkly Ryuichi… sparkly, sparkly Mister Bear…" it began spinning again, a human foot occasionally coming into view just over the oak desk with each particularly loud burst of song or laughter.

Slim pale brows drew together and right back apart- he would no show anger. Last time, Touma told himself. "Ryuichi!"

The toy snapped to a stop before Touma yet again, head tilted quizzically to the side. "Touma sounds angry…" the 'toy' said, sad and puzzled. "Mister Bear needs to give Touma a hug?"

"Ryuichi," he said quickly, while he had some control. "That's not Mister Bear."

Slowly a pair of honestly confused blue eyes topped by dark hair rose up level with the table. They gazed at the man behind the desk, then human and toy regarded each other for a long moment.

The blue eyes blinked. Touma struggled to keep all emotion from his face, leaning forward with hands clasped.

"Where did Mister Bear go?" Ryuichi Sakuma asked his friend earnestly. "Why am I holding Neko-Kun?" He pointed, confused, at the pink cat toy in his other hand.

Touma gave up and laughed. Ryu-kun was such a little kid at times.

Short and sweet little convo between Ryu-kun and Touma. All spelling and names are the same as the translations from the Gravitation DVD set... sorry if it's not the kind you like. I couldn't decide which names to use (either the translations from fansubs on youtube, or these) so I settled for the ones I owned. Uh, don't own. I own the DVD set- not the rights. Disclaimer. Heh. So yup, drabble fic (only 287 words xD)

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