The Bell-Shaped Curve

Doctor Henry Wu paced his genetics laboratory restlessly. Correction; Hammond's genetics laboratory. He hadn't been this frustrated since his days doing his Doctorate studies in Norman Atherton's lab, a mere year before Atherton had passed on due to terminal cancer, throwing all the Doctorate students there into frustration. How were they going to complete their Doctorates now! But that was many years ago. This was now. The fences on Isla Nublar had failed, and Dennis Nedry had been confirmed to have been the perpetrator of that particular crime. To add salt to the wound, that irritating prick of a mathematician Ian Malcolm had been lecturing Wu about how the dinosaurs had been breeding, right under his very nose! How impertinent of him, claiming that even the very best sterilization procedures known to man were ineffective.

It had started with the showing of the bell-shaped curve on the height of the Procompsognathids, back before Nedry had been blinded and torn open by a Dilophosaurus. Upon seeing a standard bell-shaped curve detailing the statistics of the Compys' respective heights, he (Malcolm) had proclaimed their sterilization procedures futile. What the heck was he raving about? Surely he knew that a Gaussian distribution applied to nearly any form of statistics in the world? From math test scores to the number of eggs produced by a hen, the Gaussian distribution, or bell-shaped curve, applied. The majority of the subjects would be in on the 'cap', or rounded peak of the 'Bell', which implied the mode of the statistics, with small numbers of subjects that either fell short of, or exceeded the mode.

Now Wu was restless, his mind racing. Malcolm had sent him a copy of how the Compys' height graph was supposed to be, and there was something scary about it.

Malcolm had been right.

Wu had gone back through his memories of high school math class, when his teacher Miss. Dodds had explained to them about the mode of statistics, to which the Gaussian distribution was patterned on. In healthy breeding biological animal populations, the height statistics graph of a particular animal would have had ONE peak, whilst artificially created animal populations (such as the dinosaur population here on Isla Nublar) should have had MORE THAN ONE peak, having one peak for each batch of introduced animals. She had also mentioned that the bell-shaped curve never lied.

Malcolm had been right, despite his nonsensical chaos theory. The Compys, Raptors, Maiasaurs, and several other dinosaurs had been breeding (due to some amphibian DNA which had been used to complete the dinosaurs' prehistorically degraded DNA strands. Malcolm had further irritated him by telling him that 'Chaos Theory' had fore-predicted this). God damned West African Frogs.

Hours later, as Wu lay dying in a pool of his own blood, at the claws of the offspring of a Velociraptor that he had created, he thought, 'You were right, Miss. Dodds. The Gaussian Curve never lies.'