Republic commando

"Hey Sev what are you doing?" Scorch asked

"Nothing" Sev replied

"Will you two shut up and get that door open!" Boss Yelled

"What's the point were just going to find hell in there" Scorch said sarcastically

"Hey does anyone know where fixer is?" Scorch asked

"Yah where is Fixer" Boss Demanded

"Hey guys look what I found" Fixer yelled

"What did you find?" Boss asked

"Well I found a LS-150 Heavy Accelerated Charged Particle Repeater" Fixer explained

"Uhhhh in English please" Scorch asked

"In other words it's a really big machine gun" Fixer translated in a you-should-learn-your-weapons voice.

Then a Round thing rolled in between all of them

"GRENADE!" Boss Yelled

"Sev get on that Turret" Boss Commanded

"Finally Some action" Sev thought

"Fixer watch out" Scorch yelled

Scorch tackle Fixer to the ground as a laser flew by his head

"What the hell" Fixer said trying to figure out what just happened

"Incoming Spider droid, Sev Blast that thing to hell" Boss yelled

Sev turn the turret around and started blast at the Spider droid

"Delta Squad Focus all fire on that spider droid" Boss commanded

"Cannon fire" Fixer Screamed

The Spider droid unleashed a deadly cannon fire the turret knocking Sev unconscious

"Scorch get a satchel on that thing we'll draw its attention" Boss Commanded

"Yes, Sir" Scorch replied

Scorch got the satchel on the droids fuel tank

"It's all yours boss" Scorch Yelled

"OK" Boss replied

Boss grabbed the detonator and blew that think to hell

"Well that's all of them" Fixed Reported

"Damn Trandoshan" Boss whispered to himself

"Fixer, Boss Sev gone" Scorch Yelled

Mean While…..

Sev stared blankly as he awoke

"Where the hell am I" Sev said aloud

"A Trandoshan slavery camp" a mysterious voice told him

"Trandoshan slavery camp?" Sev asked

"Yes, It is where they take prisoners like us they usually capture wookies like me" the Mysterious voice said

"Who are you?" Sev asked

"My name is commander Tarful my scouting party was outnumbered and I was brought here, how did you get here?" Tarful asked

"I-I don't remember" Sev said stuttering

"I was with my squad and the rest is a blur" He said trying to think

"Tarful how are we suppose to get out of here" Sev asked

"Where not" Tarful replied

"What!" Sev yelled

"This it is not an ordinary slave camp it's basically Hell" Tarful explained

Sev placed a thermal detonator on the lock of the door

"What's hell without a little fire" Sev retorted and push the detonator blasting a couple of trandoshans.

"Move!" Sev yelled as all the wookies ran out of the cell

There were alarms blaring everywhere as trandoshan's ran out of every door trying to subdue the wookies.

When Sev ran out with the wookies he saw a merc aiming a gun right at his head

"DIE" Screamed the Merc

Tarful grabbed the gun and split it in two

"RUN!" Tarful yelled

The Merc ran right toward Tarful slamming him into the wall. Tarful grabbed the around the torso trying to crush his chest. The merc grabs Tarful by the head and slam him to the ground, then swings him around slamming him into a wall.

Tarful got up spiting out blood while a blade came out of the merc's fist and cut open Tarful's main blood vein.

The sides of Tarful's eyes began to sink into the darkness. With the last of his strength, Tarful slams the merc's head into the wall.

"Die you ugly son of a bitch" Tarful said in his face

"Go to hell" The merc screamed

"You First" Tarful retorted and smash the merc's head

The corners of Tarful's eyes began to sink in to the darkness again.