The air in Klein's bedroom rippled and shimmered in a multitude of colours as the young man summoned the Mana of Wind; and Silwest appeared, mid-yawn, amid a loud flurry of energy. The Mana paused sleepily to look around the sunlit room before fixing Klein with a pleading stare.

"Aw, we're not synthesising again are we?" she groaned, and stifled another yawn. Her icy blue eyes sparkled as she regarded the bubbling apparatus in the centre of the room. "I mean, if you really need me to help then I will…but man, I'm beat!"

Klein smiled as Silwest drifted down to perch on the edge of his bed, the two wings flapping elegantly through her silky blue hair as they aided her descent. She really did look exhausted, and after several days of refining those Meteor items the young man could hardly blame her.

"No, not today," he replied, crossing the room to open the small window beside his bed. Compared to the heat emanating from the equipment, the cool spring breeze that greeted Klein from outside was incredibly refreshing. "In fact…I actually wanted to give you something."

Silwest blinked and looked across at Klein, her youthful face brightening with excited curiosity. "Oh wow, a present! Really?"

"Yeah." The young man ran a hand through his hair, feeling the effort of the last few days alchemy catching up with him. "Well, you've been working really hard lately and I wouldn't have been able to make most of those items without your help. It's just a way of saying thanks," he added, indicating the small table beside the bed. "But it might help you get your strength back too."

Silwest followed his gaze and gasped as she noticed the small cake that was sat on top of it. Klein smiled at her reaction; the cake was one of Blaire's delightfully fluffy creations that he had picked up especially for the Mana during his last trip to Arcose. It looked far too sweet and sugary, with swirling ripples of chocolate and strawberry icing decorating the surface and a thick layer of cream seeping out from the middle, but Silwest let out a low, appreciative whistle at the sight of it.

"Ace," she cried happily. "Is that for me?"

Klein nodded. "Yeah. I checked the properties and there's a large content of wind elements held inside. I guess that's why it's so light and fluffy," he added with a laugh.

"Heh, yup." Silwest glanced again at the cake before flying up to hover beside Klein's head. "It's awesome, Klein," she giggled, and planted a tiny kiss on his cheek. "Thanks guy, you're the best Alchemist I've ever been with!"

The young man smiled at the compliment, and watched the excited Mana float off to inspect the cake again. It probably wasn't all that practical for an Alchemist to have favourites, but still…


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