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Right right, back to the long lost story.


Everything I believed in broke into countless pieces - sharp, painful pieces. Ow.

My mind went blank for so long. My face froze and my mouth dropped.

I can barely form coherent sentences. Can't think right.

It takes time to register.



"Y-Y-You...You cad!" I screeched.

"Huh? No no no no no no!" He stammered.

Too late.

I turned on my heels and started finding a room in this gigantic tower, somewhere to pour my eyes out. Curl up and die I supposed. I'm such a fool.

"No! That sounded so wrong!" Kid Flash wailed.

He look beyond terrified. The color was wiped from his face and his pretty electric blue eyes were filled with terror.

I hope he passes out right where he's standing. Heheheh.

"Oh yeah?" I hissed, "It sounded pretty right to me."

"Please, I beg of you, just hear me out!" He cried out desperately.

Maybe I want to hear what he has to say. Maybe he'll take it back. I want him to fall on his knees and tell me that he likes me not Raven and beg for my forgiveness. Please let him take it back. I'm pathetic, I finally realized. I long to know what he thinks of me and I crave for his attention though I ask him to leave him alone. Does he know how stupid he's making me feel right now? He loves me...he loves me not...he loves me...he loves me not. I wonder if any of this is intentional. Why am I so forgiving? Any other person would just walk out with a black face and get over it with Ben and Jerry's.

I can hardly imagine the massive amounts of ice cream I would consume to get over this. Not to mention the buckets of tears I'll cry.

There's a limit to how much stupidity cupid can inject me with it's blasted poison arrows. I think I've calmed down and is in the right state of mind to stop myself from marching right out this freaking tower and ask myself: Where the heck would I go if I don't stay here? As much as I long to march out this forsaken place and leave that jackass I can't. I have no place to go and no one to tell my poignant problems right now! I have a few friends but not very close ones. He's all I got and right now, that's not much.

He loves Raven.

It certainly doesn't sound or right!

It's not even close to sinking in!

Sigh...Give it two more hours and I'll be sobbing like a little girl.

He's such a player, he's such a jerk. He seemed so sincere! Treating me to meals, giving me roses, complimenting me, his wild and reckless flirting...meant absolutely nothing! I've wasted my time with him. It was so much safer for me to stay where I was. With those losers…The Hive Five. But I left and there's no turning back.

"Please..." He said softly.

"I'm listening, speak." My voice went pitchy on every word, "You have a ten seconds to explain yourself." It felt like I was swallowing a barb wire...pointy and painful.

"I didn't meant I love Raven like that, I love Raven as in she's my sister, she's my friend. I'm not in love with Raven you see. I just love Raven, you know, as a sister as my friend. She's a real pal. It'll be wrong if one falls in love with sister. I mean, that's not even legal. Or is it? Never mind. I usually don't find just the right words to say. I'm extremely sorry for the misunderstanding. I tend to speak the first thing that comes to mind."

Man, he talks fast.

"You think?" I glared at him.

It's hard to believe that. How am I supposed to know if he's even telling the truth.

Kid Flash-

The good ol' foot in the mouth arse hole...Idiotic, stupid, retarded, dumb dork. Why am I so dumb? WHY?!

Things were running so smoothly, then I tripped over a pebble. Stupid me. What can I say and do to make her believe me? I'm being completely honest right now; I am not crushing on Raven. Ew, no. No one falls in love with their sister...you know...cause that's just...well...wrong...gross... Ew...


I'm digressing. Again.

I made Jinx upset. Stupid me. If I would kick myself I would. I should probably just curl up and die. What a completely wrong and terrible mistake to make! Anything else would be better than telling a girl you like (who might like you back) that you love another girl!
What kind of foolish twit would do that!

Oh yeah.


Kid Flash the most idiotic dumb ass in the planet.

"How do you know Raven anyway? I thought you were just taken in by the Titans. And I thought you were only an honorary member." She turned her back on me to wipe her near tears. I took in a deep breath, "You know how the Titans got together, right? Well, Raven wasn't crazy about the idea so she asked Robin for two weeks to think about it and merrily made her way to Star City. Then she met me."

"Let me guess," She folded her arms and sneered at me, "You were the superhero in tacky colored spandex who convinced her to join the Titans."

Tacky colored spandex? My spandex isn't tacky...is it?

'It is'

Shut up big-echo-ey-voice-from-nowhere.

"Yeah I guess so, if you put it that way." I shrugged casually.

"And she didn't fall head over heels with your sweet little red roses?" She was staring at me with a combination of a glaring/sneering/smirking look. Whoa...

"Jinx...I didn't give her any roses." I. Am. Losing. It. Interrogation...Jinx...Scary...

"Oh yeah? How did you talk her into it anyway?" She glared at me.

Think. Think. Think. THINK. Be careful with your words Flash, one more mistake and you're a dead guy.

"I met her at a diner, we talked...a lot. You have to understand Jinx, I never flirted with Raven. No red roses." I want her to know she's the only one I chased and is special to me. Stubborn lil' Jinxey. If I could sweep her off her feet and get married to her right now I would.

You must be staring at me with eyes wide open.


She means that much to me and it's that serious.

How many times have mentioned serious? Ah!

"No flirting?" She smirked. "Impressive."

She makes me speechless.

She knocks me off my feet.

"Well...we exchanged emails, and I gave her my number, does that count?" I looked at her with big blue eyes.

"Nope, it doesn't count, but may I know which super heroines were transformed by you?" She pushes my buttons. Nothing much pushes my buttons. But whenever she's around my buttons are a lot more push-able.

"No one else! I swear! Good guy's word of honor!" I said hastily. Still with the cold hard stare. "Please believe and forgive me! You're my only one." I pleaded.

She twisted her lips into a half smile. "On both knees." She plopped onto a chair.

I dropped on both knees and clasped my hands in a begging position. I love surprising this girl. Her pretty cat-like eyes which were once slits that were glaring at me were now widened and pink orbs were staring at me with shock.

She recovers too quickly though. "Hmmnm... Roll over!" She commanded.

I swear I can see her a wee little bit happier right now.