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Chapter 1- Slaves on the Move

3000 years ago-Ancient Egypt

High noon in Egypt was the worst time of day. Everything was a sweat job-even breathing. The slave caravans were on the move and were exposed the worst to the relentless sun. The slaves, young men, women, and children, were ready to collapse because of the heat. However, no heat was too much for Karim, the slave trader.

"Let's move, why don't we!" he shouted, flashing his whip. He was drenched but he had a job to do. He stalked behind two children. "GET IN A STRAIGHT LINE! Do you want the Pharaoh to see you like this? Get in line NOW!"

The children scrambled back into line and muttered apologies.

Near the end of the line, a girl of 16 stood…laughing quietly. She was dressed in slave clothes and wore a white hood on her head. 'Oh shut up.' She thought, amusedly. 'It's way to hot for your anger.'

Even though she was kind of ticked off at Karim, she couldn't help but smile as she focused her blue eyes on his face. Karim, though a slave trader, was like a second father to her. He never hesitated to help her…well most of the time…and he always knocked some sense into her when she thought of wild things. 'That is, of course, why my surprise for the Pharaoh is going to work perfectly!' she thought happily.

Karim glared at the two children he yelled at, making them nervous. Then, when everything seemed fine, he walked to the back of the line where the girl was. She broke into a grin when she saw him coming. Karim smiled.

"Kaeldra." He said pausing and watching her carefully. "You smile just like your brother."

"And is that a good thing?" she asked, still smiling and rearranging the fetters that chained her.

"Yes, and you have your mother's-,"

"Yes, yes, I have her hair and my father's eyes." She said frowning playfully. "I know the whole story, Karim. You've only told me a hundred times."

"Yes, well…" he said pausing again. His face turned serious. "I'm asking you again…are you sure you want to do whatever you want to do to the Pharaoh? Your life could be at stake!"

Kaeldra sighed. "Yes, of course I am. You know I stick to everything I say!" She laughed.

"Yes," Karim frowned. " Unfortunately you do."

Kaeldra laughed quietly. "Hey, you're not supposed to be associating with your slaves, remember? Mr. Slavetrader?" she asked, pushing him away softly.

Karim regained his tough-guy composure. "You're right. I'll see you later Kaeldra, my dear. Duty calls." He ran off to yell at someone else.


Kaeldra laughed again. He was too much. She knew it was all an act and that he was really a nice guy.

"What are you laughing at?"

Kaeldra looked up and saw that the girl in front of her was frowning at her.

"What?" Kaeldra asked.

"I said, what are you laughing at? You're not supposed to laugh. You're being taken from your home and you're laughing? How could you? You can be disgracing your very own family!"

Kaeldra was taken aback at the girl's sudden outburst. All she could do was stare at this strange girl. "I…I was… I mean…"

" I suggest you stop it."

Kaeldra got angry. "Who are you to tell me to stop?" she argued. "Who are you anyway?"

"For your information, I'm Merriam. And who are you?" she asked. Her anger was leaving her and Kaeldra could tell.

"I'm Kaeldra." She said. She stared at Merriam. "Your…hair…is so nice…how?" she asked in awe. Kaeldra touched her own hair. It was nowhere as beautiful or as smooth and silky as Merriam's.

"Kaeldra?" Merriam said frowning. " Huh. That…sounds really familiar."

"What?" Kaeldra snapped out of her trance. "No it doesn't! It…I'm sure other people have the same name…you must have heard it somewhere else."

"Oh…" Merriam sighed. "I guess so." She didn't look too sure though.

They walked in silence for a while.



"Show me how you did your hair."

At the Palace

"Pharaoh, the slave trader will be arriving tomorrow," said a soldier, kneeling before him.

Yami sighed. He knew he had so many responsibilities and it was overwhelming sometimes. "When are they arriving?"

"Past high noon, my pharaoh." The soldier replied.

"Send them in as soon as they arrive." He said. "You may leave."

The soldier bowed and left the room, leaving Yami alone with his thoughts…that is, until Seto walked in.

"Slaves tomorrow?" he asked, making his way toward Yami.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me."

"Yes. Why can't someone else do it for me?"

Seto rolled his eyes. "You're such a spoiled brat. You have to do it because they're going to be your slaves."

Yami nodded. "And are you choosing your slaves…no hold on…concubines as well?"

Seto grinned. "They just can't keep their hands off of me."

"I'm so sure." Yami replied sarcastically.

Seto frowned. "Look. I don't even know what you're talking about. Whoever told you that is out of their mind." He said nervously. He knew what Yami said wasn't true but…it did sound believable. If he tells one of the guardians something like that, they're bound to believe it…I mean I do randomly grab female servants…but that doesn't mean anything. At least not to me.

"Huh." Seto smirked. "You made it up. Jerk."

"Of course I did." Yami grinned. "Got you."

" Well…" Seto started standing dignified. "I don't want or need any concubines because I know I can get a woman for myself. I'm sure you couldn't."

"And just who would be stupid enough to marry you?" Yami asked, amused. He was genuinely baffled at Seto's determination. Ha. No woman would want him once I tell her that he grabs his female servants. Though not in that manner…but still… Yami turned his attention to Seto who was turning bright red. Was it something I said?

"Uh. Are you all right? You're kind of red."

"I don't know…just…that…I know…that…never mind." He broke off turning red.

"Who do you want?" Yami asked amusedly. Then, just to spite him, he added, "My sister? You want my sister?"

Seto frowned. "How did you…"

Yami sighed. "You know you can't have my sister. She's been missing for ten years."

"Yes…but she was gorgeous."

"How can you fall in love with someone who was six while you were eight!" Yami asked resentfully.

"Well…I did. That's all that matters." He said. " I remember you were six as well. You were twins."

Yami said nothing. He stared off into space, thinking of scattered memories of his sister-his twin. He always did feel like half of himself was missing.

"Seto." He said softly.

"What?" he responded in annoyance.

"Do…do you remember my sister's name?"

"I…" Seto was taken aback at Yami's sudden interest in his sister. He never mentioned his twin-ever. Seto was beginning to think that he had forgotten her or thought she was dead. Seto steered himself back to Yami's question. Brows knit in frustration; he paused and looked away in shame and sadness. "I don't remember her name."

Jewel: So sad! Yami doesn't remember his sister! Sadness!

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Seto: Oh the shame you put me through…sob

Yami: At least…at least…um

Jewel: AT LEAST WHAT! You can't even remember your sister's name! Your TWIN even!

Yami: I'm sorry! It's been ten years!

Venetia: no it hasn't.

Seto: Is she alive? I think she-

Jewel: (smashes him) DON'T GIVE ANYTHING AWAY!

Venetia: (mood change) Sob! You smashed him! SETO!

Yami: what's going to happen next? I heard I'm going to-

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