The Changeling

Selene, the goddess of the moon, was driving her milky horses across the sky one evening, and her soft gaze fell on the shepherd Endymion, napping amongst his sheep. Selene fell in love with him instantaneously. That night Selene went to Zeus and asked if Endymion could be granted eternal youth and eternal life. 
Zeus granted Selene's wish, but not without a price. Endymion slept on for eternity, living in a land of his own lucid dreams, able to visit the dreams of others. He visited Selene in her dreams every night and she bore fifty daughters to Endymion –powerful and beautiful with striking dark hair like their mother, pale and mortal like their father.

I was falling through space, except glowing orbs replaced what would have been stars. Each orb contained a face of someone I recognized. I tried to reach out and grab the orbs to stop my fall, but they just kept getting further away and I continued down the dreadful descent.

"Bella." I heard the silky voice in my dreams. The falling ended abruptly and I found myself on my bed, with Edward's cold chest serving as my pillow. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, just another freaky dream," I responded. "I have been having them more than usual." While talking I glanced out of my window with the old, yellow curtains. A ray of light shone through my room, so strong that I could see the dust floating around inside of it. "It is sunny today," I observed.

"Yes, it is." I watched him, waiting for an explanation. Normally on sunny school days Edward went home for the night with his family, as the Cullen's and Hale's cannot show themselves in the sun. At least without getting much attention from everyone around them, seeing as their rock-hard skin sparkles like a million diamonds in the sunlight. It is actually quite a beautiful sight, but one they prefer not to publicize.

"Okay …" I prodded.

"We are not going to school today. I have something else in mind."

"You have something else in mind?" Edward knows I do not skip school. I understand why he is able to do it – I imagine high school must be quite easy if you have gone to multiple colleges and even medical school. But I did not have that advantage.

"Seeing as it is your birthday and all," he began. I cut him off with a load groan. "You did not actually think you could hide this from me, did you?" he questionably raised an eyebrow. "Charlie knows it is your birthday, so I naturally heard him planning what to buy you. And September 13th, it is ironic, to say the least. Thirteen is often considered an unlucky number."

Great. Not only was my birthday public knowledge, thanks to Edward (I assume he told the rest of his family as well), but my dad was planning on buying me a gift. Didn't he realize that being able to live with him in Forks was a gift in itself? Not to mention him buying me a car when I first arrived. So maybe the car died over the summer, but that was not his fault. Besides, Edward provides excellent transportation.

Edward gave a half smile when he realized how – unexcited I was. I suppose a typical 17-year-old would be overly excited to turn 18, become an official adult, and everything that goes along with it. But for me, all it meant was that I would forever be older than Edward, who would be 17 forever.

He looked at me with his liquid topaz eyes, and I knew that I would not be in school today.

"But won't the school wonder where I am and call Charlie?"

"Do not worry about it, I have everything covered."

Right, of course he does. He could probably tell the principle herself that we decided to skip out for the day, and she would simply smile and tell us to have fun. He tends to have that effect on people.

I heard three knocks on my door. Charlie. Edward immediately disappeared. I told Charlie to come in.

"Hey Bella, I just wanted to let you know that I am going to work early today. There are some bagels downstairs and cream cheese in the fridge."

"Thanks, Dad." He smiled when I said that. He always does that, ever since I began calling him "Dad" instead of "Charlie" sometime in the middle of August. Five seconds later I heard the front door slam and his car pull out of the driveway.

"Let me guess, you had that planned as well," I spoke into the apparent empty room.

"What else would you expect?" He was on my bed instantly, as if he never moved in the first place. "But you should really get moving, I am taking you somewhere special today."

"Fiiine," I said, but it was obvious to both of us that I had given in a while back. "Just give me a human moment."

"Of course," he said.

I took a quick shower – the water was cold, I normally shower before Charlie. I felt bad for always leaving him with cold water. He never mentioned it, but I would be more conscious to shower after him from now on. I scrunched some gel into my hair to keep it from frizzing up in the sunlight and threw on my favorite dark, ripped jeans and black tank top. Might as well wear the summer clothes while I still can.

"Should I bring anything?" I asked him.

"Just yourself," he said, walking slowly towards me. "You are all I will ever need." His hand brushed softly against my cheek, and our eyes met. It was impossible not to get lost in his topaz gaze. After a few seconds, he playfully grabbed me and lifted me onto his back as if I were as light as a feather. He jumped out of my window – "flew" would actually be a more appropriate word. I closed my eyes and awaited our destination.