My name is Byron, and I am a vampire. Not one of those vicious, murderous, soulless, life-sucking monsters you see on the news and in movies. I leave that to lawyers. I am just like a regular guy except for the fact that I sleep on a coffin and go to the blood bank from time to time to make a withdrawal.

At least, I am now.

I was once alive, living in England. I was a psychiatrist. Science and medicine were my life. That all changed with…her.

Her name was Jennifer. She was young, beautiful, Goth, and did not, under any circumstances, want to be there.

Her parents had sent her to me, recommended by another one of my patients. Hers was a case I had seen too many times before. Goth, depressed, thoughts and talk of suicide.

After several weeks, she started behaving strangely. Talk of vampires, magic, werewolves, all being real. I tried to get her out of this delusional fantasy.

I thought I had succeeded.

She stopped coming.

After a week her parents called.

She had committed suicide.