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After my Awakening, I continued the Favorite's therapy. He was making real progress. I was happy to report to Queen Anne that soon he'd be able to come back to court, provided I was there, of course.

And my lessons continued.

I learned about the new world I was apart of, this…World of Darkness. I learned about Kindred, the Clans, the Jyhad. Weres, and their submission to us. How we could call a certain animal (dogs, in my case). The Fey.

I was truly in my element. New and wonderful things to learn, and all of eternity to refine and practice my craft.

Then, disaster.

An ambassador from the Samedi Bloodline was coming to court, to negotiate a Non-Aggression Pact with Queen Anne of the Bella-Morte.

For those who don't know, the Samedi look like zombies, complete with rotting flesh.

Needless to say, I suggested to the Queen that it was my recommendation that her Favorite not be there when the ambassador arrived. She disagreed, saying that her Favorite would be by her side at this meeting, and that I would not interfere. She then had me locked in my chambers.

I was able to piece together what happened when the ambassador arrived. The Favorite had a psychotic break, and attacked the ambassador. His guards subdued him, and the ambassador stated, in no uncertain terms, that if the Queen did not want a war for this affront, that she needed to have her Favorite put to death. Immediately.

In the interest of continued peace, she did.

When the treaty had been finalized, the Queen flew into a rage, and there was only one person she blamed for her Favorite's death.


What followed was the worst month of my life.

Imagine, if you will, being locked in a silver-lined coffin, coated on the inside with crucifixes. For days.

Being strung up to the ceiling and flogged with a cat o' nine tails that had been dipped in holy water.

I still bear the scars.

But above the torture, above the beatings, there was the ultimate in humiliation.

For the Queen, in her height of wrath and vengeance, had altered my mind so that I perceived pain…as pleasure.

I was forced to beg for even more time in the coffin.

I pled for one more stroke, and another after that.

Knowing full well the damage being inflicted upon my body, and how much it would burn, I cried out for it to continue.

I had treated rape victims before, and had felt for them. But it wasn't until then that I knew what it was like to be a victim.

Finally, the time came when I was called before the Queen, one last time.

She pronounced me guilty of the death of her Favorite, how I had been properly "chastised", and now she was going to grant me "merciful" release.

I would be taken outside, have wooden stakes driven through all four limbs, and left there until the sun set the following night. No need to mention that after a full day in the sun, there would not even be a charred skeleton to collect.

My fate was decided, and my executioner chosen. In the ultimate irony, William would be the one to stake leave me for the sun. My creator, becoming my murderer. I would have wept if I had had the energy.

That night, as I lay in my cell, Jennifer came to see me.

"I never meant for this to happen, Doctor," she told me, "I never thought…"

"You couldn't have known, child," I said, even in my final moments, wanting to help my former patient.

"I'm sorry."

She whispered it so quietly, I could barely hear her.

Then she kissed me. Her arms wrapped around me, as if she never wanted to let go.

I opened my mouth to protest, and she shoved her tongue inside. A tongue she had bitten, hard, just before the kiss.

It doesn't matter what anyone says; blood, freely given, is far more potent than blood forcibly taken.

Her kiss gave me strength to stand, to take her in my arms and drink. I understood that in this moment, she was saying the farewell she hadn't said before.

All too soon, I was sated, and the bloody kiss was over, but not before something solid passed into my mouth.

"Jewels and gold are in a bag outside the door, and no-one is watching the port," Jennifer whispered to me.

It was the last thing I ever heard her say, and the last time I ever saw her again.

Without a backward glance she walked out of the cell, leaving me alone. Alone with a key to my cell door in my mouth.

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