Title: We Belong Together

Author: The Original Bad Girl Nicole

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Summary: Buffy is getting married. Totally AU

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Authors Notes: This was screaming at me until I did something about it. The title obviously comes from Mariah Carey's song "We Belong Together".

Special thanks to my beta, you rock. Also this is for my diamond girl, you know who you are. Te quiere mucho amor.

Faith walked out of the house to the mailbox and opened it up. She pulled out all of the mail and was going through it until she came across a small white envelope with embossed butterflies going around it. The name on the envelope stopped her.. it was from Buffy, it had been a year since they seen each other last, but they had kept in touch. She opened it up and nearly fainted when she saw that it was a wedding invitation.

Mr. and Mrs. Hank Summers


Mr. and Mrs. Edward O'Reilly

Invite you to share the joining of two souls

Buffy Anne Summers


Christopher Alexander O'Reilly

The celebration of love will be on Saturday

The tenth of June two thousand and two

At three o'clock

Saint Peter's Church

1225 Peachtree Street

Sunnydale, California

With a reception that follows at

The Oceanview Hotel

Faith's heart nearly stopped as she finished reading the rest of the invitation. Buffy was getting married. She walked into the house, threw the mail on the table and sat down on the couch. She and Buffy had been friends since they were in the fifth grade. Faith had just moved from Boston to LA she didn't know anyone. Buffy was the first one to come over and introduce herself. At first she thought Buffy was a stuck up California girl, but once she got to know her the opinion changed.

The two of them were inseparable; you couldn't see one without the other. They were nicknamed the terrible twosome because of all the mischief they caused when they were little. Together forever was how they were supposed to be until Buffy moved to Sunnydale her sophomore year. Things remained good between them and they saw each other every school break and holiday. It was like nothing had changed, except Buffy had a new set of friends and one of them was a real bitch. That didn't matter either she liked hanging with them to an extent.

Buffy was dating some pretty boy named Angel and it was clear that she had eyes for no one else. The sight of the two of them together made Faith want to scratch his eyes out. She tried to keep her jealousy monster under control, but was having a serious problem with it. To her Angel was all wrong for her. There was only one person who would be good enough for her. She tried dropping hints, but her blonde friend never picked up on it. So she still played the caring best friend, knowing inside it was tearing her up.

Faith looked at the picture on the side table of the two of them together. They went to Disney Land and had a really good time. That picture was one of her favorites, it wasn't posed it was natural. They were thirteen years old, but still had a good time anyways. It was the best days of their lives, but it was also when Faith knew her feelings for her best friend were changing. She wasn't sure about what she was feeling, but it was a little more than sisterly. She picked up the picture and traced Buffy's face.

"B, if you only knew." She sighed and put the picture back down.

She looked at the invitation again and smiled a sad smile. Buffy had always said she wanted to get married and have the house with the white picket fence, 2.5 kids, and a husband who loved her. It looked as if now she was going to get her wish, at someone else's expense. Not wanting to sit down and travel down memory lane, she went into the kitchen and pulled a bottle of Jack Daniels. She needed a drink to keep her mind off of Buffy and her upcoming wedding.

Faith walks back into the living room and sits down on the couch. Looking at the invitation, she takes the top off the bottle and has a long drink. Not wanting to dwell any longer she picked up the remote control and turned on the TV. A commercial for Disney Land came on. The happiest place on earth, it was the happiest place on earth for Faith because Buffy was with her. She took another drink out of her bottle and went over to the video cabinet. Looking over the selection, she pulled out a tape of her and Buffy at Disney Land. Popping the tape in the VCR, she took her spot back on the couch and pushed play on the remote control.

Buffy's face appeared on the screen with a huge smile. Along with Cinderella's castle, it was a lot bigger than what you see on TV. Joyce's voice could be heard in the background.

"Say something Buffy." Joyce urged.

"I don't know what to say." She smiled again.

Buffy went out of shot and came back with a reluctant Faith.

"Come on Faith say something to the camera. We're at Disney World, be happy." She said enthusiastically.

Faith took another sip from the bottle. They were so young then, not a care in the world.

"B, I don't want to say anything. Get the camera off me." She replied.

Buffy pulled her closer to her, "I love you, best friends forever."

Faith smiled slightly, "Yeah forever." She said softly.

She took a longer sip from the bottle this time. When Buffy said she loved her, it made her heart skip a beat. Unfortunately it was in a strictly friendly way that crushed her to no end. She paused the video on Buffy's face.

"Forever, that was a bunch of bull." She mumbled to the TV.

The alcohol was having its desired effect; she didn't have to think anymore. The pain she was feeling was no longer there. She looked at the paused video one more time.

"I love you B, more than you know." She mumbled

Everything went black.


Drink Responsibly. Alcohol should not be used to solve your issues, it may make you feel good for a little while, but the issues will still be there. Plus you'll have a nasty hangover.