Disclaimer: I own the plot, but I don't own Digimon.

Author's Note: This takes place during the middle of 02 and on a Saturday, where school lasts half the time as it does on weekdays.

Prematurely Late

"Ugh! Where's Davis?" exclaimed Yolei.

School had ended for the afternoon, and everyone had gathered in the computer room to, once again, travel to the Digital World and take down the Control Spires. Everyone was thereā€¦ except Davis and DemiVeemon. The duo had yet to show up, and ten minutes had passed by.

"Take it easy, Yolei," reassured Cody in his usual calm manor. "He'll show up soon."

"He better!" said Yolei crossly. "Because I'm getting tired of waiting here!"

Everyone sighed at Yolei's hyperactive ranting. If they thought they would be used to it by now.

"Just take a few deep breaths, Yolei," said Kari, who sat in a chair nearby. Gatomon nodded in agreement.

Yolei did as Kari suggested and took two deep breaths, but it did not do anything to calm her down.

"C'mon, Davis," Yolei whispered, annoyed and impatient at Davis's tardiness.

She would not have to wait for long, for the door to the room slid open, and Davis walked inside, his backpack dangling on his left arm.

"About time, Davis!" exclaimed Yolei as Davis walked towards them. "You're late!"

The moment Yolei said "late," Davis looked at her confusingly. "What d'ya mean 'late'? I was here ten minutes before all of you got here."

Everyone looked at Davis bewilderingly.

"Then, why did you leave the computer room before we arrived?" wondered T.K.

Davis opened his backpack, and in it was DemiVeemon chomping on a juicy hamburger. "We got hungry, so we had lunch."

Afterwards, the confusion died down; and everyone went to the Digital World, where they destroyed several Control Spires and ate hamburgers for lunch.

Yolei felt a little embarrassed for her rash actions and later decided not to judge Davis's timing the next time he arrived late.