Chapter 1:

Kagome Higurashi just about had it with the continuous moves. She had gotten used to not unpacking because of it. There was always something wrong wherever she went. The last two places, she'd had a stalker, an annoying and clingy neighbor who wanted to do everything with her, and a faulty apartment where she didn't realize for a few weeks, she was sharing with someone else. Sure, she wondered about certain things in the house that didn't belong to her. Or the continuous misplaced items which she dismissed with losing her mind or that she had a ghost. Well, turns out, the ghost's name was Jinenji Nishi, an annoying nudist artist on the path of self-discovery. The landlord failed to tell the both about each other to gain double the rent. The nerve!

She sighed as she looked up at the building in front of her and looked back down at the address she had written on a piece of paper in her hand. She scoffed as she dropped her hand to her side and shook her head. What was the point? She was cursed with the moving omen. Perhaps, her grandfather cursed her when they kicked her out of the house.

"You'll regret doing what you did! I hope you learn your lesson!" she recalled him saying.

Kagome squinted at the memory and glanced to the side when she noticed someone standing beside her with a piece of paper in their hands and a few suitcases.

'Oh no, you don't!' she thought. ' I am not going to be homeless!' she grabbed her bags and rushed up the steps shooting a scowl over her shoulder at the red headed girl.

The redhead glared incredulously at her as she snatched her suitcases and dashed up the steps to beat her.

"I was here first!" Redhead shouted.

"Yeah right!" Kagome scoffed as she pushed through the door and closed it on the red head.

"HEY!" she orated as she pounded on the door.

Kagome snorted into a chuckle as she tugged her collar and stuck her tongue out at the girl through the clear class.

The girl scowled with a pout and gave her the finger. Kagome shrugged with a victorious smile and it quickly faded when she turned around to see a few people standing inside with suitcases by their feet staring at her perplexedly.

Kagome rolled her eyes in disbelief and growled as she opened the door for the girl she had locked out.

"That sooooo wasn't nice." said the girl as she fixed her messy bangs and placed her hands on her hips.

Kagome sighed and turned around to grab her bags and join everyone else.

"Yeah...well, I'm not a very nice person." she gritted and stood by the huge spiral staircase and stared at everyone else who was there. Her competition. Only one person was going to win this apartment. Then, something occurred to Kagome, this building didn't look like your normal apartment building. It was homely and warm and already furnished. She frowned and took in the appearances of her competition.

One guy, sat at the corner of the wall listening to his CD player. Loud rock music sounded from the headphones as he bopped his head. He had long black hair pulled into a ponytail and a headband around his head that matched with a wristband. He looked up at her that very moment to reveal beautiful sky blue eyes rimmed with dark lashes. He seemed like a bad ass but something about his eyes showed kindness. But he was demon, and she wasn't too fond of them.

Next to him, stood a girl with long blue hair that matched her eyes, also demon. She had a snobby looking attitude as she flicked her nails and popped her chewing gum. Judging by her Prada handbag and expensive looking dress, she had a lot of money.

Drooling next to her, was a tall guy with Dark brown hair in a little ponytail, his ears were decorated with small golden hoops. His eyes a dark blue sea color and eyebrows of a mischievous flirt. Kagome felt less intimidating knowing he was human, like her.

Next to him, a pale girl with Dark brown hair that matched her eyes which were rimmed with red eye shadow, leered at the guy next to her with a disbelievingly frown and scoffed as she looked away. There were five more people around that Kagome tried to observe before her mind was interrupted by someone entering the loft.

The tall man with long white hair strode in with a beautiful smile that made him glow like an angel. He wore a white suit with a white undershirt and black shoes. Demon. Kagome rolled her eyes. What the hell. He was handsome but it was apparent he was much older than them but with demons, you could never tell.

He took off his shades off to reveal amber eyes. He scanned all of them as a younger guy walked in behind him with the same white hair and amber eyes. He had dog-like ears on the top of his head and heavier eyebrows than the older one.

"Good morning," said the older man. " I'm sorry to keep you all waiting. My humblest apologies, breakfast will be on me." he chuckled. "I assume you are all here for the apartment." he smirked and looked at the younger guy and Kagome wondered what that inside smile was about. "Allow me to introduce ourselves. I am Lord Inutaisho and this is my son, Inuyasha."

Lord? Kagome thought. For a moment, she felt like she was on some reality TV show. A whole bunch of teens at one house, one handsome guy in a suit. Next he probably was going to state the building 'haunted' and offer a million dollars to the person who can last the longest in the house.

The sunlight shone in when the door opened again, revealing another guy walk in with white hair seeming to be captivated by the tablet in his hand. He wore a black suit that flattered him so. What was this, Children of the corn? What's the deal with the white hair?

"Father, let us make this quick. I have something I need to attend." he stopped when he looked up at everyone else and frowned. " What is this?" he pointed at everyone like they were garbage. His eyes met Kagome's and she had to look away. There was something very intimidating about him and he didn't appear as humble and welcoming as the other two.

His father grinned. " Everyone, this is my eldest son, Sesshomaru. He will be joining us as well."

Sesshomaru frowned at his father and darted his gaze between everyone. Kagome noticed the tension between them and knew that perhaps he was just as clueless as to why they were all there. Man, their father must have strong genes. They were a spitting image of him. It was kind of creepy and Kagome imagined if they were clones. This made her laugh, a little too loud because everyone looked at her.

Kagome cleared her throat and gestured to her throat. "I…choked on my gum."

The blue hair demon girl scoffed. Inuyasha and the dark pony tail demon smirked with curiosity. Sesshomaru studied her, with what looked like, disgust and turned to his father impatiently.

"What is this, who are these people?" he whispered tersely.

"I'll explain in a bit." His father assured quietly between them then gestured everyone down the hallway. "Now everyone, will you all follow me to the dining room where we will be served breakfast, I will explain the apartment." You may leave your bags here for now." After that, they all followed him. Sesshomaru by his side, Inuyasha on the other.

At breakfast, everyone sat down quietly and ate. Kagome looked up toward Sesshomaru and noticed he didn't touch his food. He tapped his tablet and swiped his finger around in frustration. He took a deep breath and lifted his gaze at her in annoyance. Kagome looked back down. She had to admit, demons were blessed with good looks but their arrogance was appalling.

Kagome forked her eggs and muttered under her breath. "Can someone talk? I hate hearing myself chew."

"I agree." said the guy with the black ponytail across from her.

He heard that? Kagome thought and opened her eyes wide at him. He winked at her and glanced at everyone else.

"How about we introduce ourselves? I'm Koga." Said pony tail demon. "You go next, dude," he said to the guy with red eyes.

"My name is Hiten and I flew in from Chicago. I saw the ad on the newspaper for an apartment right here in Greenwich village and that's why I'm here. I'm 21 and I work at my dad's restaurant in Chelsea Piers."

The blue hair girl next to him smirked and looked at Sesshomaru.

"My name is Shurran Bokunaska and I'm a model." she giggled and batted her lashes. What a lovely introduction, Kagome thought. I wonder how long it took her to put that together.

"My name is Sango Nagasaka, I'm 18..." she said shyly and looked at Kagome. " I am going to college in a few months and I am looking for an apartment so I can learn how to be on my own."

The next guy, Hojo said his introduction but Kagome's gaze followed Sesshomaru who was staring down at his plate showing no interest at anyone's introduction. Kagome quickly scanned him before he would notice she was staring at him. He was very attractive. His skin was smooth, his eyes were lighter than his brothers and his ears pointed at the very end, like an elf. His face was chiseled and naturally contoured to perfection. She wondered if he modeled. He was tall, slender yet muscular. Don't even think about it, Kagome Higurashi. That man is a demon and you know what they're like. Remember the last one? She wasn't worried. It was one thing to admire a demon's appearance but dating was another thing.

Everything was quiet and he looked up at her, again, when Hojo tapped her shoulder.

"It's your turn." He whispered.

"Huh?" she lowered her head, feeling hot in the face. She hoped she didn't give anyone the wrong idea by staring at him. "My name is Kagome…I am seventeen, I bartend downtown and… this is bullshit."

Everyone gasped, Sesshomaru tilted his head at her.

"Honestly, what the hell is going on here? I don't mean to sound mean but I'm not here to get to know anyone, I'm here for an apartment. So if we can get to that point, that'd be great because I'm kind of pressed on time."

Sesshomaru scowled. "How dar-"

"It's alright." Inutaisho put his hand on Sesshomaru's shoulder. "My dear, I will get to that shortly. You have the same impatience as Sesshomaru. Please, continue the introduction."

Red head introduced herself as Ayame. She was an aspiring actress along with two other girls, Kikyo and Kagura. The last guy, introduced himself as Miroku.

After the long and boring introduction, Lord Inu Taisho rose from his chair and spoke.

"Well, here's the deal. I have ten rooms in this loft and if you guys are interested to fill them in, it's yours."

"What?" everyone spat.

"Ugh, I fuckin' knew something had to be wrong. Just my luck, damn you Grandpa!" Kagome growled as she rose from her chair and grabbed her jacket. "I'm not looking for any more roommates!" Everyone started to put on their jackets.

"Just wait a second." said Inu Taisho. "Rent is only $500."

"What?" Sesshomaru hissed and grabbed his father by the arm and pulled him closer for a private conversation. " Father, I told you already...I wanted the building. What are you doing renting to these adolescents?"

"Adolescents? Sesshomaru, you're older than them by a few years." his father chuckled. "Why do you want this building anyway?"

"I told you that I'm looking to take over the Jade order and mother's exile is coming to an end."

"No," his father's face went serious. "Absolutely not. Not my house. They can get their own."

"But father-"

"So, how do we decide the rooms." Miroku asked.

Inuyasha stood up. "Well, I'm downstairs and I will be superintending and collecting the rent. Sesshomaru, I'm pretty sure you plan to take the room on the last floor, naturally, so the rest is up for grabs." Everyone dashed from the table to get their rooms, except for Kagome.

"This is truly ridiculous, Father." Sesshomaru spat. His father was once a ruthless business man who struck fear in the corporate world and since Inuyasha's mother died, he's all about 'helping'.

"Alright, what's the catch because this smells like bullshit." Kagome crossed her arms. Inuyasha, Inutaisho and Sesshomaru stared at her.

Sesshomaru muttered under his breath. "Father, if you don't do something about this ill-mannered monkey, I'm going to-"

"Finding something not to your liking?" Inutaisho interrupted with a smile. He folded his hands with interest.

"Yeah, a vacant loft building in Manhattan, right by the park and NYU going for $500 a month strikes me as fishy."

"Oh?" he retorted.

"Renting out rooms in this area easily for $800, at the very least. You being some business man would know better. I'm really sorry if I am coming off as rude but I had a crappy year."

"My dear, I'm sorry to hear that but you see, I have enough money and I own a lot of places. I can afford to offer students and young ones a decent rent so they can survive adulthood."

That was very nice of him, she thought. Now she felt awful.

"You'll love it here, Kagome." Inuyasha interjected. "We have a pool in the basement, a Jacuzzi, an entertainment room, a gym and-"

"I just need a roof over my head." Kagome said. "I don't need fancy things, thanks." She grabbed her bag and went to find whatever room was left.

"How can you two let her talk to you like that? She has no respect. That ungrateful-"

"Sesshomaru, she was just curious and had every right to be. I actually like her." his father stopped by the door and turned back to look at his fuming son. " What about you?"

"What of me?" he barked, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Do you like her?"

"Please." Sesshomaru scoffed.

Inutaisho sighed and dangled keys in his face. "So do you want the room or not? It's very convenient for you. Don't you like this area?"

Sesshomaru looked at him and sighed. To live with all of these people and that girl, he could feel it in his veins that she and he would have problems with her. She was too opinionated and such a brat.

"Very well." he said. " Someone has to keep order in this jungle. Inuyasha surely can't do it and someone needs to put that girl in her place."

"Kagome? Well, I think you two will hit it off very well. You both are a lot alike."

Sesshomaru cocked a brow and snatched the keys from his hand. " Don't insult me."

"I forgot. Humans. Blech!" he teased but Sesshomaru ignored him.

Leaving the loft, Inutaisho looked over his shoulder at Sesshomaru.

"This shall be good."


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