Chapter 22

"Can I get a coffee with a strawberry donut..."the man said to the barista and looked around while he waited. He stared out the window of the coffee shop and his eyes widened. "Actually, forget it.." he rushed out of the coffee shop and looked across the street. He smiled as he crossed the street and walked passed the terrace of a French bistro. He stopped behind a lady sitting down by herself reading a book and drinking wine. "How is the book?" he asked and she looked up at him annoyingly.

She met his eyes and there was a moment of surprise in her expression. She grinned and looked back down at her book. "So far, so good. Elijah, was it?"

"Good memory…"he laughed feeling flattered. "I must have left quite an impression."

"Hmph." She scoffed. "Don't flatter yourself. Demons don't forget anything."

"Ah," he frowned. "So, is anyone sitting here with you?"

"No…"she said. "and I'd like to keep it that way."

"Hm…"he smiled. "Don't you find it odd that we keep meeting, especially after such a long time?"

"Not really."

"So I take it your views on humans haven't changed?"

She sipped her wine and ignored him.

"So, what's your name?"

"Saya." She said and cleared her throat. "Lady Saya that is."

He grinned. "Ooh, you sound important."

"I am."

He chuckled and sat across from her. She sighed and glared at him.

"So, what's good here?" he asked and grabbed the menu in front of her.

"Nothing that should interest you."

"Actually, this chicken and sausage cassoulet looks quite interesting." He set the menu down and folded his hands. She met his eyes and tried to hold in a smile. "So, it's been what…a year?"

"I do not keep track." She sighed and went back to reading.

"What's the book about anyway?"

"About a man who kept pestering a beautiful demon woman and tragically gets hit by a bus as he crosses the street."

"Oohh."he winced. "Sounds hurtful. I hope he got a date out of it…especially since you didn't say he died."

A laugh escaped her lips and she covered her mouth. She cleared her throat and shifted in her seat.

"So you live in the city?" he asked and she nodded.


He smirked and she looked away from his eyes. His gaze never left her and it made her uncomfortable.

"So, how are things with you and your son?. They're getting married next week, aren't they? I told you they would…."

Saya sighed and looked down at her lap. "I guess…I haven't spoken to him in over two years."

"Well that is sad." He said. "Are you not going to the wedding then?"

"She invited me…"she said. "But I am not going."

"Hmm…"he squinted at her. "Something tells me that you want to go."

"I don't. You think I want to see him destroy his future by marrying a human?"

"Yes." He said and she looked away.

"He hates me…"she said and glanced at him sadly.

"No son could ever hate his mother. He might not like you…"he teased. "but definitely doesn't hate you."

"Well, what does it matter anyway?" She shrugged and lowered her head.

"If you were invited, I assume you get to bring a date. I'll go with you if you want." He bowed his head trying to see her face.

"What makes you think I will go under those circumstances?"

"because you want to go…but you don't want to go alone."

She frowned and sipped her wine. What was it about him that intrigued her? He was a stranger but he knew her so well. She finished her wine and the waiter poured her another glass. He then served Elijah a glass of water and took his order.

An hour passed and they were engaged in a long conversation about many topics. He told her how it was to be a cop and the crimes he had seen between Demons and humans and how they both had the capacity to be equally evil and malicious. He told her his views and how he sees people the same, whether they were different species. She told him about the clans and how some were arrested on Sesshomaru's order. She couldn't grasp how easy it was to talk to him and how good it felt. He listened to her and cared to know more about her. He made her laugh and it was unfamiliar. She hardly laughed and couldn't remember laughing before this.

"So, how about dinner tonight?" he said and she hesitated.

"I…that's not such a good idea." She said and he tilted his head to the side.

"Why not?"

"I…"she said and looked down at her glass of wine. "I don't know…"she said and they both started laughing.


"So, where are you going for your eh…honeymoon?" Isabella asked. She sat on a chair looking through a magazine while Kagome stood on top of a chair being fitted and measured for her dress by Marques.

"I don't know.." Kagome shrugged a shoulder and sprawled her arms out as Marques paced around her in deep thought.

"Hm, how about a plunging neckline, like a-this?" he showed her a picture and she snarled.

"Ok, my mother is going to be there. This is a wedding, Marques, not the runway. I don't want to be too revealing."

Marques scoffed and paced around her again. Isabella flipped through the pages and leaned forward into her chair.

"You guys should go back to Italy." She said. "Go back eh… to where it started, you know?"

Kagome smiled. "Maybe…" She stared at her reflection and fell into a daze. How it almost wasn't, she thought. She thought about those moments, those hurtful moments she told herself never to think about. She couldn't help it. Those moments felt like it didn't happen. It was like he never left her in Italy. It was like those two months of torment didn't happen. She remembered that day vividly when she almost turned her back on him and was going to be with someone else. Someone she didn't love.

Shinji never spoke to her after that. When she called him to say she couldn't be with him because she was still in love with Sesshomaru. That night, it was like she was on a journey to find him. She went to the manor after Koga gave her the address but he wasn't there. Then she went back to the park where she last saw him but he wasn't there either. Finally, an unexpected call from his father told her he might have been at his new place across from Central Park.

When she got there, she had a hard time getting inside. The doorman refused to let her through and she almost turned back but when the doorman finally recognized her as Marques's angel, the demon's lover, he couldn't have apologized enough and let her up.

When she knocked and he opened the door. She would never forget his face. It was like he couldn't believe his eyes. He stared at her for a moment, not saying a word. She looked back at him, speechless as well and she reached her hand and placed it on his chest. He looked down at her hand and slowly met her eyes, confused and she could feel his heart beating fast.

That night, they stood in the doorway for almost two hours. He held her tightly in his arms, his face buried into her neck, smelling her. Her face buried into his chest taking in his scent as well. They didn't say anything and they finally went inside the furnished apartment. Everything else felt like a dream afterward. When their lips met, the pain was gone and forgotten, like that.

"So, who is coming to the bachelorette party?" Isabella said breaking her out of her thoughts.

"Sango, Ayame, Marla, um, my mother, you…um, his mother."

"what?" Isabella laughed. "really?"

"I kind of invited her…"Kagome bit her lip and looked at her worriedly.

"Oh my…"she gasped and stood up. "Does he know?"

"No?" she tittered. "He is going to be so mad…but I figured she isn't going to show anyway but I felt bad. I think at least she should get an invitation…I mean, it's his mother. Maybe she won't come to it but perhaps she'll attend the wedding?"

"but she doesn't like you? She doesn't like humans, Kagome."

"I know…but…I couldn't help it."

"You are too nice, Kagome." Isabella shook her head. "but I doubt she is coming too…eh, I guess it is the thought that counts, hm?"

"Yeah…I guess so."

"Where is Sesshomaru?"

"At work. He took over chair at the DDC. There was some trial thing he needed to attend."

"What is that?"

"I don't know…he doesn't like to talk about work."

"Is he having a bachelor party?" Isabella chuckled.

Kagome scoffed. "He doesn't want one. He says they're pointless but I think Koga is trying to throw one with his father. They're going to force him to come."

"That should be interesting."

"Oh yeah…"Kagome said. "How are things with Inuyasha?"

"Good." Isabella smiled.

"Isabella…I wanted to ask, but my mother keeps bugging me that I need a maid of honor."

"I'd love to!"

Kagome cocked a brow. "Actually, I wanted to ask you if you think Sango should be the maid of honor."

"Ohh…"Isabella said and bowed her head.

"I'm kidding." Kagome laughed. "Of course I was going to ask you."

"You are so mean, Kagome…"

"You just said I was too nice?" Kagome teased as Marques measured her hips.

"At times…" Isabella scoffed. "You won't make me eh,wear ugly dress?"

"Ohh, you'll wear the orange dress with the big black bow and the ruffles.."

Marques dropped the measurement tape. He and Isabella grimaced at her with their mouths agape. Kagome looked between them, her smile fading.

"I…was kidding." Kagome said.

"wasn't funny…" Isabella said.

Marques shook his head and sighed a breath of relief. "No, not funny."

"So you will do it then." Kagome said and clapped her hands when Isabella nodded. "Great."

"Of course." She said.

Marla walked in with her PDA in her hand smiling at them. "You won't believe what I heard. The pope wants to attend your wedding! They just passed a law in the Vatican and all demons can now walk inside the Vatican, including the churches."

"You're serious?" Kagome said. Sesshomaru would love to go see the art in their museums. Perhaps she would plan that for their honeymoon and take him to see it. "What made them change their minds?"

"Well, "Marla said and scrolled through her PDA. "The bishop spoke with the press on how happy he was for you and Sesshomaru and that you had his blessing. Blah, blah, blah…'if an angel can fall and become evil, then a demon can rise and become good.' He says."

"Hmm…." Kagome said and Marques cursed under his breath. They all looked at him questionably.

"You need to diet." He said. "Your measurements changed."

Kagome scoffed. "I'm not hearing it. I'm not modeling anymore and school's been stressful."

"You want to look like fat cow?"


"I told you to stay away from the bread." Marla sighed.


The hostess led Sesshomaru toward the table his father sat at. He nodded at the hostess and sat down.


"Sesshomaru." His father greeted and sipped his coffee. "How was the trial?"

Sesshomaru shook his head and grimaced. "Tsuyoko Bokunaska and Dosuka Sakee were found guilty, naturally. They are to be executed next week."

Inutaisho shook his head and frowned. "You think that is the right call?"

"Absolutely. They're responsible for over forty human murders, not including hanyous." Sesshomaru said and the waiter brought over a menu along with a glass of water. He took a sip of his water and leaned back into his chair.

"Execution…it's just too….barbaric. It mustn't be easy to watch an execution. Trust me…"

Sesshomaru pressed his lips tightly and looked around the restaurant. It wasn't easy but it was something he had to do. He couldn't let the murderers of his father's mate go freely and risk the chances for them to get to Kagome in the future. His father could see it was eating at him and decided to change the subject.

"On a lighter note…"he smiled. "The wedding is in a couple of weeks. Are you nervous?"


"You should be." His father jested. "I hear your mother moved back into the city."

"Did you?" Sesshomaru looked at the menu uninterested.

"You should try talking to her."

"For what?"

"She is your mother."

"Your point?"

His father cocked a brow. "I figured that was enough of a reason."


"So, Kagome is going to continue with school?"

"She wants to."

"That's very ambitious of her…."

"I guess."

"Do you not want her to go?"he asked but Sesshomaru didn't respond. He looked down at the table, picking at the table cloth. "Is something bothering you?"

Sesshomaru leaned back into his chair and rubbed his eyes. He looked frustratingly at his father. "She is pregnant."

His father leaned forward with a grin and widened eyes. "Really?"


"When did she tell you?"

"She didn't." he looked at a passing waiter. "She doesn't know."

"Oh…" his father said.

"How did you find out?"

"She smells different…"he said.

"like an overpowering sweet smell?" his father couldn't contain a grin.

"Yes." Sesshomaru rolled his eyes at his father. He could see he was more excited than he wanted him to be.

"Aren't you going to tell her?"

"She will figure it out eventually." He said and his father scoffed.

"Why don't you seem happy?"

"It is too soon."

"Seems about the right timing. You are getting married already; the next step is usually kids…"

Sesshomaru shook his head and continued to pick at the table cloth. The waiter came by and took their order and left. His father ordered a bottle of wine figuring his son needed it right now.

"You're worried." His father chuckled.

"A human woman has a fifty percent chance of dying after giving birth to a demon child."

"Times have changed. With the technology of today.."

"It is still a gamble I do not wish to take."

"Life is a gamble."

The waiter came over with the bottle of wine and poured each of them a glass. Regardless of his father's words, it still didn't put him at ease.


Kagome shook her leg and gnawed on her finger as she listened to her professor's lecture. She was starving. She tried to follow her diet so she wouldn't gain weight before the wedding but it was hard. She couldn't understand how she was gaining weight. She always had a big appetite, maybe her metabolism was slowing down. Her mother had mentioned that as people got older, their bodies changed. A girl next to her snacked on pretzels and she had an images of snatching the bag from her and running away. She needed to eat. An apple and yogurt for breakfast was just not going to suffice.

After her class ended, she grabbed a quick bite to eat before she met up with Marla and Marques. She rushed to the building and smiled when she saw them.

"You're late. Your class ended a half an hour ago."

"I uh…grabbed something quick to eat?" she laughed nervously and took off her coat.

"What did you eat?"

"I had a salad." She lied and Marques scowled. He leaned into her and started sniffing. There was a red smudge by her lips and he wiped it. He took a sniff and looked at Marla.

"I wonder what kind of salad one can eat that eh… involves ketchup…"he squinted suspiciously at her.

Marla looked at her suspiciously as well and she caved in. "Ok,I had a cheeseburger, alright? Yes, and I had fries with it too, I'm sorry!"

"Kagome…" Marla sighed.

"I swear, I had the salad but I was still hungry." Kagome cried.

Marques shook his head. "I cannot make the dress if she continues to eat like this. He grabbed the measuring tape and placed it around her. She grew another inch already in a week."

Marla stroked her chin in deep thought. "How about we make the dress Greek style? We'll add diamonds across the chest, and it can flare out so even if she gets bigger by next week, it will still fit."

"Thanks…"Kagome muttered feeling doomed to get bigger.

"She's probably stress eating. This happens a lot with brides. It's a big day for you. Don't worry."

Marques measured her bust and glowered. Her bust grew as well. "I suppose we will have to do it Greek style…"

Kagome pouted. She wished she could control her hunger. She wanted to look great for her wedding.

When she got home, Sesshomaru was sitting on the couch with his laptop going over paperwork. She slouched toward the couch and plopped right by him. He tapped away on his laptop and glanced at her.

"What is wrong?"

"Oh nothing…"she sighed. "I'm just…getting fat."

Sesshomaru stopped typing and looked at her. "You look fine." He set his laptop on the coffee table and turned to her. He placed a strand of her hair behind her ear and kissed her neck. He could smell that sweet scent again and he stroked her hair. He debated if he should tell her about the child she was bearing but he assumed she wouldn't take it so well two weeks before the wedding.

"So, how was work?" she asked.

Work, he thought. He had sent two people to their deaths, he would probably have to watch out for any retaliation from their family members and would assign Kagome bodyguards, but she didn't need to know that now. "Fine."

"Mmm," she rubbed her nose into his neck. She slipped her hands under his shirt and caressed his skin, kissing his neck. "I feel like I hardly see you now."

"It is just until the wedding. The trial is over now."

Her lips trailed up his neck to his lips and he kissed her back. His hand rubbed the small of her back and she forgot she wanted to tell him something. She broke from their kiss and licked her lips.

"I have to tell you something…"she said and he kissed her neck as he unbuttoned her shirt.

"Mmhmm.."he said through his kisses as he went down her neck to her shoulder. He nibbled on her shoulder and she smiled trying to concentrate on what she had to say.

"You know how the invitations were sent out…"she moaned.

"Yes…"he whispered and pulled her chin toward him and kissed her again.

"Well…"she paused as she locked her lips with his. She lay back into the couch and he got on top of her. She broke from their kiss to speak. "Don't be mad…"

He removed her shirt and she unbuttoned his. He pressed his lips hard against her, hungering for more and she stifled a moan. He raised her skirt and unbuttoned his pants. "What did you do?"

She grinned as he bit her neck softly. "I invited your mother…"

"What?" he stopped and looked at her. She stared innocently at him as he sat up and scowled.

"Well, I figured she'd want to come?"

"Why would you do that?" he said in a calm yet upset tone.

"It isn't every day you get married." Kagome scoffed. She grabbed her shirt and put it on, no longer in the mood. He wasn't either and he had stood up from the couch.

"You…shouldn't have done that." He rolled his eyes. "She is not going to come anyway."

"Don't you want her to?"

"No." he sighed. "I don't."

"but she is your mother?"

"so everyone keeps reminding me…"he muttered bitterly and grabbed his laptop.

"You're mad…"she said and her eyes began to water. He looked at her and quickly sighed. Crap, she was going to cry. He didn't want to upset her, especially in the condition she was unaware she was in. He swallowed his anger and set his laptop down.

"No…I'm not."

"You…I thought you'd want to see your mother and I felt bad to send invitations out and not give her one. It is nice to be invited at least.."she sniffed and wiped her eyes. "Oh my god, I don't know why I am crying…sorry."

"It is fine..."he said. "Let us not worry about it."

"You're not mad, are you sure?"

"I am not mad." He sighed and she leaned her head against his shoulder and sniffled.

"Okay…"she said and he looked away and scowled.


"Kagome, it's kind of hard to do your hair while you're eh…munching away on potato chips…" Isabella scolded as she wrapped a strand of her hair around the curling iron.

"I'm sorry…I feel queasy." She grabbed one last chip and set it on the counter.

"It is just wedding jitters." Marla yawned feeling hung-over. She and Isabella got into a drinking match at Kagome's bachelorette party and she spent most of the night next to the toilet.

Rin walked in twirling around in her dress. She started throwing flowers around her and Kagome's mother scolded her.

"Not now, child. When you walk down the aisle." She said and fixed her dress.

"Kagome, does this mean you're gonna be my sister now?"

"Looks like it." Kagome smiled.

Rin giggled as she continued twirling around, Kagome's mother following behind her trying to fix the hem of her dress.

Kagome sighed and looked at Isabella. "I really thought she'd come…"

"Oh, Kagome…you tried. Don't worry about it. This is your day, eh…enjoy it…ok?" Isabella winked at her and rubbed her shoulder.

"Uh…don't shake me.."Kagome said starting to feel nauseous.

"I didn't..I was just rubbin-" Isabella tried to say but Kagome held her mouth and heaved. Isabella released a curl from the curling iron as Kagome ran out of her chair to the bathroom. "Someone is nervous…"she laughed.

Koga walked in holding a camera, he zoomed in and snapped a picture at Isabella and Marla.

"Hey, did you guys know the Pope is downstairs? Where's Kagome?"

They pointed to the bathroom and everyone could hear her heaving. Koga grimaced and cocked a brow.

"Nice…"he said and took a picture of Rin and Kagome's mother. He left out of the room and passed the hallway. Ayame and Sango pulled Miroku away from a group of girls. Sango scolded him by hitting him repeatedly with a towel. He entered another room where Sesshomaru stood in front of a mirror with his father adjusting his collar.

"Kagome's throwing up. Hm, I wonder why…" Koga chortled as he sat down on a chair beside the door. He snapped a picture and Sesshomaru looked over his shoulder. He turned to walk out but his father grabbed his arm.

"She is fine. It is normal. Besides, it is bad luck to see the bride before the ceremony." His father said.

Sesshomaru faltered a nod and walked over to the window. He wished he was still smoking. He could use a cigarette now.

"The bachelor party was awesome…"Koga said. "It would have been great if the bachelor was actually there!"

Sesshomaru scoffed and leaned against the window. Inuyasha walked in eating a cube of cheese.

"Can we speed this up? Weddings are boring." He groaned.

Inutaisho adjusted his tie and glanced at his watch. "We should get downstairs. The ceremony will start soon."

"Is Kagome pregnant?" Inuyasha asked. Sesshomaru and his father exchanged glances and didn't answer. "She is, right?"

"You didn't know she was prego, man?" Koga scoffed. "I knew that weeks ago."

Inuyasha frowned and looked at his father. "Well, aside from her eating everything in front of her, throwing up…there is this weird scent from her, it's kind of…"

"sweet…"Koga and Inutaisho finished.

"Yeah…"he said.

They all looked toward the door and Naraku walked in holding a glass of wine. "There are so many beautiful ladies here…"he said and sat next to Koga. "Oh, and your mother is here by the way."

Sesshomaru and his father both shot their gaze toward him.

"Saya?" Inutaisho muttered. "Where is she?"

"Downstairs, and you're not going to believe who she brought as her date." Naraku said, pointing behind him. Sesshomaru and his father quickly left the room. Inuyasha, Naraku and Koga exchanged curious looks and followed behind them.

Sesshomaru and his father hurried down the steps and stopped at the bottom, staring at her as she waited by the door with a man. A human man!

She looked at Inutaisho and cleared her throat. She glanced at Sesshomaru but his scowl sent her looking away quickly.

"What are you doing here?" Sesshomaru said. He looked behind his shoulder to see a stampede behind him consisting of Naraku, Inuyasha and Koga.

"I…was invited." She said in a low voice.

Inutaisho and Sesshomaru's gaze moved toward her guest and he did a quick subtle wave. He stepped forward and cleared his throat.

"I'm Elijah."

"Hello." Inutaisho bowed his head. "I'm Lord Inutaisho."

"A pleasure."


Sesshomaru stepped in front of his father and glowered at Elijah and his mother. "I did not invite you." He said coldly.

"Yes, I assumed that." She retorted in a cold tone as well. "but she did."

Inutaisho stepped between Sesshomaru and his mother and clasped his hands.

"Welcome to have you both here…" he said and Sesshomaru glared at him as if he were a traitor. "It is a good day and we are here to celebrate…not fight."

Koga waved at Sesshomaru's mother and Elijah. "I'm Koga."

Saya nodded and Elijah's mouth dropped.

"You're from Wolfbane." He said.

"Yeah, I am." Koga flashed a grin revealing his fang.

"I went to see you in Italy. Great concert by the way."

"Oh, thanks, man." Koga looked at Sesshomaru." Man's got taste."

Sesshomaru frowned at him and Koga avoided his death glare.

"Everyone on the squad makes fun of me. I know I'm a bit old to listen to your music."

"hey, music knows no age limit." Koga added. "You're a cop?"

"Yes, I am."

Koga gasped. "You ever shot anyone?"

Elijah looked around uncomfortably at everyone and nodded. "Unfortunately…"

"We must talk." Koga placed an arm around him and pulled him away. "I'm the best man by the way."

"Oh really…"Elijah said. "Is that the Pope?" he pointed toward the next room.

Saya stood by the door awkwardly holding a bag. Sesshomaru and Inutaisho watched as Koga walked away with Elijah and looked back at Saya.

"He….is just a friend." She said and they both nodded. "it said I could bring a guest…I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all…" Inutaisho answered for Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru didn't say anything and walked away. Saya lowered her head. This wasn't a great idea. "I should probably go, I.."

"Nonsense, Saya. You know how the boy is. Give him time. He doesn't know you did what you did with good intentions."

"You believe I did?"

"Of course. Saya, I know we have our disagreements but we both want what is truly best for him and that is too be happy. Look now…he is getting married to the woman he loves."

"I suppose." She said.

"Do you want to meet her?" he said.

Saya toyed with her earring debating if she should. She shook her head.

"No…I don't think so-"she yelped as he pulled her.

"Oh, I think you should." He said gleefully.

Sanara and Suri watched as Inutaisho pulled his ex-wife up the steps. Their mouths were agape and Kyoni passed by them closing it.

"Did you just see that?" Sanara said. "Lady Saya is here."

Kyoni smiled. "I saw her."

"What is she doing here?" Suri chewed her fingernail. "Oh, is something bad going to happen?"

"No." Kyoni shook her head. "She was invited. She even came with a human."

Sanara gasp. "You lie.."

"No, really. He is over there speaking with Koga right now."

"I don't believe it." Sanara said.


Isabella placed the veil over Kagome's head when Inutaisho walked in. A lady walked behind him and Kagome knew right away who was. She had seen her once but she remembered what she looked like.

"She came…"Kagome said under her breath and stood up. "Hi…"

"Kagome…this is Saya…Sesshomaru's mother."

Saya stepped closer, observing Kagome expressionlessly. Isabella, Sango and Ayame stood behind her nervously. Rin hid behind Kagome's mother and peeked over her arm.

"Hello.."Saya said. She quickly absorbed Kagome's appearance. There was something sweet about her and welcoming. She tried her best to look past the fact she was human. It would be a while and it was a lot of getting used to but she could do it.

"H-hi…"Kagome stammered.

Saya cleared her throat and forced a smile. "T-thank you for…inviting me."

"No problem…"Kagome said, feeling breathless. She smiled and looked at Inutaisho.

Koga whistled as he entered. "Come on, let's go…don't you gotta get married or something? There's a guy in a suit waiting downstairs for you. He looks nervous. Kagome, now's the time to run if you're thinking about it."

Isabella flicked his ear and he winced.

"I'm kidding!" he defended.

Kagome nodded nervously and everyone started running around, grabbing her things. She grabbed her bouquet of flowers and looked at Saya one last time. "See you downstairs…"she smiled and everyone pushed her to leave. Inutaisho waved for Saya to go first and she looked bewilderedly at him.

"She is withchild?"

Inutaisho sighed, wondering if Saya was going to throw a tantrum. "Yes…"

"Does she know she is?" Saya's eyes widened.

"No…she doesn't."

"Why not?"

"He wanted to wait until after the wedding."

"I see…"

"I know this must be hard, Saya…and I think it was very brave of you to come. She is a good girl and she makes him very happy."

"I understand…"Saya bowed her head. "I can see that…"

"So this human friend…"Inutaisho teased as they walked out of the room toward the ceremony. "Is he really your friend?"

Saya blushed and rolled her eyes. "Yes, he is just a friend."

After the ceremony, everyone left to go to the reception. Sesshomaru and Kagome waited by the door as everyone left. Kagome thanked everyone for the both of them. When Saya passed with Elijah, she stopped in front of them and bowed her head.

"Once again, thank you for inviting us."

"You're welcome." Kagome said and looked at Sesshomaru. He looked away from them and she frowned. "Are you coming to the reception?"

Saya glanced at her son and shook her head. "No…I don't thin-"

"You should come…" Sesshomaru said. Kagome and Saya looked at him.

"If it isn't a problem…"Saya said and he met her eyes.

"It isn't."

Saya nodded and half grinned. "Then I will see you both at the reception." She and Elijah walked out and Kagome turned to Sesshomaru.

"Aw, I am so proud of you. You see, that wasn't so hard."

"Be quiet."

"Awww…"she continued pestering him with her baby talk. "You're so cute. You wanted your mom to come to the reception. Awwwww."


"What a reception that was!" Sanara laughed as she poured herself and Suri a cup of coffee, "Can you believe Lady Kagome found out she was pregnant."

"Well, Lord Sesshomaru had to tell her after she tried to drink champagne…and Lord Inutaisho, Lady Saya and Master Inuyasha had to confirm after she didn't believe it." Suri shook her head. "That must be awful…having everyone know you are pregnant before you do."

Sanara laughed. "awful indeed but what a wedding gift. Lord Sesshomaru must be going out of his mind now."

"You know what I heard?" Suri whispered. "I heard she is two months already."

Kyoni walked into the kitchen and smiled at them as if she held a secret.

"Spill, woman. You know something!" Sanara shook her finger at her.

"Oh, well…I am not a gossiper like you two." She teased, pouring herself a cup of coffee.

"Oh, you vile woman! Don't be so mean and tell us already. What news have you heard?"

"Well…Lady Kagome went to the doctor's…"Kyoni sighed, her smile fading.

"Yes?" Suri and Sanara said.

"She is two months pregnant…"

"Yes, we know that already!" Sanara frowned.

"with twins…"Kyoni added and they both gasped.

Kyoni nodded but her face was sad. She sipped her coffee and they stared at her curiously.

"There is something you're not saying…"Sanara said sadly. "Something bad?"

"Well…she is human…"

"So?" Suri sipped her coffee.

"It is very risky when they are bearing a demon's child."

"but many women have given birth to half breeds without problem."

"It is risky, about a fifty percent chance."

"Right? Those odds aren't that bad."

"but with twins…her chances are very slim."

"how slim?" Suri's voice wavered.

"about ninety percent chance of not surviving after the birth. Demons consume energy in the womb. Having twins, that is too much energy for her to bear…she would be weak."

"So what are they planning to do?"

"I'm not sure…the doctors and Lord Sesshomaru are urging her to abort….but she doesn't want to."

"Oh no…"Suri said. "Bless her heart, I cannot bear this family losing another mate of theirs…such bad luck, I tell you."


Sesshomaru rested his head on Kagome's lap with his ear next to her stomach as he read a book about what to expect about pregnancy. They were at her fifth month and she started to show greatly. He scoffed when he read the later stages and how accurate they were. Sensitivity, she was very sensitive about everything, she even cried when they put tomatoes into her sandwich. Jealousy, definitely. She was very insecure with herself that she became jealous over any woman that worked with him. The other night, he had come home late from work and she jumped down his throat saying he was probably with another woman because she was fat and ugly and that he found her whale like figure repulsive. If he told her to sit down and not walk around, she'd argue that she wasn't helpless and that she was full of energy and everyone was treating her like a baby. Then there was her libido. This part was actually the only highlight of her emotions. There was an increase in her sex drive. She practically raped him in bed at night but that was something he enjoyed. Kagome snacked on chips and salsa as she watched a rerun of the three stooges. Sesshomaru closed the book and looked at her.

"You look tired…"he said. "Perhaps you should get rest."

"Are you saying I look like crap?"

"No…I was just.."

"Then what are you trying to say because I am pretty well rested."

"Never mind."

"You think I am ugly."

He sighed. "No.."

"You're annoyed with me. You don't want to be with me anymore!"

This was a prime example of the vicious cycle of her pregnancy that continued to torment him with questions and interrogations of the hidden meanings behind his words.


Sesshomaru stopped at his father's manor quickly before heading home. Rin greeted him with a hug and Kyoni followed behind her. She smiled at him and handed him a bag.

"What is this?" he said and she shrugged.

"Just some things for Lady Kagome. It will help her rest and rid the aches."

"Hm.."he said and nodded in thanks. His father walked into the kitchen and was surprised to see him.

"What are you doing here?" he asked. Sesshomaru shrugged and set the bag on the table. "Ah…she is driving you insane, isn't she?"

"She will not stay in one place, even though I tell her to."he muttered and his father laughed.

"Yes, she won't listen…and you'll make it worse if you tell her what to do."

Sesshomaru removed his jacket and placed it behind the chair. Even with the bodyguards watching her, he still felt uneasy. He couldn't be there most of the time and it bothered him. He decided to make a quick call to her so he could rest assure she was home, in bed, unharmed. When he called, she picked up sounding like she was eating something.

"Hey…"she said and he looked at his father.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Oh…just watching T.V and sitting down resting…eating some peanuts." She said and he could hear her voice shake as if she were walking. He could hear other people's voices and the sound of a car honking.

"You are lying." He said.


"Where are you?"

"I was bored. I decided to meet Isabella at the mall and go shopping for baby stuff!" he could hear her smiling as if she did nothing wrong.

"You are supposed to stay home and rest."

"I did that already, I said I was bored." He could hear she was getting upset.

He sighed and rubbed his eyes. His father tried to read him and laughed when he figured she wasn't home like she was supposed to be. He took a moment to collect himself and sound as calm as possible.

"Are you with Leni and Haji?" he asked. He was going to fire those two. How could they have disobeyed his orders by allowing her out? "put them on."

"Yeah…about that…"she laughed nervously and his jaw tightened in anger.

"Are you without sentry?"

"I lied and told them I was with your father and that they didn't need to come. They wouldn't have let me go otherwise. You giving them orders like I'm some helpless fragile thing."

He could feel his anger rise and his father grabbed the phone from him.

"Just find out where she is and we'll come and get her."

Sesshomaru heeded his father's advice and did so. It took every strength he could muster not to shout. That was another thing, since her pregnancy, they were constantly arguing about her well-being. She felt he was being too overprotective and possessive and he thought he was doing everything in the best interest of her health. When he hung up the phone, his father nodded understandingly.

"You think that is bad? Let me tell you about the time Izayoi decided to climb a ladder to clean the ceiling fan when she was pregnant. She fell on her back but luckily, she was unharmed. I wanted to strangle her senseless."


Kagome scoffed and looked at her enormous stomach in the mirror. She snarled. Whoever said pregnancy was beautiful was clearly on drugs. She couldn't see her feet, the weight she gained went all to her stomach and it made her look un-proportioned.

"I look like an h'ordeurve." She shook her head and pulled her dress down. It resembled a Mumu and she wanted to crawl under a rock. She cried and wished she could stay in the bathroom for the rest of her pregnancy, which was only for another few weeks. She took a deep breath and walked out of the bathroom.

"I look like a meatball on a stick." She cried and waddled her way to the couch grumpily.

"A cute meatball on a stick!" Koga said in a honey tone. "Can I roll you?"

"You're a jerk!" Ayame slapped him on the shoulder and he whimpered. She kissed his shoulder and rubbed it. "I'm sorry."

"much better. Hey, Kagome…you should sit down" Koga said.

Kagome rolled her eyes. "You sound like Sesshomaru."

" If Sesshomaru comes in and sees you standing up, he's going to kill us."

"I can't believe he is making you guys watch me." She growled. "I'm a grown woman!"

"fully grown." Koga added.

"Ok, enough with the fat jokes! I already feel ugly as it is!" she cried and tears fell down her cheek.

Ayame hit Koga this time hard with no kisses to make up for it. "Go away you insensitive jerk! So, did you guys find out the gender of the twins?" she rubbed Kagome's shoulder and she stopped crying.

"Yes…but he doesn't know yet. I want it to be a surprise for him."

"Ooh, tell me." Ayame said. Isabella, Sango and Inuyasha walked out holding bags of junk food while Miroku searched through the DVD's.

Kagome contained her smile and looked at all of them. "Girls."

"Oh my god!" Ayame squealed. Koga and Inuyasha walked toward the window and opened it. They hung their heads out for fresh air.

"I'm telling you. It's good you guys came. I feel like a prisoner. They make it seem like I am this fragile thing. I can't do anything."

"Well, you are fragile…"Inuyasha muttered to Koga quietly and Kagome scowled.

"I am not fragile!" she scolded Inuyasha and he looked back at her surprised.

"There is no way she heard that…"he said in a low voice to Koga and Kagome growled.

"I can hear you perfectly, Inuyasha!"

Koga looked back surprised as well and he and Inuyasha shrugged. Koga turned back to the window and covered his mouth.

"Kagome is a fatty patty…"he whispered into his palm.

"Koga, enough with the fat jokes!" she shouted and chucked a pillow at him.

"Ok, ok, I'm sorry. I was kidding!" he looked back and shook his head. "I was just testing it out but Kagome, there is no way you should have heard that. That is humanly impossible."

"Well, I heard it." She rolled her eyes.

"I was kidding about you being a fatty patty. I love you. You're gorgeous."

"Shut up." She spat.

"You know…I read that human women develop certain senses when they are pregnant with a demon child." Isabella said.

"My father said when my mother was pregnant with me, she could smell things from far away and could hear conversations from every part of the house. She cut herself with a knife one day and she healed quickly also." Inuyasha said.

"Cool." Miroku said.

"Have you decided on names already?" Isabella asked as she sat next to her.

"I was thinking of Kimora and Samara…."she shrugged.

"That is so cute. I wonder what they'll look like!"

"like Sesshomaru…"Koga scoffed. "Cause if not…you have some 'splaining to do, Lucy."

"So I heard you and Sesshomaru's mother got real close." Inuyasha said and scratched his head. "I think she wants to eat your babies."

"Oh…"Kagome scoffed. "be nice. She is actually pretty cool. I didn't think she liked me at first but she took me shopping for the twins. It's crazy, she is stricter than my own mother. She is already talking about what schools they should go to and training and blah blah blah. " she looked at Inuyasha. "Your father is worse! He checks on me every other hour." The phone rang and she rolled her eyes. "I bet you anything it is him."

Inuyasha smiled and picked up the phone. "Hello? Hey, Dad…" Everyone laughed as he handed the phone to Kagome.

Kagome pressed a finger on her lip and made her voice high pitched. "Oh no, help. I'm swimming in a pool of water. I can see the baby's arm, is that a bad thing?" she joked and everyone could tell that was the wrong thing to do. "I was…ok, I know…sorry..I know…" she rolled her eyes and leaned her head back. "I know. It wasn't funny. Yes, I am sitting down. I've been sitting down for nine months now…yeah, I know…" she hung up the phone.

"Wow…sucks to be you." Inuyasha laughed and Isabella nudged him.

"Yeah, it does." She stood up. "I have to go to the bathroom again."

Everyone looked down when a waterfall poured out from between her legs. The water continued pouring out and they all stared eyes wide looking traumatized.

"I think you already did…"Koga grimaced and Kagome began to pant.

"I think I jinxed myself."

Sesshomaru walked in and sighed and they all looked at him. He scanned around and wondered why they looked like they'd seen a ghost and he could see Kagome standing over a pool of water. Well that can't be good, he thought.


After an hour of screaming and cursing, everything was quiet. Kagome fell asleep after she pushed the second baby out and the nurses took the babies away. The doctor pulled Sesshomaru out of the room and he felt his chest tight at the news the doctor had for him. Was he going to tell him that Kagome was dying? He and Kagome knew the risks but Kagome wanted to go along with it but although they were expecting it, he wasn't prepared to lose her.

"The births were quite successful."

Sesshomaru nodded and looked at Kagome sleeping. "Will she awaken?"

"Yes. She is just tired. Demon births consume a lot of energy. She is actually recovering faster than expected. I'll be quite frank with you, my lord. I did not expect she'd make it…but her body proved to be quite strong. It is rare but it can happen…the fetus sometimes have enough energy to give back to the mother but there is something I want to explain to you about your wife and the twins."

"What is wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong. It is just…well…we ran some blood work on them. According to our tests, your wife has traces of demon DNA in her own blood. It could be temporary, we're not sure…this could probably explain why she survived the birth. As for the twins, one tested positive as a half-breed but the other tested positive for the blood of a full demon. It is a fluke abnormality but a demon's DNA is very strong…especially from a line of pure bloods such as yourself."

"but they are alright?" he asked, not caring what they were.

"Yes. They are…"

He felt a sense of relief. Relief he had not felt in such a long time. "That is all I care to hear then."


Kagome woke up and looked around. Am I dead? She thought. She heard baby cooing and looked to the side. Sesshomaru sat next to her. The nurse was teaching him how to hold the baby and Kagome wanted to laugh but she felt so weak so she just smiled. Sesshomaru held the baby awkwardly and looked at her. He slightly grinned and the nurse swayed his arms back and forth.

"They like that…"she said and he did as she instructed.

"Hey…"Kagome said hoarsely and the nurse turned to her.

"You're awake." She said. "I'll go get the doctor." She said and left the room.

"How long was I sleeping for?" Kagome forced herself to sit up.

"Three days…"he said and looked back at the baby. He couldn't believe such a small living thing existed and he looked at her. "Do you want to hold her?"

"Where is the other one?" Kagome looked behind him, her eyes worried.

"Sleeping behind me in the crib." He said and she sighed. She nodded and reached out for the baby. He slowly got up and handed the baby to her gently.

"Where is everyone?" she whispered.

"Your mother was just here…."

Kagome smiled and dug her nose into the baby's cheek. She kissed it and he sat at the foot of the bed. The other baby in the crib started crying and he went over to it and picked her up. She stopped crying and began cooing as he sat next to Kagome. She looked at the babies and started observing their differences. One had black fuzz on the top of her head and the other had white. Their eyes were closed so she couldn't see the color. They both had Sesshomaru's pointy ears.

"I thought they'd have Inuyasha's ears since they're only half demon…"she smiled. "Ok, so Kimora is the one with the white hair and Samara is the one with the black. This is easy," she chuckled. "I thought I'd have a hard time telling them apart."

Sesshomaru grinned. He didn't want to ruin the moment in having to explain to Kagome what the doctor had said. It wasn't important anyway. All that mattered was that they were alright and everything would turn out fine…or so he hoped.