Disclaimer: Although I would love to be Amy, I'm not. She's a brilliant writer to have come up with this show with so many interessting characters. My writing this fic says nothing against her, it's just an idea I had that I wanted to try out. Great thing about fanfics is that we can.

Title: Random scenes

AN: Okay, this just started at the JavaJunkie thread at Fanforum. We were trying to make up dialogues for what could happen in the future and I started a couple. I decided to post them here, they are random, hence the title. And unlike my other stories, these are written in script form (don't ask me how that happened... I hate writing scrips... normally)

AN2: I know, the first one's really short. Sometimes it's gonna be full scenes, other times it's gonna be snippets.


In the kitchen of the CS. Really heated fight. Possibly Lorelai just really being aggrivated for tiny unimportant things and Luke has no idea what to do...

Luke: "Seriously, what's gotten into you!"

Lorelai: "I'm pregnant, you idiot!"

Luke's about to say something, but stops himself as he truly hears what Lorelai is saying... There's an awkward silence. Lorelai needs something to do and immediatly goes over to the cupboard, taking out the coffee and proceeds to brew herself a cup, when Luke snaps out of his trance and grabs both the bag and cup. Lorelai makes a sound in objection. Tries to reach up to grab the cup and bag, but Luke holds them over his head... out of her reach

Lorelai (frustrated): "What on EARTH do you think you're doing!"

Luke: "You're NOT addicting our kid to that poison!"

AN: The scene could continue or it could end here. My mind didn't want to give me more than this little bit.