AN: Look, a longer one, complete with townies... lol


Rory's waiting for Lorelai in the diner. Various other townies are there as well as some tourists. The bell rings, Luke looks up from the order he's taken and Lorelai walks in. She leans over the counter to give him a kiss, but Luke notices something in her hand.

Luke (pointing): "What's that?"

Lorelai (with an "uh, oh, busted"- face): "Um... paper clips."

Luke (dryly): "In a Weston's take-out cup?"

Lorelai (looking innocent): "Uh huh."

Luke: "Hand it over."

Lorelai (hides the cup behind her back): "No, get your own... paper clips!"

Luke (warningly): "Lorelai..."

Lorelai (sighs in defeat): "You wouldn't let me have the real thing, so I had to do something."

Luke (angry): "So, you went to Weston's behind my back? You're unbelievable!"

Lorelai (yells): "I was desperate!"

In the background, the tourists are looking shocked/confused.

Luke: "You disguist me!"

Focus goes to the townies with Lorelai and Luke argueing in the background. You can't make out what they're saying, though.

Kirk: "Ten bucks that Lorelai wears him down... any takers?"

Kirk looks around at the other townies, who looks away.

Rory: "I'll take that bet, Kirk."

Kirk eyes her suspiciously.

Kirk: "You know something."

Rory (chuckling): "I don't, Kirk."

Kirk (disbelieving): "Yes you do... you have inside information. I want to change my bet. Ten bucks Lorelai doesn't wear him down."

Rory (shrugs): "Fine by me, you're on."

Focus returns to Lorelai and Luke, who are still in a heated arguement

Luke: "You were going to stop with the... paper clips."

Lorelai: "I have an addiction! You can't expect me to go cold turkey!"

In the background, the tourists looks at each other.

Tourist #1 (whispering to Tourist #2): "To paper clips?"

Babette (leaning in): "Coffee, sugar. Keep up."

Back to Luke and Lorelai again.

Luke: "We agreed!"

Lorelai: "No you agreed. I didn't agree. See this face? This is me not agreeing!"

They have a staring competition going on for a minute or two. The entire crowd is watching them in silence, including the tourists.

Luke (sighs): "Hand over the cup."

Lorelai: "Never!"

Luke: "New deal. You get one cup a day..."

Lorelai squeals.

Luke: "On one condition."

Lorelai (mumbling): "So close"

Luke: "That one cup is it. No more heading to Weston's behind my back. You're not gonna drink Sookie's or drive to any nearby county to get a cup. I ever find out you are and the deal is off and I'll start only serving you salads..." (picking up one of the pots) "Now, hand the cup over."

Lorelai: "If it's decaf, i'm going straight back to Weston's."

Luke (nodding in agreement): "It's not. Trust me."

Lorelai reluctantly hands over the cup and Luke pours her a coffee. She immediatly brings it up to her lips, tastes. Her face breaks into a grin.

Lorelai (raises one of her hands in victory): "Yes!"

In the background. Kirk is looking displeased. He opens his wallet, takes out a bill and hands it to Rory.

Kirk: "You planned this."

Rory (grinning): "Nope"

Kirk: "You manipulated me."

Rory: "I did not, Kirk."

Kirk: "I feel used."