Heart of stone

First power stone fic not much to say. I don't own power stone just the plot of this story this story is more jack X ayame focused

It was a dark night in the grand city of lights and love called Paris. A young woman was out with her boyfriend. She was holding his hand giggling as he led her through an alley that would take her to her home. She clung to him slightly "why do you think the street lights down here are off?" Her companion did not answer but pulled his arm away "Look this isn't working, g'bye, hope you find someone else" The male turned and started walking away leaving the noble woman in shock as he walked arm in arm with another woman who seemed a little drunk. The new girl pushed the man up against the wall giggling playfully. Slowly the giggle turned from innocent to maniacal as the sound of flesh being parted echoed in the alley and the man stopped breathing. Shaking herself free from the shock she held back tears. It was too dark for her to see what was happening. Suddenly her ex boyfriend dropped to the ground causing her to jump. The form of the new woman's dress changed into a jacket all too familiar to wanted posters. The figure turned its back to the girl as she backed away scared. It had gotten too silent. She backed away to a wall finally gathering the courage to speak "h…hello?" The person didn't move, or so she thought. The beings head turned completely around one eye glowing in the darkness a bright blood red speaking in a spine chilling voice " 'ello poppet"

She knew without a doubt jack had come out of hiding again. She turned to run hearing his insane laughter and a small clicking as if something made of metal was tapping. She ran away fearing for her life lights going out as she ran sure that it was jacks doing. Jack was following nimbly jumping from wall to wall covering the street lamps with bandages. Then the clicking stopped, she leaned against a wall trying to stay quiet while trying to catch her breath. She tried to scream but couldn't when she heard him breathing his head right next to hers. She reached for her throat and felt blood flowing freely from her neck. She couldn't speak, she couldn't scream. All she could do is watch as jack dropped the body of her ex boyfriend with his chest ripped open and imagine in fear what jack had in store for her.

Jack's POV

Lovely. It smelled soooo sweet. We turned our hand looking at our lovely knives. The crimson on them shined in the moonlight. We looked along my arm at the necklaces the brooches the earrings. Such lovely shinies, and they are ours now. We turned backward and started walking down the alley. Our bandages started going away, always feels funny when they go into our eye. Scary Jack kept eying peoples on the street "why can't we bleed them again?" smart jack shook his head looking sad sad like always "because you sadistic twit we don't want to get ourselves in trouble just yet" I just smiled humming walking into a restaurant "time for more shinies." People started screaming. We wonder why

Normal pov

A few people saw jack passing by talking to himself. They thought he was a little odd but found nothing incredibly wrong. They watched the young man walk whispering when they thought he wasn't listening. Slowly people started to part away from him on the street. As they saw the strange boy walk into the restaurant they were only glad to see him out of the streets. But they weren't too happy once the screams began.

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