Hidden Pain


(3 yrs after the series ends) Eiri and Shuichi have been together for almost 4 yrs now. Eiri decides to propose to Shu on their 4th yr. anniversary, but before the normally non-emotional writer can find a way to express his feelings, an old enemy decides to reappear...just what does Taki Aizawa (sp?) want this time?

Disclaimer thingy

Just to let anyone who would actually think otherwise know, I do NOT own any of the Gravitation characters. They all belong to the creator of the wonderful manga/anime series...not me...I'm not that cool...lol.


"blah" talking

'blah' thinking

blah emphasize that word

blah flashbacks or dreams

blah something written on paper or such

I hope i didnt' change their character too much...idk..well ..now. to begin.

Chapter 1: Decision

"Mmmm...Yuki? You awake? ...Hey Yuki! You awake?"

"Well, I am now ya damn brat. How can you be so energetic and loud right when you wake up?" the tired and now grumpy novelist replied sharply.

sniffle " I'm sorry Yukiiii...I didn't mean to make you mad." sniffle. The young and emotional singer said nearly bursting into tears.

sigh "I'm not mad, you back. Just tired."

"Ok! Well I have to go to work today anyways soyou can go back to sleep when I leave!" said Shuichi happily.

"Mm. Whatever."

25 minutes later

"I'm leaving Yuki! I love you!"

"M. Have a nice day, brat." he answered from behind a newspaper while sipping coffee.

--click-- 'Ahh...peace and quiet. I'll definately enjoy this while I can.' thought Eiri. 'Let's see if there's anything worth reading in this damned paper.' "hm...crap...crap...crap...cra- " 'O, what's this? "New Law Passed! Gay Marriages now legal in Japan! see p. C2" gay marriages huh?..interesting...'

With Shu

humming 'Just three more days till our anniversary! And he told me to have a good day! Yay! This is going to be a great day!' Shuichi thought happily as he skipped and hummed all the way to NG Studios. Little did he know that he was being watched by very lust filled eyes.

sigh 'Damn. I want him again. I want to hear him scream just the way he did last time...except...that bastard of a novelist can't find out...heh. Soon Shuichi Shindou...soon...I'll have you again.' thought the smirking owner of the eyes watching the young singer.

With Eiri

'Hm. Marriage...big step. I do carefor him. I don't want to lose him and marriage would present less of a chance to lose him...ok Eiri, just make up your mind. Marry the brat, or not?' sigh 'Ok. I just have to swallow my pride and ask him...Our anniversary is in three days. I'll ask him then. That gives me three days to plan and ...shop for a ring...ugh...I hate shopping! O well. Decision is made. I am going to ask Shuichi Shindot to marry me.'

End of Chapter 1

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