Chapter One

It was night. The room was dark and silent. A sliver of moonlight gave off barely enough light to see. Books, scrolls, and various other mysterious items filled the room. In one corner sat a cauldron. A bed was in another corner. Someone was in the bed, apparently asleep.

A knock sounded, and whoever was in the bed sat up. He reached for his glasses that lie on the table beside him, and put them on. As the knocking sounded again, he slid out of bed. He walked across the room to the door, his bare feet making not a sound.

He opened the door, and found himself facing a fellow magikoopa. She swept past him and into the room, and sat down at a table that was almost invisible under stacks of books and papers.

"Kammy." Noted the first magikoopa. "To what do I owe this pleasure?" Kammy glanced at him sharply, but if there were any sarcasm behind that remark, she could not detect it.

"I wish to speak with you about your…students, Kamek" She paused for a moment but, getting no response, continued. "First of all, Wendy was caught putting a napkin on her lap during dinner and playing with dolls." She glared at Kamek, who remained expressionless. "Second, Tuesday Ludwig was-er-practicing his piano and when Morton yelled for him to stop that infernal racket, Ludwig apologized and stopped!"

Kamek didn't seem troubled by this news. "They are only children. We can hardly expect them to be perfect." He answered calmly.

"One slip-up can be excused, maybe two. But Iggy has been saying please and thank you all week. Last night his room was clean and he was brushing his teeth. When I asked what he was doing he said sorry and went to bed. Then he said goodnight!" Kammy was very upset. "Are you so incompetent that you can't even teach children how to behave properly? Kammy stood up. "King Koopa will hear of this and he will not be pleased." With that, Kammy stormed out of the room.

Kamek went back to bed.

And Anna woke up. She shuddered at the memory of the quiet argument between the two magikoopas. She wondered why she had had the dream, and if it had actually happened.

Too upset to go back to sleep, Anna slipped out of bed and left the room. She needed someone to talk to. Maybe Princess Peach was awake. Anna headed down the hall toward the princess' room.