Chapter 15

When Diego came closer to the herd, he became nervous and ran ahead so he would get there before he could change his mind. The mammoths and possums were asleep and had taken cover from the rain beneath a tree, but Sid was still sitting in his same spot, getting soaked but looking as though he didn't care. Diego slipped up to him and felt his pulse go up. He was here, back with Sid. He thought he was going to leave Sid; he thought he wasn't going to see him again.

Diego leaned down and put his head against Sid's.

"What are you doing here? I thought you left." Sid had the same tone of voice as before. Depressed, defeated, and annoyed with Diego for causing it.

"I came back," Diego muttered, nuzzling Sid with the side of his head. He felt as though his heart had jumped into his throat, he was so nervous. The rain was slowing down, but Sid's fur was waterlogged, and the water dripped out where Diego put his head.


"I missed you," Diego said, and felt his already high pulse rate about triple.

Sid got up and backed away at these words, turning to face Diego. He looked at him suspiciously, as though trying to see if he was telling the truth.

"I…I mean it, Sid. I'm back. I don't want to leave. I don't want to mate Sierra. I only like her as a friend. I…oh, Sid, how do I get you to believe me? This is hard for me to say, all right?" Diego walked up close to Sid.

"What happened to Lord of Touch Me and You're Dead?"

"I changed my mind," Diego muttered. "Listen to me, Sid. Remember a week or two ago when I stole you back from those freaks? You wanna know why I did it? 'Cos I was jealous, all right? I was jealous off how much you liked them and that you'd rather be in a herd with them than with me. And 'cos I missed you. That's why I got you back. I wouldn't have done that if I hadn't."

"Then how come after, I put my hand on your back and you got mad?"

"Because I didn't want you to know, all right? I just…all right, shut up and come here." Diego walked up to Sid and laid his head over his shoulder. He felt Sid, after some hesitation, put his arms around Diego's neck and hug him. Diego let go of his held breath in relief, and felt better. They led the hug for a moment, and then pulled apart. Diego was staring determinedly at the ground, waiting for the analysis. Like Sierra said, if Diego couldn't tell him, to show him.


"Yeah?" he said, barely daring to look Sid in the eye.

"Diego, were you purring back there?"


"A minute ago, when you were leaning against me. It sounded like you were purring."

"That's ridiculous," Diego said nervously. "When have you ever heard me purr?"

"I dunno," Sid said, shrugging and smiling. "It just seemed like you did for a second. I kinda liked it actually. It sounded nice."

"You're crazy," Diego said, rolling his eyes. There was relief in his voice, and in his small smile, though, and even Sid could tell.

"Hey, the rain stopped," Sid said, looking at the sky.

"Great," Diego said, grinning and stretching. "Why don't you light a fire the, Lord of the Flame?"

"Yeah all right, sure," Sid said softly. After he had gotten the fire lit, Diego watched Sid as the light bounced off his face. Sid caught Diego looking at him and smiled. "I'm glad you're back in the herd, Diego," he said.

Diego got up and walked around the fire so he was next to Sid. He knocked his head against Sid's. "We're more than just a herd, Sid," he said. "We're family."

Well guys, I have good news and bad news.

The end.

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