A/N: This story is done a bit differently than my usual stories. First off, the pairing is Mikami/Raito, which in itself is unusual. Secondly, it's written in an unusual sort of chonology. You'll catch on quick enough.

Rated for mature themes and violence. Spoilers for the chapters in the 100's. Don't expect many more author's notes at the beginnings of chapters, but you can expect relatively quick updates with this one.

"And how does the defendant plead?"

"Not guilty, your honor, by reason of mental disease or defect."

Mikami Teru looked around the crammed courtroom, bored, bluntly ignoring his attorney and the prosecutor as they bickered back and forth about his bail. It was just protocol, really. No one had any way of knowing whether or not he had hidden any death note scraps anywhere except him, so they could hardly do anything but remand him.

The room was packed, the Mikami noticed. Every major news network had cameras rolling avidly, filming his first court appearance as a defendant to show to their viewers. Everyone seemed to want to hear the story of the good lawyer gone bad.

He glanced over to look at one of the camera men, who leapt back in horror, nearly toppling over his reporter friend. Mikami nearly rolled his eyes. This was ridiculous. What did they expect; a rogue, unshaven barbarian sitting before them? He was clean, dressed sharply, and wearing a tie. He was of high-class, and he had committed an honorable act of righteousness. He was not a criminal.

Mikami sniffed. It was ironic, really, how his pursuit of righteousness had landed him at the defense table, where so many unrighteous had sat before him.

Turning back to the proceedings, Mikami watched through disinterested eyes as the young prosecutor read off the names of some of those he had killed, trying to prove that he was a menace to society, as if all those present didn't already know that.

The prosecutor was new, Mikami decided, his narrow eyes sweeping across the attorney's figure, judging that he was most likely fresh from law school. His movements were quick and nervous, too unrefined, and he was over anxious to put him away behind bars. His respect for the system was real, as his own had once been, before he had become disillusioned with the system, realizing it could never truly dispense justice.

"The defendant is remanded without bail and is to remain in jail for the duration of the trial." The judge glared down at him him as the bailiff moved forward, as if daring him to object. Mikami was tempted to shrug, but thought the better of it.

Mikami did not care what happened to him. He had failed Kira, his god, and this was what he deserved.

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