TITLE: Padme's Retribution -Part 1

Author: corrielag

Date: Feb 2006

Summary: While Anakin is away, Padme runs into one of his old flings, and learns a little about his sordid past.

Warnings: Starts out with a little Padme' and Bail Organa action.

Pairings: Padme'/ Bail, Padme'/Anakin

Time Period: Between AOTC and ROTS

Type: Angst/Romance

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Disclaimer: This is a fictional story and I am in no way getting paid for this.

Part 1-

I am spinning, trying to regain my equilibrium. I seem to fall, flailing my arms for something to grasp on to. Air, nothingness. He is on me, kissing my breasts, fondling my hips, lower, down to my thighs. It feels wrong, unnatural. This is not Anakin. Not the man that my body was made for. He is speaking words of desire to me. Telling me of how long he has waited to touch me like this. I have had one too many glasses of brandy. I am using this as my clumsy excuse for my treachery this night. I am well aware of the women Anakin had loved before me. It burns me to my core to imagine him touching and being aroused by women other than myself. I had been a virgin when he first took me in my apartment in Theed. I found it maddening that he knew all too well the ways of a woman's body. I have never been a jealous woman, but over the year that we have been married I find myself dwelling obsessively over his pasts conquests. Who were they? How many? Am I just as beautiful? Did they please him in a way that I cannot? Does he compare me to them? Does he still see them, run into them? It has made me bitter. I do not desire this man groping me as I do Anakin, but at the same time, I see it as only being fair. I am not thinking clearly at the moment. I was still reeling from the emotional encounter with the woman who revealed to me her experiences with Anakin.

Earlier that evening….

I was at a social function for a Government official. It was a rather large soiree, with all the usual high society outfitters attending. Being a senator, a mandatory attendance was required. I was attending with a close colleague, Senator Organa. He is a dear friend, and one of the few I trust left in the Senate. With his wife home on Alderaan, we had decided to attend together. I knew Anakin would see the Holonet with the news of the party and would not be threatened with the knowledge of Bail as my escort. Although Anakin is a jealous and possessive man, he is well aware of my strictly platonic relationship with the senator.

It was a rather large party thrown in the art district of Coruscant. Men and Women dressed up in the most expensive attire their credits could buy. There was no talk of war, politics, or any other subject that might make the night stuffy. Everyone seemed to relax and enjoy themselves. I on the other hand, was bored. I had found that I did not really fit in with these people on a social level. I was very well educated and my accomplishments surpassed most all in the room, but I seem to always find myself uncomfortable in these sorts of settings. After navigating through a barrage of drunken men, I had gradually made my way to the bar. I had never been much of a drinker, but tonight I missed my husband terribly and needed something to numb the ache that radiated throughout me. I ordered a glass of brandy and set myself down at the far end of the bar, next to two young women. From their appearance I could see that this was not a party that they normally attended. Their hair was not done up in an elaborate coiffure, their clothes were not of the finest silk, and their faces seemed a bite more sordid than the rest of the aristocrats around them. I could tell they were probably hired escorts. I was drawn to them. One had long dark hair that was pulled up high on her head in a ponytail, with a rather athletic figure. The other was a petite blonde, and had breasts that billowed from her barely there top. They both exuded sexuality. I was rather envious of that. I have always been so reserved and the complete opposite of these women. I knew that men found me attractive, but I have never been able to put my sexuality out there. This due party to my constant political roles I have held. These women commanded men's attention with their flesh on display and the way they made every movement seductive. I watched from the corner of my eye as one of them flirted with the bartender. She seemed so…free. That is a foreign feeling to me. My whole life I have been bound by propriety and formality.

The brunette flirting with the bartender then motioned to me and the bartender nodded his head and began mixing a drink behind the bar. I turned to look at her and she gave me a mischievous smile. I nodded in reply and turned back to my drink. I had just finished my brandy when the young bar keep put a very tall glass of something very colorful in front of me and pointed to the two young women "Compliments of the ladies." The brunette stood up and moved around her friend to sit in the empty seat that was separating us.

She held out her hand "Hello, I'm Prinisa, and this is," pointing to the blonde, "Tosha."

"Hello, I'm Padme'." I shake her hand, wondering what sparked her to introduce herself to me. Nonetheless, I am curious, and wish to learn a little more about these two.

"You frequent these often?" She asks.

I shrug "I try to avoid places like this as much as possible."

She quirks an eyebrow at my response. "Are you not the senator from Naboo?"

I smile and nod, feeling uncomfortable with the fact that she already knows who I am.

"Well, then this is your arena." She motions around the room, and then turns to me again. "I must say you are much more stunning in person."

I felt shockingly flattered by her compliment. I had been told by several men that night how beautiful I looked, but for some reason coming from this girl, it made me feel warm and a bit…sexy? I suddenly felt confident and flirtatious.

"Thank you. Are you enjoying yourselves this evening?" I ask.

The blonde shakes her head and replies, "Not really what we are use to, but it is nice to see how the other half lives, you know?"

I give a little laugh to that and take a big swig of my newly acquired drink. The drink is strong and I feel my nose crinkle up at the aftershock of it. I look over at the girls and they both give me a little nod.

Tosha raises her glass to me that appears to be the same liquid I have just consumed and says, "Believe me, this party will be twice as much fun once you finish that."

I pick the drink up again and tap my glass to hers in a cheers, and we both down another big swig. I am already feeling very toasty from the Brandy that I had earlier, and know that if I keep this up, I will be drunk soon.

I put down my drink and turn to Prinisa who in one gulp has downed her drink in its entirety. Tosha has but a few sips left in hers. My drink on the other hand is still three-quarters full. I give them a sheepish smile and pick the drink up again and down the rest. I feel the liquid trickle down my throat and feel it burn in my belly. Oh, yes, this should be an interesting night.

I spend the next half hour mingling and drinking heavily with them. I feel incredibly loose and as the minutes and empty glasses seem to come and go, I find myself becoming bold. They begin to gossip with me. Telling me who they have come with me and how many credits they have put their dates out of. I do not feel uncomfortable, strangely, with the fact that I am openly conversing with what boils down to be whores. I can feel the stares and the confused looks as some of my colleagues come and go from the bar, but at the moment I feel normal, and I want to hold on to this feeling for as long as I can. Come tomorrow, I will wake up and have to be Senator Amidala again, a woman who is not aloud such luxuries as these.

After I swallow down my fourth drink, I begin to feel the liquors sweet effects hit hard. Someone touches my lower back, I swivel in my char and see Bail. He has a surprised, but amused smile on his face.

"There you are. Aren't you supposed to be my date for this? You left me over there talking to that old battle axe from the Treasury department." Bail says with laughter in his voice.

I take a moment to appraise him. I take him in from head to toe. He seems different to me at the moment, inviting. I have never taken the time to consider Bail. He is a handsome man with a gentlemen's charm. He notices my appraisal of him and shifts his stance. He gives a slight chuckle and adds "Why Senator Amidala, are you drunk?"

I feel my face burn, from the alcohol or the accusation, I don't know. He nods to my new friends and leans in close. "Tsk Tsk Padme'. How will this look? The noble Senator getting drunk with the ladies of the evening." He pulls back to gauge my reaction. He is teasing me. I give him a sly smile and reach out to brush my hand down his arm. He is looking at me differently. I see something in his stare, something new and erotic. I immediately scold myself for thinking about Bail this way, and ask if he would like to join us, gesturing to sit down. He obliges and pulls up a chair rather casually. He orders a bottle of fine brandy, for all of us, from the bartender, and turns to regard the two women.

"So do I have you two to thank for intoxicating my date?" He says with a flirtatious smile. Apparently, I am not the only who has indulged in the alcohol tonight.

They giggle and begin to flirt openly with our new companion. I find this amusing. I watch them touch him whenever they can or lean over a bit too far to show the shadow of their cleavage, which his eyes hungrily take in. He seems a bit loose himself tonight. I have never seen Bail like this. Of course, he has never seen me like this either. After he polishes off his bottle of brandy, he is incredibly drunk, along with the rest of us, and has begun to slur his words. I catch him staring at me too many times to count, and I give him a quizzical look. He just smiles back at me. His ardent looks make me feel sexy and alive. I have not felt like this since Anakin left for a mission 3 months ago. I miss feeling wanted. I like to feel desired by a man. It is a thrilling feeling.

All the sudden the lights flash and it is the cue that the photo montage is about to begin. This is dedicated to all the men and women who are serving in the war efforts. I had been told by Bail that they had gathered some pictures from the outer rim of some of the jedi serving. I hoped beyond hope that I want get to see my Ani, in some of the snapshots, knowing full well how the media and public love him.

We stayed seated at the bar as it began. It was the usual suspects. Palpaltine, Master Yoda, Master Windu, Clone troopers, Healers, people affected by the war, and then there he was. My husband. It was shot taken of him and Obi-Wan on a ship surrounded by clone troopers. He had an emotionless expression and his hands were clasped behind his back. Just to see him again, even on a screen, made my inebriated body burn. I had missed him terribly and my body had missed him even more. I immediately conjured up the last time we had been together. My inner thighs slick with my want and his saliva, his mouth devouring my womanhood with such fierceness it bordered on painful. The way he held my knees apart and kept them bent while he rocked in and out of me with such force I had rug burns for a week. Anakin knew how to make love to me so that I forgot who or where I was. I longed for him tonight. To come up behind me and kiss my neck, to enter me with his tongue and fingers, slide in and out of me. I wanted to be fucked by him tonight. It normally angered me when Anakin referred to our love making with that word, but tonight, that is the only word that seemed appropriate for what I needed done to me. The thoughts racing through my head shocked me. I had never been like this before, but I liked it. I felt myself get a little wet with all my torrid thoughts. The warmth created by the alcohol and the slickness between my folds, I groaned involuntarily and low in my throat. I immediately imagined Anakin taking me in the bar stool I was in and loving me with all his gloriousness.

I was pulled out of my daydreaming, by Prinisa giggling. I opened my eyes and she was whispering something to Tosha. She turned to me and shrugged her shoulders.

"Just telling her a little secret I know about that Jedi." She had a coy smile on her face. She leaned in close and whispered in my ear.

"He use to bend me over frequently and make my legs shake uncontrollably." She giggled and I could smell the stale smell of liquor on her breath. "If all the jedi are as talented as he was, sign me up!"

I could not breathe. I tasted the bile that was coming up in my throat and forced myself to hold it down. Tears stung my eyes and there was a horrible squeezing sensation in my chest. I wanted to rip her hair out of her head and make her hurt as much as I did at the moment. Amazingly, I sat completely still and just stared at her, horrified. She gave me a questioning look and leaned in again.

"Did you think that jedi were celibate? That is just a rumor, believe me, that Skywalker has probably been with half the women in this place. He loves the ladies." She winked at me and returned her attention to the slide show. I grabbed her arm and she turned to regard me again.

Pulling my voice from the depths of a dark place I was in, I asked, "You have…uh, been with Anakin?" I asked trying to put as much casualty in my voice as I could muster.

She looked puzzled. Then she sighed, "Well, he use to fuck me." She said it so matter of fact, like it was something so trivial.

My head was spinning and I felt out of control. I wanted to vomit. My hands were clammy and my mouth went dry. She noticed my reaction. "Are you okay? Do you know him or something?"

Do I know him? He is my husband, my lover, my soul mate, and you use to fuck him! I could not say these things to her. What could I do? I sat there with my mouth hanging open and my eyes wide. I quickly shut off my emotions and replied with a shrug, "He has been assigned to protect me once or twice." I wanted to know everything all of the sudden. I wanted to know what they had done, where, for how long, how many times. I wanted to torture myself with the information, to wallow in these dark feelings.

"Oh, well, I am sure he would not be pleased with me sharing this information." She ordered another drink, and then turned. "You know you would be amazed what some people like behind closed doors."

Jealousy and pain surged through me, crippling me. If I was not sitting, my legs would have given out beneath me long ago. I needed to know…

"Really, like what? What did you and he do?" My voice came out playful and flirtatious.

Her smiled widened until all I could see were her white teeth beaming at me. Had she taken Anakin in her mouth? Had her lips been wrapped around him? I was swimming in torment.

"I don't know if I should divulge such information Senator." She said teasingly. "You might want to try him out for yourself."

I laughed and touched her arm. I was going to play this game with her if she wanted. "Maybe so, if he can make my legs shake."

She laughed and leaned in closer. "He likes to hear his name when he makes you cum. He also likes to pull my hair when he has me bent over the side of the bed. That was usually our thing to do."

Then the lights came back on and I was rudely brought back to reality. I noticed Bail standing up and inching closer. He leaned in between our two bowed heads and said, "What are you two whispering about?" Resting his hand on the small of my back with his pinky just trailing the curve of my exposed behind from my backless dress. Suddenly, I wanted his hands on me. Touching, caressing, and teasing. I wanted to feel another man as Anakin had felt this other woman. I turned my face towards him and gave him my most heated look. It threw him off. His eyes went wide and he licked his lips as he lowered his gaze down to mine. It was unspoken the pact we had just made. I had just let him know that if he wanted me that night, he could have me.

"It was nice meeting you two, but we really must be getting the Senator home. We have an early audience with the Chancellor tomorrow." He never took his stare off of my lips.

I wanted him to take me like Anakin had taken Prinisa. I wanted him to bend me over and tell me to scream his name when I came. I wanted Anakin to know the jealousy and heart aching pain I was feeling. I wanted to be even. I felt cheated out of the experiences that apparently he had already had. I was drunk, scorned, and aroused. I used my left hand, hidden by the way I was seated, and skimmed it up Bail's leg to cup him in my hand. I felt his manhood twitch, and between my legs, I began to throb. What I was doing was wrong and unfair to Anakin, myself, Bail, and his wife, but I was too hurt and too drunk to think straight. The thought of Bail's wife made me feel a stab of guilt in my chest. He quickly grabbed my wrist and pulled me up. He motioned the bartender for the tab. We paid, said our goodbyes, and quickly left.

This is where I find myself. In my apartment, the one I share with my beloved husband, letting Bail slowly lift up my skirt from behind. His hands were slow and methodical. The steady throbbing between my legs was raging to be filled with his fingers, tongue anything to make the ache subside. I was lost in a whirlwind of emotions and lust. I wanted to be fucked by him. I wanted it to be savage and rough. His hands grabbed my rear roughly and he slicked a finger under my panties, and up and down my sex. My hips began to roll back and fourth and I soaked his hand with my desire. He moaned in my ear and whispered. "I have wanted to touch this forever." He spun me around and his mouth was covering mine with his tongue down my throat. I kissed him back and ground my hips against his hard arousal. Closing my eyes was not good. The second they were closed I saw Anakin's face looking down on me as he made love to me for the first time. I saw his blue eyes shine with love and passion that I knew was only for me. What was I doing? I had to stop! Pulling back I kept Bail at arms length. He looked at me with eyes that scared me. He wanted me, and he wanted it bad. I had to end this now!

"I am sorry, Bail, I should never have started this." I stepped back and gestured to the door.

"I don't think so." he advanced on me again and grabbed me between my legs and thrust two fingers deep in me. My hands flew up to his shoulders to push him away, but the feeling he was creating in my center made me want to spread my legs wide and never let him stop. He curled his fingers and was stroking me in such a delightful way that I came hard and I cried out incoherently. I began to grind my hips on his hand and grabbed his wrists to hold his hand there. I heard him chuckle, "Tell me you want me to fuck you, Padme'. Tell me all the things you want me to do, I will do anything." Then I was shoved down on the edge of the bed and my legs ripped open. He kept his fingers in me and brought his hot wet mouth to my most sensitive spot. I could not fight the orgasm that hit me next. My inner thighs shook and my entire body shuddered and I felt myself soak his face and fingers. He licked it up fast, and swirled his tongue all over me to lick every inch of my saturated sex. He was good, he was damn good. My toes curled and every muscle in my body tensed. He wanted more. He was mumbling against my sex, something I could not make out due to the intense orgasm I had just experienced. The next thing I knew, he rose up and was ripping the front top half of my gown. Reality struck then. This was not my husband. This was not right. What had I done already! "No! Stop!" I rolled from underneath him and stumbled to my feet. He reached out for me from on the bed but I just took a few steps back.

"Bail, please leave. Please." I said, my eyes pleading.

"Padme', I know you want this." He said, his chin and upper lip glistening with the effects of my intense pleasure he had brought on with his mouth and fingers.

"I do, but not with you. I am truly sorry. Go home. Go home to your wife." That did it. The mention of his wife and I saw a regretful expression roll down his face. He loved his wife, of that I had not doubt. He got up and moved to retrieve his jacket from the back of the chair. It became awkward in a matter of mere moments. He turned to look at me, and I could still see the arousal in his eyes. "I will see you at the meeting with Palpaltine tomorrow then. Goodnight Senator." With that he left me alone with all the shame and guilt that fell so hard on me I could barely stand. I felt my knees buckle underneath me and hit the floor hard. I stayed there for a while, feeling numb. What would I say to Anakin? Would I even have to? With his force abilities, he could read me as easily as flashing neon sign. I am tainted by Bail's touch and lips. Would he hate me for what I had just done? Would he forgive me? I stayed slumped on the floor for a long while, before I heard a faint beeping coming from the sitting area in the adjacent room. I slowly picked myself up off the floor and went to retrieve my commlink. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach, almost a suspicion of who the only person that would be contacting me at this late hour. I froze. It was most certainly Anakin. I was not ready. I needed time to collect myself, to understand what had just happened. Could Anakin sense my tumultuous feelings from half a galaxy away? Had I already given myself away, in my state of despair? I picked it up and pushed the receive button.

There he was. The man that makes me feel alive. Luckily it was a pre-recorded message and I would not have to face my husband, yet. The blue holoimage projected itself in the dark and gave the room an eerie blue glow. He had his usual jedi garb on, and looked every bit as beautiful as I remember. His smile was contagious and my heart lept at the sight of him. I loved him with every fiber of my being. How could I have even entertained the idea of letting another man love me? Looking at Anakin with that charming smile plastered on his face, made me realize that no matter what he had done in the past, he loved me unabashedly. He had always loved and wanted me. It didn't matter what happened with others before me.

He spoke but only one word, "Tomorrow."

To be continued…