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Chapter 3

With his loving face cradled in my hands and him positioned between my legs, I felt an overwhelming nausea settle in. His eyes turned from arousal to a cruel scrutiny. He could feel my trepidation. I broke out in a sweat and began to shake uncontrollably.

"Anakin, I was so hurt and confused. You must try to understand before you react."

I have never seen anyone move so fast. He was up and pacing by the foot of the bed, but his eyes never left my face. He looked as if he was about to pounce. I sat up and scrambled for the blanket to cover my body, suddenly shy under his menacing stare.

"Who has been here Padme! I can feel it! This room stinks of him!" His voice roared at me, and I felt my stomach drop and the quaking in my limbs increase.

Looking at him with his jealousy and fury on display sparked my pain from earlier that evening to bubble back up to the surface. It hit me hard again. Images of the whore, Prinisa, and the things she said chanted a sickening battering litany in my head. 'HE USE TO FUCK ME HE USE TO FUCK ME HE USE TO FUCK ME.'

Memories of Anakin telling me how he loved and obsessed over me for 10 years while we were separated came spilling forth. His confession in front of the fire on Naboo a year ago, that I was in his thoughts everyday, seemed suddenly false and fabricated. In what part of his conscious did he file me away in while he had sex with other women? If he loved me all those years and knew through the force that one day we would be married, then why did he cheapen our love by being with other women!

With the image of him taking the girl from behind and the sickening look on his face; I immediately became indifferent to his hurt. Spurred by all the hurt and jealousy from before, I wrapped the silk blue sheets around me and sprung from the bed to come face to face with my husband. I had never confronted him before on the fact that only one of us was a virgin on our wedding night. It was blatantly obvious the minute the holy man had descended down the steps of the balcony after we had sealed our vows. For the next instant he had me wrapped around him and took us to the bedroom we would be sharing for the first time and proceeded to teach me all the glorious ways our bodies could please one another.

"I made a new girlfriend this evening. She says she knows you." At my words, he narrowed his eyes at me. "Tell me, Anakin. Do you recall any… encounters with a young woman by the name of Prinisa?"

His face drained of all color that showed even in the pale moonlight. My eyes were steely shooting accusing daggers at him. He stood tall and took a slight step back to roam my body with sultry blue eyes. I could read his heated expression and when his eyes lifted to mine, I once again realized how vulnerable I was.

"What kind of "encounters" are you referring to, milady?" He drew it so slow and with the last word leaned in and flicked his tongue over my bottom lip. I immediately felt my inner thighs clench at his ploy to distract me. Gods, how could we still want each other so badly when we were feeling so hurt and betrayed at the same time. I regained my composure quickly to respond.

"The kind where you take her from behind and she screams your name, Master Jedi." I tried to throw his mocking technique back at him.

With that tawdry little bit of information floating between us, I could feel him soften his glare and his eyes left mine and stared out the window to view the still bustling traffic of the skyline. I stood, waiting for what seemed like an eternity, before he finally turned to regard me again. His look was fierce and he stepped close enough that I could feel his breath tickle my forehead.

"You do not know of what you speak of Padme. You have no grounds to worry or be jealous. I have loved you forever, no one else. Non one! Your doubt in me is disappointing." Seeing the truth in his face, I knew suddenly how wrong I had been to entertain any falseness in Anakin's feelings towards me. He took hold of my shoulders and eased me to where I was sitting on the bed. Kneeling in front of me he slid his hands down and encircled my waist.

"Now, tell me what you have done." He spoke with no room for argument. My time of reckoning was here and I knew that Anakin's possessive nature towards me would explode, and knew that his rage was inevitable. I took a deep breath and fell.

"I had been missing you so much over the past few weeks. My loneliness was palpable. I just yearned for you and your touch," I brought my hand up to stroke his face and he leaned in and purred at my caress. "I went to the Rogerian social banquet tonight and I was aching and needed something to ease my pain. I thought a few drinks would help alleviate my longing" I looked down when the shame of what I had done settled heavily back on my shoulders. I took some settling breaths before continuing. I looked back up and tears were already spilling down my cheeks.

"I had run into your…old friend, Prinisa, and after she informed of your past with her, I was swimming in jealousy, Anakin. I was not thinking straight." I could feel him tighten his grip on my waist. "I was compelled by my hurt. I did not mean any of it! I am a fool, Anakin! Please understand that this was not intentional!" The words came out all in one breath. I was frantic now, needing to finish all of it, hoping he could redeem me.

"Bail was there and after Prinisa gave me some details, I wanted to be sick right there. I could not bear the thought of you with someone else, my love." I had my palms pressed against each side of his face now holding him close so he could see the sincerity in my eyes. Before I could spill out the next words, he interrupted me.

"Say it, Padme! I want to hear you say it! What of Bail!" He pulled me to my knees on the floor in front of him and pressed my body flush against his firm one. The tears were flowing freely now from my eyes.

"Im sorry, Anakin!" I wailed through sobs, "Please, please forgive me! I am so sorry." I could barely get the pleading words out.

He shook me firmly and grabbed my chin to keep my eyes level with his. "Tell me Padme. Tell me what he has done!"

My heavy sobbing suddenly stopped. We stared at one another and then I spoke very softly never losing eye contact, "He kissed me and touched me in a way that only you have."

He visibly shook and I saw his eyes blaze with fire. The next instant his mouth took possession of mine and he was kissing me so hard I thought my neck would snap back from the pressure, but I was responding just the same. My fingers gripped his hair in a painful tug and his hands were tearing the silk sheet from my body, leaving me clad only in my miniscule panties. He lifted me to sit half on the bed and pushed the upper half of my body down. He hovered over me with a warning glare on his face.

"Do I have to show you who you belong to Padme? You are mine. Your body belongs to me. You have made a terrible mistake to share what is mine, and I will kill him for daring to even think about touching you." His hands found the sides of my panties on my hips and ripped them painfully from my body. But I did not care. I was on fire with the need to be taken by him. I wanted and needed his fierce loving. I wanted him to be forceful, to punish me with his body.

He crawled up the bed until his knees straddled the sides of my shoulders. His aroused manhood throbbed in front of me and I licked my lips at the sight. I looked up at him with lustful questioning eyes. He traced my lips with his fingers, "Show me how sorry you are. Show me how much you have missed me." At his words, my body trembled and a gush of warmth saturated my folds. I nodded and reached for the base of his cock and began a slow pulsating rhythm. I was fascinated by the feel of it in my hand as it twitched and impossibly grew harder. I heard Anakin growl a Huttese curse and knew what he wanted. I quickly lifted my head and took him all the way in my mouth. My eyes immediately watered and I lifted them to gauge his reaction of my mouth's assault.

"Oh Gods, yes!" He threw his head back and immediately thrust his hips and put himself to the hilt down my throat. I began a rhythmic pull and release with my suction, all the while his hips kept up their hard thrusts. My hands immediately went to his clenching backside with every thrust. I watched him through heavy lidded eyes as his head lulled forward to lock stares with me. "That's right, Padme. Suck me." Then I felt him lean back a bit and his flesh hand work it's way between my damp thighs and thrusts two fingers in me. I cried incoherently at the unexpected intrusion, but I was not allowed to releasehim from my mouth. The moan I let out vibrated along his shaft and he thrust faster in time with his slick fingers, working me into a tight ball ready to explode. My legs spread and my hips rolled with every sweep of his fingers against my inner walls.

Suddenly, he was up and moving down on the bed and settling his hips in the cradle of my thighs. I grabbed for his shoulders and pulled him down on top of me with surprising strength. I felt him chuckle against my neck. "What do you want me to do to you Padme?" He emphasized the question when he rubbed the tip of his manhood over my most sensitive nub and barely penetrated me teasingly. In response, I wrapped my legs around his and tried to pull my hips up to receive more of him, but he would not comply.

I moaned my displeasure but he just lifted his head from my neck to look into my eyes.

"Do you want my cock in you? Do you want me to show you how nothing can compare to being inside of you?" He went an inch further and I threw my head back into the pillow and scratched my nails into his upper arms. I had never been so aroused in all my life. Nothing mattered but him being buried deep inside me.

Then in one long hard stroke he filled me so completely the pleasure pain caused me to cry out and my inner walls convulsed around his shaft. A new wave of wetness coated my inner walls. He groaned deep and low, but did not move. I rolled my hips trying to encourage him to begin the ancient dance that he taught me on our wedding night.

"Do you know how good you feel?" His face was so close to mine, I could barely make out his features. His breath feathering across my lips.

"No one has ever felt this good. No one has ever fit me as perfect as you do. No one could make you feel as good as I do" He pushed and made lazy circles with his pelvis against the apex of my sex. My stomach dipped and rolled as the tension in my belly began to build.

"Please, Anakin. Please, I need….Oh Gods, Please." At my words his tongue darted out and coaxed my mouth open at the same time he hips began a maddening rhythm that had me balancing between this world and the world that only Anakin can take me. He captured my hands and pinned them above my head in a punishing grip while his flesh hand lifted my rear to receive more of him. My head thrashed from side to side as Anakin teased me, not letting me plunge.

"You are so wet. You love this don't you? You love when I manipulate your body like this." That did it. My body convulsed so hard I thought I would never come down. Wave after wave of intense pleasure radiated from head to toe and I screamed Anakin's name while I thrashed beneath his body.

"Yes, baby, cum for me. I love to watch you." I could feel his seed spurt deep in me and a new wave of pleasure took hold as my inner walls convulsed uncontrollably around him. He grunted and pushed harder and faster, and my orgasm just kept building higher and higher. I had never experienced this state of euphoria. One second, I thought I would be slowly coming back down only to find another wave take over and take me back up.

Anakin was panting my name when I finally came to and he collapsed on top of me. I ran lazy circles over his sweat slicked back as we tried to regain our equilibrium. My eyes felt so heavy and it was then I realized how tired I was. I turned my head and placed a kiss on his neck, before closing my eyes and succumbing to the night. In the recess of my mind, I heard a faint mumbling. He will pay for this.

I woke up feeling abandoned. I opened my eyes expecting to see Anakin lying next to me. Nothing. The events of the past 18 hours slowly pulled me from my state of unconsciousness and I sat up abruptly. I looked around the room searching wildly for Anakin. My eyes focused on a beeping light on the nightstand and I realized it was my commlink. I leaned over and pushed the 'receive' button. Anakin's form appeared in front of me with a pre-recorded message that showed it had just recently been recorded less than an hour ago. My heart leapt in my throat and I held my breath as the message played.

"You are mine, Padme. He will pay for what he did."