A poem I wrote when I was bored…

A poem I wrote when I was bored…

Two Guys?

Nice eyes…

Berg rule's,

Germ drools,

Pete's neat,

Irene's sweet,

Sharon's happy,

Ashley's crappy,

Johnny's mad…

The show could be cancelled?


I'd be too sad!

Witches, killing sprees, Blink 182,

Pizza place here we come,


Give me some!

Berg has cute hair…

Johnny and Sharon make a cute pair.

Pete's a moaner,

Irene's a loner…

The Barenaked Ladies sing in the light,

Pete's girl threatens to 'end' Berg in the night.

Pete's a skyscraper kinda guy…

Johnny just can't lie.

Ashley's face scares babies,

Did I mention The Barenaked Ladies?

Christopher Walken impressions,

Clowns and mimes…


Overall, Two Guys And A Girl is the best,

High above ALL the rest.

A sitcom that'll make you laugh…

Funny times,

You'll remember the quotes in college, bed or even the bath!