I forgot to mention (like I forget to do everything else) that this and the previous two chapters were beta-read by Twilight Sazuka.

Inuyasha's Appearance

Considering that Sesshoumaru had something close to a family now, he probably would stay in the castle unless needed outside. Besides, it's a castle; it sure beats the wild, with no luxury or needs that you can take for granted.

But he's stupid like that. So is Kikyou. They decided to start wandering around again. I'm assuming this to be some sort of loony-bin honeymoon. We know that they're sort of crazy like that too.

Despite both Sesshoumaru and Kikyou's protectiveness of Rin, she was to stay at the castle. It was "safer" that way, even though, as the series continually shows, most demons aren't that strong. But hey, Sesshoumaru and Kikyou needed a lousy, half-baked excuse to keep the brat awhile while they were out doing who-knows-what (possibly making another brat. This being the perverted generation, I assume everyone knows what that means).

Anyways, they were trekking across the country saying cheesy lines to each other. One of the most common was Sesshoumaru saying that he was always wandering because he was looking for something he was missing and he realized that that thing was Kikyou. Gosh, he should open up a fortune telling shop or something. Even if he's a demon, they don't have the ability to subliminally know that they want to find a certain woman (and completely ignore her the first two times they met).

Coincidentally, they managed to bump into Inuyasha and Co. (which is a pretty derogatory term for the rest of the group).Somehow, the two groups of people just happened to be in the same place even though there's a huge country (Japan is pretty darn big if you go everywhere by foot). And somehow, Sesshoumaru, with his great heightened sense just happened to not able to detect Inuyasha's putrid half-demon stench.

Inuyasha went livid over the fact that Kikyou is wandering around with Sesshoumaru and tried to fight for her because he doesn't have the common sense to fix his screwed up love life away from Kagome, who got all emotional and started crying.

This would have been a very good time for Kagome to "sit" Inuyasha to avoid a fight in which he could get seriously injured, but it's not like she loves him enough to try and make him safe from harm. Besides, Kagome only sits Inuyasha when she wants a good laugh.

The two brothers got into a fight. Either Sesshoumaru wins (because he's the main character now and Inuyasha's fighting ability is now down to zero) or Kikyou jumps in sobbing. If this had been a duel in the real world, Kikyou would've had a blade protruding somewhere from her. However, this is a romance novel. As such, the ultimate law is that love conquers all; including physics.

Kagome decided to join Kikyou in the hopeless sobbing of how violence doesn't solve anything. She must enjoy being a hypocrite because she is quite a violent person when she wants a good laugh.

Kikyou began to talk about how she loved Sesshoumaru now. She was supposed to make sure that they were both pacified first, but we all know that she's just as stupid as Sesshoumaru (who the heck said opposites attract?).

Surprisingly enough, although Inuyasha got mad just because he saw Kikyou next to Sesshoumaru, he was absolutely fine with them being in love. Go figure. Since we want a grand and perfect ending, Inuyasha and Kagome declared undying love for one another. Miroku and Sango start making out all of a sudden. Following their example, Inuyasha and Kagome started making out too. Shrugging their shoulders, our protagonists decided to go with the flow and make out too.

And so, they all lived happily ever after, except for Shippo, who was scarred for life because little kids are not supposed to see that many people making out. The end. Unless there are a lot of reviews; in which case, there will be a sequel about married life.


A/N: I'm actually not sure if I'm going to continue this or not. The whole marriage thing and the high school AU are definite clichés. However, they don't follow any singular path. But don't fear; if I ultimately decide for this to be the last chapter, I'll write a companion piece (or perhaps several pieces if it's well liked) for another anime. Of course, being the leap-before-looking type person, I have no clue which anime and which pairing it's going to be. ' I'm open for suggestions, though.