Turning Points - 1

Disclaimer: Nothing 'Supernatural' belongs to me. I've just borrowed and not for profit.

Summary: A series of snapshots about turning points in the lives of the Winchesters

Author's Note: This is the first in what I hope will be a series of snapshots of the Winchesters – Dean seems to be figuring heavily in the ideas in progress so far but at least one will be Mary and who knows what else might happen!

Thank you for taking the time to read my little fic and if you could spare the time to let me know what you think (positive criticism welcomed) I will try to improve and keep going. And so to the fic…

Turning Points – Introduction - Dean

Dean had been driving for more miles than he could keep track of, more hours than he wanted to count, along a road that was straight and unchanging into the distance and had been so for miles behind.

There was no sign of human life in any direction – the only signs that there ever had been humans were the unending black of the road and the regulation rows of the crops on either side.

It struck him that his life was not unlike the road journey – endless, unchanging as he aimed to a goal. Then all of a sudden the road would come to a junction and he would have to turn, left or right, one choice or the other. A turning point. His life was like that.

There had never been any opportunity to try things out to see if they suited. Each choice, left or right, north or south, black or white, Sam or Dad. Not a balance, but a decision, no u-turns allowed.

He supposed it had probably been the same for the rest of his family.