Turning Points – The end

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Summary: A series of snapshots about turning points in the lives of the Winchesters – now all set pre-series.

Author's Note: This is the final in a series of snapshots of the Winchesters – We finish as we start with a reflective Dean

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Turning Points – Dean

Dean had been driving for more miles than he could keep track of, more hours than he wanted to count, along a road that was straight and unchanging into the distance and had been so for miles behind. It was at times like this that he could enjoy the simple things in his life. The car was riding smooth, the music was loud and no-one was bitching about it, the sun was shining making the day around him beautiful. He'd been driving for hours but it was fine because the job he had finished had gone well. He was heading back to the motel to his father and he had made a decision. He was going to repair what was left of his family. He would talk to his father, reason with him and then he would head to Stanford to do the same with Sam. It had been almost two years since Sam had left; it was time to heal the rift.

There was no sign of human life in any direction – the only signs that there ever had been humans were the unending black of the road and the regulation rows of the crops on either side. Out here Dean thought he could almost believe the world was at peace. He could almost let himself think that there was nothing evil left in the world and that maybe, just maybe, he could stop hunting and find a new life. He ran that idea around in his head for a while. He remembered the dreams of the future he had had when he was younger but now, he didn't know what he could do instead of hunting. Maybe, if he could heal his family, something would come along. Time, time heals all wounds, if he waited long enough maybe that would be true. For the minute, he would let the sunshine keep his spirits up. If he didn't believe it would work, his family would stay broken.

It struck him that his life was not unlike the road journey – endless, unchanging as he aimed to a goal. Then all of a sudden the road would come to a junction and he would have to turn, left or right, one choice or the other. A turning point. His life was like that.

There had never been any opportunity to try things out to see if they suited. Each choice, left or right, north or south, black or white, Sam or Dad. Not a balance, but a decision, no u-turns allowed. Well he wasn't going to put up with that anymore. If he had to go back and forth over the same ground, it wouldn't matter. He was going to convince his father and once he'd done that he'd go to Stanford and convince Sam. Dean had to believe it would be all alright when he'd done it, so for now, he drove, aiming for the motel where he was due to meet his father.

Author's Note: And so it ends, to my mind just before Dean finds out his father is missing.

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