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"The memories of a time long gone…

Cold they be a reflection of tings to come?

I've heard the stories of the past…

So, have I seen… my future?"

As these words passed through her mind Sky felt herself floating… as though she was underwater.

But she wasn't underwater. Rather, she floated in a sea of shadow.

Sky thought there was no end to the shadows, but they were finally swept away by a sudden burst of light. When Sky's eyes adjusted to the light, she found herself on the beach. She looked behind her to see the familiar island where she had played her entire life.

She looked out to the sea and saw a figure. It was a boy her age with dark hair.

He turned to her and held out his hand, but Sky saw a tidal wave headed straight for them.

She tried to run to him, but the distance between then seemed endless. For a split second, Sky thought she saw a different boy instead of the one she saw first. One with whit hair, instead of dark.

The wave crashed down and Sky and the boy were submerged. Sky, now only a short distance away from the boy, tried desperately to grab his hand, as he stood like a statue, hand outstretched.

But just when it seemed Sky would succeed, a strong current carried her away.

Before she could figure out what had happened, Sky came to the surface of the water. She gasped for air and looked around to see that she was now on another beach. She looked to the shore and saw her father.

He turned and smiled at her, but Sky noticed that he looked different… younger. The way he looked in pictures her mother had shown her of him at the age of sixteen.

Sky would have walked up to him, but a sudden burst of light blinded her.

When she was finally able to open her eyes, Sky found that she was once again somewhere new. This time she was in the secret place her father had shown her years ago. In front of her was her mother, but she was also younger. Perhaps fourteen.

Sky looked at her mother's younger self, who looked dazed for some reason. A door behind her opened and a strong wind blew her off her feet and towards Sky, but before Sky could catch her she disappeared.

Sky, too, was blown off her feet.

She suddenly felt herself falling right back into the shadow she had floated in only a few minutes earlier.

She fell, slowly of swiftly, she did not know. But soon her fall came to a stop. She landed on her feet, ever so softly, but only found darkness all around.

But then, something started to come off the ground all around her and fly away. She soon realized they were doves.

By the time all the doves had flown away an image on the ground had been revealed. Sky looked down to see it was like a round stained-glass window. The picture on it was a familiar boy with brown spiky hair, holding a key-like weapon. Next to him were smaller pictures of a boy with white hair, a girl with red hair, a duck, and a dog.


Sky stood on this image, admiring it.

Wow she thought. Isn't that… my dad? And mom, and Uncle Riku, and Uncle Goofy and Uncle Donald too.

Sky gazed at the younger versions of her family, but most of all at the image of her father. That must have been what he looked like at fifteen. Her age.

Sky thought about her own appearance. Her clothes were much different than what her father used to wear. While he wore baggy red pants, seemingly oversized shoes, a shirt and a jacket, she wore blue jeans, brown boots which went almost to her knees, a green t-shirt with light purple-ish with sleeves and a purple heart on the front, and a black armband.

But Sky could see that her father's features, as well as her mother's, resembled her own.

Her eyes were the same blue as her parent's and her hair was a reddish brown, a mix of her father's brown hair and her mother's red hair. Her hair was long, but always tied back in a ponytail. The shape of her hair was somewhat wild like her dad's but just as feminine as her mom's.

Her face greatly resembled her dad's, but possessed her mom's most feminine features, namely, her lips, nose, and eyebrows.

Sky could have stared at the image all day, but heard a voice… one she couldn't identify, yet was oddly familiar. Like an old friend.

Sky, your journey will begin soon. But first you must prepare. You will need to decide what your strength is.

Sky looked behind her and saw three weapons seated on pedestals. A sword, a shield, and a wand. Each held the insignia of the King, her Uncle Mickey.

She walked over to the sword and took it in her hand. She heard the voice again.

The path of the warrior, strong and courageous. But be careful, for power can easily overtake someone with a weak heart. Do you choose this power?

Sky nodded. The sword disappeared, but she knew it would be there when she needed it.

She knew somehow that next she must decide on a power to give up. She walked over to the wand and picked it up next.

The path of magic, the path of an ancient art. But be warned, it is a mysterious path, and sometimes treacherous. Do you give up this power?

She nodded once again, and the wand disappeared, as did it's pedestal.

Next, she picked up the shield.

The path of the defender, the strength to defend all you hold dear. But also, this strength can repel those close to you. This power will assist you on your journey.

Sky was glad of that. She knew giving up magic was no big deal, as she had trained in magic with her Uncle Donald, Merlin, and even Master Yen-Sid. She would need defense and offense for what lay ahead. But… what does lie ahead?

The voice spoke again.

There will be times when you must fight, but don't be afraid…

Sky sensed a presence behind her and turned to see a shadowy being. She instinctively took prepared to fight and the sword appeared in her hands. She swung the blade at the creature and it disappeared.

Sky turned and saw a chest sitting nearby. She opened it and found a key inside.

She picked it up and wondered what it was for, until she saw a door appear in front of her.

She walked up to it and put the key in the lock. She was about to open it when she heard the voice again.

This door is the first of many you must go through. Are you ready for what lies beyond?

Sky answered yes and opened the door.

She walked through and entered a place similar to the last, except for the ground which held two images. One, a heart with an "X" in it, and the other, an upside-down heart topped with a cross shape.

Suddenly, Sky felt a tremor.

She looked up and saw two large figures appear. One was shadowy, with bright yellow eyes and a heart-shaped hole in its middle. The other was dressed in a baggy white outfit.

Sky prepared to fight the two, when suddenly the white creature seemed to go flat, as though all it was was the baggy outfit with nothing inside.

The white material wrapped around the shadowy creature, and the two seemed to merge together.

Now, instead of the two large creatures, one gigantic creature stood in front of Sky.

It looked like a mummy, wrapped in white material, and what little you could see beneath the wrappings was pure shadow. One ghastly yellow eye was visible, and it glared at Sky.

Sky didn't wait any longer. She lunged at the creature and swung her sword.

The creature tried blocking, but Sky hit it several times.

Sky stepped back momentarily to catch her breath, but had to jump out of the way of a blast of dark energy from the creature.

Sky looked up and noticed something. Somehow, Sky could see a weak spot on the creature's chest, almost as though she had locked onto it with some kind of targeting system.

She jumped up towards the creature and sliced at its chest with the sword. Time seemed to slow momentarily, until Sky landed on the ground again.

She looked up and saw that the creature was falling… and falling right towards her!

She jumped out of the way just in time, only to suddenly find herself sinking in a pool of darkness.

Sky struggled, but it was no use. She started to panic until she heard the voice again.

The darkness may seem overwhelming at times Sky, but don't be afraid…

Darkness is nothing more than the absence of light. Light which you possess…

Your journey begins soon Sky. It will seem long, yet time will pass swiftly. It will seem hard, but you will make it through with ease.


All sky could see now was darkness, and all she could hear was the voice.

Remember Sky…

You are the one…

The one who will find the light…

Beyond the door…



That was the one thing Sky now noticed had been absent all this time.

She had heard the sounds of the battle with the creature, and her footsteps, and the faint whisper of the voice, but all other sound was missing. Sky found this strange, as she always heard some sound or other.

But now, as she felt herself waking up, sound returned. The sound of the ocean, the sound of the wind rustling through the palm trees, birds flying through the air… She heard it all and couldn't help but smile.

These were the familiar sounds of Destiny Islands, her home.

Sky opened her eyes slightly and sat up, taking in the sight of the beach where she now napped. She was told her father had used to fall asleep here too. Sky just supposed she'd inherited her father's love of napping on the beach.

Napping… that sounded good to Sky. Despite the fact she'd already slept a good while.

She stretched a bit and laid back down on the sand, curling up in a ball and drifting back to sleep.

But her rest was interrupted by a sudden noise.


Sky jumped and sat up immediately, now wide awake from the shock. She looked around and saw a boy standing above her.

"Sleeping again, huh?" He said, shaking his head. "Geez Sky, don't you get enough sleep at night? Or are you just lazy?"

"Give me a break Koji." She replied with a yawn. "I was just having a dream, that's all." It was then that Sky remembered the part of her dream with the dark-haired boy. She suddenly realized that that boy was Koji!

She looked up at her life-long friend and wondered why she didn't realize that.

Koji, the son of her father's friend Riku, was 16, and looked almost exactly like his father did at that age. The only real difference was his hair, which was a dark black instead of white. His hair had been inherited from his mother, Hanna.

He wore dark grey jeans, black tennis shoes, a yellow t-shirt, and a light jacket which may have been dark blue at one time, but had faded.

"What were you dreaming about?" Koji asked.

"Oh," Sky shook her head and turned her attention away from Koji. "Well, it was pretty weird. A lot of stuff was going on, but I'm not sure what any of it meant. My parents were in it, and so was your dad. And you were too."

Koji gave Sky a mischievous grin. "Oh, so I was in it, huh? Just what kind of dreams are you having Sky?"

"What? Eew! Koji, you pervert, get your mind out of the gutter!"

Koji had a good laugh at Sky's expense. "Yeah, sure, deny it. Anyway, we'd better go meet up with our parents. They're setting up the picnic right now and sent me to get you Miss Rip Van Winkle."

"The picnic? Oh, I almost forgot about that."

"Well it's almost ready so come on!"

Sky nodded and stood up.

The two began walking but Sky stopped, causing Koji to stop as well.

"What now?" He asked.

"Um, Koji…" Sky said.


A grin formed on Sky's face. "I'll race you there!"

As Sky ran ahead Koji smiled. She always did things like that to get a head start.

Koji ran after her and the two raced down the beach, just as their parents had done nearly twenty years before.

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