Well. As you know, KabutoxShizune is probably my favorite pairing in the series. So I wanted to write something about them...and this is basically what I came up with.

As Always, Always and Forever

As Shizune's eyes opened slowly, revealing that the sunlight was slowly creeping over the horizon, the thought slipped unbidden, as always, into her mind-- Maybe he's still here. Maybe this one time, he stayed just a second longer, so I can at least say goodbye before he runs away for God-knows how long.

But, as always, as she slowly rolled over to face the other side of her bed, there was no one there. Not even an imprint of his body, no proof that he'd been there at all. Shizune couldn't count how many times she'd thought she'd been dreaming.

With a sigh, she sat up, and, as always, immediately scanned the room for anything of his. It was her job as well as his to make sure they remained undiscovered.

But, as always, there was nothing.

She looked out the window and, as she had countless times before, thought about where he'd gone. And whether he'd come back. Strange as it seemed, these silly little trysts were all that kept her alive in the monotonous months of being a slave to Tsunade's, well...laziness. It was the one thing, the one aspect of their lives that their masters did not completely control, and therefore their most treasured possession. When they were together they could pretend, at least for a while, that they were free.

As always, she remembered the first time she'd fallen in love with him. The first time they'd fought and the first time their eyes had locked, just for a second. Love at first fight, Shizune would think to herself, in a kind of black humor. And, as always, she remembered the first time she'd seen him after that, the first time she'd kissed him, and the first time he told her he loved her.

And despite that, as always, she had her fears he'd never come back, she knew that she loved Kabuto back.

As always, always and forever.


A/N: Well, I hope you liked the ending...I think I screwed it up a bit xD;;; I couldn't think of another way to end it. Or maybe I just didn't think hard enough...