Cid Highwind stood on a hill, overlooking his hometown, watching the sunlight of early morning stream in. He scratched the back of his head nervously, and blew out a quick breath. God, it's been so long, he thought. The town looked basically the same way it always had. People walking through rather dirty streets, and past…his home. He took another deep breath, expelling it again, and straightening his shoulders, stepping forward down the path to Rocket town.

                He passed people on the way, people he knew, people he didn't know, and old buildings and homes that he had grown so accustomed to. The people who knew him gave him strange looks as he walked by, some averting their eyes from the man who had destroyed their dream, and then left with a group of reckless 'heroes.' He couldn't really blame them. He'd feel the same way himself, if it had been he who'd had to watch the rocket deteriorate over the years, while the person who'd stopped it's launch went adventuring. I'll just turn around and walk out, he thought. They don't want me here. I'll just leave, and…

                Turning to do so, he came to face his own house, and stopped dead. Shaking his head at his own foolishness, he stepped forward, and cautiously, nervously opened the door. No sounds came from within as he walked inside, and his heart began to beat faster. I've abandoned her all this time, that idiot. What if something's happened to her? He found himself picking up speed, running to the end of the hall, and throwing the door open, rushing outside-

                She was there, sitting with her back to him on the grass, leaning on her elbows and gazing up at the sky. She seemed entirely lost in thought as he stepped forward, and stood for a moment, unsure of what to say to this person he'd left behind 2 years ago, without a word of goodbye. He cleared his throat and shuffled his feet in confusion. Slowly, she turned around, stood up, and looked at him, eyes wide. "…Captain." Shera. She stood there for a moment, then a large smile spread over her face, and she rushed forward, throwing her arms around his neck and hugging him.

                "What the-?? Shera, what the hell you doing huggin' me like that in the middle of the town? You tryin' to embarrass the livin' daylights outta me??" She backed up, still smiling. "I-I'm sorry, Captain. I'm…very glad you're home." His heart was beating fast, and he couldn't explain to himself why. "Yeah, yeah, me too. I'm hungry. I need something to eat." She immediately nodded and went inside, calling over her shoulder,  "Coming right up!"

                He stood where Shera had been after watching her go, looking at the sky the way she had been. He could understand why she found it so fascinating. It was, he admitted grudgingly to himself, good to be home.

*              *              *              *              *              *              *              *              *              *              *              *              *              *              *              *

                Lounging in a chair at the table, Cid listened to Shera whistling while she tinkered with the controls on the TV. "It's been a long time since I've used it," she explained. "I never really watch the news or anything. I guess…I didn't really want…" she suddenly stopped speaking, and bent down out of view. He frowned, and realized that she was probably going to say, "didn't want to hear about something bad happening to you." He coughed gruffly, not really sure what to say or make of this situation. It's been too long…

                "I'm gonna go outside for minute," he called at her, and walked outside. He gazed up at the rocket, closing his eyes and imagining a time when he might have been inside that rocket, sailing along in outer space, the first man to see the starts and the land of other worlds.  "Stupid Shera," he muttered…but he knew he didn't really blame her. He couldn't blame her anymore. Though he'd never say it out loud…he'd missed her too much. He'd missed the whole town too much.

                Feeling a touch on his shoulder, he turned around, and came face to face with the lady in question. "Aaah! What you doin' sneakin' up on me??" Shera shook her head. "Lunch is ready." "Oh…uh…thanks." She blinked. "W-what?" He turned around, having been heading back to the house. "What's wrong?" "W-what did you just say?" She looked dumbstruck. "Hey, what's wrong with what I said??" She shook her head again, as if to clear it. "You…thanked me." He cleared his throat gruffly, and turned away again. "Yeah, well."

                Shera stood, watching him go, with a big smile on her face.

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