The next day, a plane arrived. Cid and Shera were sitting in the open forest area they had called their home for a month, when they heard the strange whirring outside. "I'd know that anywhere…a propeller!" Cid jumped up, grabbing Shera's hand and pulling her outside, but she was faster and broke away, getting there first. He laughed, and swept her up into his arms, hailing the plane with one hand and smiling ear to ear. "We're saved!"

The plane circled a few times, then landed in their clearing. The pilot stepped out, and took off his helmet…revealing a familiar brunette head with a green headband and a cocky smile. "Hey, old man, good thing we happened along, huh?" "YUFFIE????" Cid looked incredulous. Barrett and Red stepped out after her, and grinned. Barrett cocked a finger at the plane. "You gonna get in or what? We saw the flames. Dunno how long you've been here, but you look pretty damn bad." They didn't need a second urging.

Shera and Cid sat in the back of the plane, and Shera looked out the window, watching the land disappear below. She leaned her head on Cid's shoulder, and said, "Captain?" "Yeah?" He replied looking down at her. "Your friends…have come looking for you…does that mean you're going to have to…leave?" He sighed, and crossed his arms over his chest. "Yeah, probably. That damned meteor's still up in the sky, and we can't rest till it ain't there anymore." Shera stared at the ground.

Cid put a finger under her chin and tilted it up, making her look at him. "But let me promise you something. I'm gonna come back when this is all over. That's a solemn promise, so you'd better believe it. I'm gonna come back, and you're gonna wait for me, right?" Shera smiled. "What else could I do?" "Good then." He grinned, and clapped her on the shoulder.

She smiled, and thought for a while about a new life, a life they could lead together. Shera Highwind, she thought, and loved the ring of that name. Has possibilities, she thought.