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Epilogue (otherwise known as the Prologue to "Guy Talk, Girl Talk" sequel, "Be My Girl Tonight")

"Happy Birthday, Z!" shouted Bridge bubbly as he came into the Rec Room followed by the rest of the ranger team.

Z had barely shut off her holographic computer game before Bridge had picked her up and began swinging the Birthday Girl around in circles, causing them both to laugh brightly. Jack and Syd exchanged knowing glancing at their friends' flirtatious fooling around. Meanwhile, Sky simply sighed in exasperation, clearly not pleased with the examples his teammates were setting in public.

"So sister," began Jack once they'd settled around the breakfast table. "What are the big birthday party plans for tonight?"

"Ooooo, a party!" gushed Syd with gleaming eyes. "I just love a good party."

"Now if only you got that excited about filing your alien registration reports," cut in Sky, garnering a shove of playful reprove from Syd.

"Ignore him, Z," ordered Syd, giving Sky as coyly sharp look. "It's your birthday, and we'll do whatever you want to celebrate."

"Within reason," piped up Bridge nervously. "I really don't want to spend one of the few free nights Cruger ever gives us cleaning the Zord Bay. Or re-watching the 'SPD Sanitation Safety Video.' Or filing the urine samples in the extraterrestrial excretion lab."

Bridge's last suggestion immediately produced collective groans from the group. Shrugging sheepishly, Bridge just buried his mouth in a bite of buttery toast. With crump spilling off his lips, he eagerly offered a piece to Z, who declined as politely as possible.

"Are we going to invite Boom?" asked Syd.

"He can't come," responded Jack, answering for his own roommate. "Boom's on nightshift later."

"So what do you want to do for your birthday, Z?" asked Sky, already thinking of books he could bring along as to not make a complete waste of the evening.

"Well actuallyyyyy…." drawled out Z, a promiscuous look crossing her face. "I was hoping we could all go out to the new Latin dance club tonight."

"Oh you must be talking about Lust!" added in Syd. "I heard that place is supposed to be, like, totally awesome."

"Wow, sounds, like, totally awful," muttered Sky under his breath, causing both girls to grow hurt looks.

"Well, I for one think it's a great idea," said Jack, stepping in to save the day.

"Muy Caliente!" said Z in a sexy Spanish accent, slinging an arm seductively over Jack's shoulders as she stood up behind him.

Getting into the act, Jack grabbed Z and dipped her back over his laugh. Laughing with delighted surprise, Z shrieked again as Jack picked her up and proceeded to twirl her around in the air. After setting the girl back down on her feet, both simultaneously broke out into a sultry salsa dance. Seeing Z's salsa CD mix lying on the kitchen table, Syd quickly popped the disc into a nearby CD player so the couple could have something to dance to.

Syd watched with bright-eyed interest as Jack led Z through a series of steamy spins and sensual sidesteps. The whole courtship dance looked so deliciously provocative, Syd couldn't help wishing she was in Z's place. This whole salsa scene was a far cry from the ballroom dance lessons and debutante balls she'd grown up with.

"Jealous yet Bridge?" whispered Sky meanwhile to his roommate.

"Nooooo…" answered Bridge a little unsurely as he watched his crush settle onto Jack's hip and sway scintillatingly along to the salsa music.

"Guess it's a good thing for you Bridgey that Jack and Z definitely are just friends," said Syd, patting him reassuringly. "Although this dance could have sure fooled me!"

As the music reached its climax, Z swung her leg up around Jack's hip as he leaned her backwards. Pulling her up rapidly, Jack flung Z up close to his chest as her free leg bent up behind her. Finishing with a series of fancy twists and sharp spins, Z shimmyed down the full length of Jack's torso before popping up for the final pose with her partner.

Both Bridge and Syd stood up applauding. Even Sky managed to give the dancers a bemused expression. Basking in the praise, Z and Jack each bowed several times.

"Guys, that was amazing," gushed Syd. "I can't wait now to go salsa dancing tonight."

Jack immediately burst into laughter. "Don't get me wrong, Syd, but I didn't think salsa would be your thing," he said through his chuckling.

"What do you mean?" inquired Syd, putting on his best pouty, princess face.

"Well salsa and Latin music in general isn't exactly your waltz in the park with caviar and brie or whatever you rich types eat at your fancy functions," replied Jack wryly.

"Hey!" exclaimed Syd, feigning offense before nudging him playfully. "Don't stereotype me! You must just be surprised."

Bridge and Z both whistled as Jack gave a sly smile in response to Syd's seductive stare in his direction. Annoyed at this scene, Sky slammed his breakfast plate down on the table, which caused everyone to jump.

"Face it, Syd," said Sky harshly. "Salsa isn't a dance for daddy's little girl."

"Oh thanks for the vote of confidence, Sky," responded Syd, unable despite her sarcastic tone to hide her genuine hurt his time as she quickly left the breakfast table before he'd see her break into tears.

"Oh now look what you've done," said Z sharply to Sky. "Why do you have to be so hard on her?"

"I'm not hard on her," retorted Sky.

"Syd's just too nice to tell you what an ass you really are," scoffed Z.

"But this is all Jack's fault," sighed Sky, using his usual alibi.

"How's it MY fault?" scowled Jack, growing angry.

"Well," began Sky, unable to resist the temptation to take an indirect jab at Z, too. "Jack shouldn't be influencing Syd to behave like a salsa dancing slut. She's better than that."

"Why are you such a jerk, Sky?" shouted Z, standing up in a rage. "You always have to go and ruin everything!"

Shoving Sky with her shoulder as she marched away from the breakfast table, Z made her way back to the room she shared with Syd and shut the metal sliding doors before either Bridge or Jack could follow her.

"Great job, Sky," said Jack, applauding sarcastically. "Way to piss off both girls in under a minute. That might be a new record. Figures, since you are, well, just the absolute best at everything."

"You know, Sky, it is Z's birthday," said Bridge, thinking of steps to ease the tension. "You really should apologize to her."

"I know, I know," sighed Sky. "I didn't mean to go off on her like that. It's just when it's Z seems to rub me the wrong way all the time and then when it comes to Syd…" Sky's voice trailed off. "Ok, I'm going to apologize to the girls. I'll see you guys at training."

"You think he and Z will ever get along?" asked Bridge concernedly.

"I dunno," sighed Jack, before breaking into a grin. "But with the two of them on each other's backs and Syd trying to salsa, tonight should get very interesting for all of us."

A/N: Y'all asked for it, so here it is – the sequel to "Guy Talk, Girl Talk" is coming. I will be posting the first chapter of the sequel, entitled "Be My Girl Tonight" in the next few hours on the site, so please be on the look out for it! I hope y'all will like it.