Z.E.F.I.E. Zone of Enders

Chapter III: The Bracelet

The gigantic Sphere fired its particle cannon. The pale white beam tore through buildings and raced towards the group of Frames. They all evaded the attack one way or another, Ardjet and Vic Viper dashing out of the way, Jehuty and Anubis Zero-Shifting (hereby known as Shifting.) out of the way, and Gospel by leaping to its right as far and as fast as it could.

"Damn! That was too close!"

The other frames regrouped around Zero and Gospel.

"It's a huge target so you'd have to be drunk, stupid or really unlucky to miss…"

Dingo floated forward.

"I'll take first strike if you don't mind."

Something…doesn't seem right…

Anubis hovered for a moment, then suddenly tensed and began excreting blood red particles of energy. It curled up into a ball as an arrow of warping blood red energy formed in front of it.

"Blood Particle!"

The blast fired and spiraled its way towards the gigantic orbital frame. It exploded.

"Hell yeah! Direct hit!"

"No…it wasn't!"

The attack had struck a strange force field that appeared around it.

"Damn, had a shield up!"

Leo landed Jehuty.

"No problem, I'll take it out."

Jehuty raised its arms as a huge bulky object appeared above it. The object connected to the arms and legs of Jehuty as Leo pointed it forward. Red bands of energy tied Jehuty down to the ground beneath it as Leo pointed up towards the Sphere. Six small disc-like objects appeared in front of the strange obelisk that Jehuty had become. They began rotating slowly at first, then picking up speed until a ring of light was formed.

"Vector Cannon…FIRE!"

Suddenly a large beam of pale blue-white energy erupted from the strange construction, tearing through the air and straight at Zakat. The beam too impacted on the barrier surrounding it kicking up a lot of dust and a bright light. When the light faded and the dust settled everyone was shocked to see that the Sphere remained intact, not a scratch on it. They saw the barrier shimmer and then fade slowly, still in place.

"What the Hell!"

"Impossible, the Vector Cannon fires through compressed space! That thing should be dead!"

Everyone was astonished…all except Zero.

"Zero, what do you think about this? Zero?"

That thing… Images flashed in his mind. A giant robotic creature with a force field that repelled every attack sent at it, be it weaponry or even Magic. A little girl getting skewered by its blade. That same girl lying dead in his arms.


(Play FFAC: J-E-N-O-V-A FFAC Version)

Suddenly, pure energy began emanating from Gospel. The wolf's eyes glowed a blood red.


Both human and mech began snarling. The energy began pooling just inside Gospel's mouth.


The wolf's hackles raised as its eyes glowed again. Zero roared at the floating mech.


The wolf's mouth opened wide as a gigantic beam of black energy erupted from it. The beam smashed into the barrier splintering around it. The backlash from the impact caused several buildings to basically shatter. Everyone gasped in shock as they witnessed the destruction of the strange attack.

"Impossible! That weapon doesn't even exist! I sure as hell didn't put it there!" One of the creators of the Frame's weapons was gob smacked.

"Stop HIDING!"

The wolf vanished from their very eyes and another explosion was heard. They all turned to see Gospel's huge form just above Zakat, with its claw outstretched and glowing. They saw the sparks from the attack on the barrier, but saw how it did nothing. Gospel leaped back and landed next to a building. The wolf bowed its head and the same black energy began gathering in its mouth.


The same black beam erupted from the wolf's mouth, and again impacted the barrier. However the impact seemed to shake Zakat slightly. The floating mech finally retaliated by releasing some of its plates, and having them fire orange beams of energy at Gospel simultaneously. Gospel leapt away easily and retaliated by dashing towards Zakat.

"Sled Fang!"

The wolf leapt into the air, a cone of energy surrounding its body and struck the barrier with its claw. Again nothing happened, but once again the impact jarred Zakat. Though the attacks did no damage to the frame, it was being forced backwards by the sheer ferocity.

Meanwhile the other runners watched.

"Holy shit…Earth's made a pretty formidable weapon…"

"No…we didn't." Everyone turned to Corinne.

"This much power…we didn't make the first form have this much power. We focused the heavy hitting attacks on its possible Dragon form. This form was meant for quick wipeouts of multiple ground based targets…The human form was the speed carrier. Along with an interesting little program I installed for that form… And the Dragon form was supposed to be the devastator. What we're seeing…is the result of the runner's will."

Celvice had to ask. "Wait…so Gospel is this powerful…because Zero is that powerful?"

"Something like that."

She explained while watching Gospel trade blows with the giant mech.

"The frame we made was part of an experiment. Whoever the runner was, only they could pilot that frame. However the AI installed into it was very picky; it wouldn't just bond with anyone. Zefie bonded with Zero instantly, so now the frame has become like an Extension of Zero's body and mind. It does what he wants it to through his will. That Frame, Zakat, must have triggered a memory of his. Gospel didn't even have a Name before Zero came along. Now it's attacking and moving as if it were a high-mobility frame! This is Zero's power leaking through, which would explain why Gospel's attacks are suddenly so devastating."

"Jeez…if this is his power through the frame…I'm afraid to see what he can do OUTSIDE it."

"From what I've seen, he dispatched five 'demons' easily."

"Demons? You mean those odd creatures that just started appearing?"

"Yes, he wiped them out with no problem, even though my pocket scanner was going off the charts."

"Damn you…"

Gospel began glowing again, this time its entire body was covered in dark energy.


The frame raced towards Zakat, completely enveloped in dark energy. Suddenly it vanished. Next thing everyone saw was a giant hole in Zakat's barrier, and the frame exploding. The bottom half of the frame blew off, but it was still floating, if a bit wobbly. They watched as the barrier began to repair itself.

"He HIT it!"

"Yes but its field is repairing."

"Fuck that, he actually HIT the damned thing!"

(End Song)

It wasn't enough…

I wasn't strong enough… How were you to know? The enemy is clearly out of your league. I promised her…I promised…I'd find the one that did this…and destroy them. But you find yourself unable to keep that promise. But you damaged it. You damaged it greatly. It wasn't enough. I threw all of my power into that attack, Gospel helped. We weren't strong enough. So get strong enough. Didn't that girl say that Gospel had three forms? Try the second one. You can't give up. Not now. you're right. I can't give up. I won't fail her…



"I won't fail…you hear me? I WONT LOSE TO YOU!"

Gospel began to glow with a white light.

"Synch level 50 percent, 60, 70, 80! It's just rising!"

(Play .hack/INFECTION: Phase 01: Skeith)

The light faded. Floating where gospel was looked like a near exact clone of the original orbital frame, Idolo. Its color scheme was black and grey however, along with the streaks of green light that signified the metatron flow.

"Looks like Jehuty did."

"Yeah…the designers decided to stick with a look that worked."

Suddenly something happened. The screens began to get fuzzy.

"What's happening?"

"Sir! We're reading an unusually large amount of…well…data, collaborating upon what used to be Gospel!"

"Data? Don't you mean Metatron?"

"No Sir, data."

The screens flickered even worse, until a strange band of energy appeared around the right arm of the Frame.

The program! It's activating! But wait…this isn't what I installed…

"How is this possible?"

"I don't know sir, it's almost as if when the frame transformed, something activated."

The complex began shaking. They watched as the energy band summoned what looked like red stained glass shards to surround it in a cone shape, hovering around the initial band. A sphere of white flickering light appeared in the 'hand' of the frame. Suddenly four long extensions appeared behind the 'cone.' They were slowly rotating clockwise around its arm, as streams of white energy began streaking through them, like a heart beat. They slowly began extending themselves forward until they were slightly pointing at Zakat. They stopped, facing the four sub-cardinal directions, North-West, South-East, North-East and South-West. A voice that was neither Zero's, nor Zefie's, more like a fusion of the two, spoke.

"This is where it ends…"

Data Drain

Bands of raw data fused with Metatron fired from the four extensions. They twisted their way around each other as they streaked towards Zakat. Finally, they reached the barrier, and passed straight through it as if it weren't even there, and impacted the enemy frame kicking up a bright flickering white light. The sound of metal grinding, along with an inhuman screech was heard as the giant frame was attacked. The barrier around it shattered as the frame drooped towards the ground. The strange artifact had vanished, its job complete.

"I won't loose to a human!"

(Play .hack/MUTATION: Kubia's Birth Recollection.)

The Giant frame began hovering again. It detached more of its metal plates. Energy gathered in the center of them and then fired, bombarding Zero's frame with lasers.

"No! That form isn't complete!"


"Explain Matsuda."

"Nobody installed a shield!"

They watched as the laser blasts streaked toward the frame, while it just stood there, waiting.

"Dammit kid get out of the way!"

The lasers impacted, kicking up a bright light and a lot of dust. Suddenly the dust swirled and vanished, floating there, with its left arm extended to its left was the frame…undamaged. A flickering light surrounded it.

"Was that…?"

"A.T. Field at full power."


"Hello Corrine, I'm sorry but we can't talk right now."

"Right…we have a floating scrap heap to send back to the junk yard."

Inside the frame, Zero did more strange hand signs.

"You know they're going to try to recruit you right?"

"Hey, if they pay well I might join them. Besides…I have a score to settle…Alright, seals complete. Let's see how responsive this thing really is."

Suddenly a blue glow surrounded the frame's right hand. The glow began giving off sparks, and a strange chirping sound emanated from it. Suddenly the frame shot forward like a cannon, left arm stabilizing the right one. Zakat fired more lasers at it, but they were all deflected by the AT field. The frame got closer and closer, and Zakat prepared its last move, the giant beam. It began charging even faster than normal out of desperation. The beam completed its charge just as Zero reached it. The frame's hand was held in front, the blue glow brighter than ever. A bright light engulfed the area…and the last thing they heard before it…


Sorry this took so long. I had the first 3/4ths of the chapter written, but then I lost inspiration. I had the urge to finish it last night, but I was too tired. I'm taking name suggestions for the frame. I personally was thinking either Skeith or Seraph…I cant think of anything else at the moment, seeing as Zero is taken. Anyone with names, give them to me and if I use it I'll be sure to credit you.