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"What happened? Where am I?" I asked aloud as I stared around in confusion. Wherever I was it was completely pitch black, not my favorite kind of place, seeing how I'm afraid of the dark. I had been ever since I was young. It's not really the dark that bothers me. It's just knowing that anything could be there, and I would have no idea about it. Someone could be sneaking up behind me with a knife, and I would never know.

"You're dead." A voice finally said answering my question. I quickly turned around in a circle looking behind me, trying to find the source of the voice, but it was impossible. I couldn't see anything, how did I expect to find someone who could be standing meters away from me. The voice sounded masculine, it was fairly deep and wise sounding, like the kind of voice you would hear in an old man, but there was something different about it.

His answer caught me completely off guard. I couldn't be dead, I was right here, thinking and feeling like I normally would. He was probably just some senile old man, who had no idea what he was talking about. No matter who he was, I wouldn't accept his answer for truth. "Well, actually" he started, "you're almost dead, just barely hanging on." If what he was saying was true, then wouldn't I be feeling pain? Death couldn't be this pleasant.

"You're lying." I finally stated, but if he was, then where was I? How come I couldn't remember getting here? I had been driving, and then…

My thoughts trailed off and my eyes widened as I finally recalled what had happened. The bright lights slamming into my car, and all this on my first day driving with my license. I had been excited that day. It was a couple months after my sixteenth birthday because my parents wanted me to get more experience before I went and got my license. I had made some plans with friends and I was on my way to pick them up, and then it happened. According to this guy I had died. Tears stung my eyes, I couldn't be dead. I was sixteen. It was too young.

"No." I said wiping my eye as a couple tears fell. Who wouldn't be upset to find out their whole life had just suddenly stopped. "I can't be dead!" I yelled furiously. "I can't be!" My voice cracked a couple times, while I yelled because I was crying. At least he wouldn't be able to see the tears. Wherever he was taking me, I wouldn't go. I wasn't ready for heaven or wherever I was supposed to go now. The only place I was going was back to earth and to my body. "Take me back!" I screamed, trying to use anger to cover up the sadness.

"Wait, wait." He said calmly, which made me feel like strangling him. How could he be calm while I was here crying hysterically? I was dying and he didn't even care! "You have another chance." Another chance? I looked towards him hopefully. So, it wasn't time for me to die. I really had the chance to go back. "The thing is, your body isn't ready for you. Go back now, and the pain will surely kill you." Well, that didn't sound too good.

"So, what? You expect me to just wait around here for however long it takes my body to heal?" I asked him. Usually I was a fairly shy person, at least with people I don't know, but when an emotional trauma like this hit, it was hard to maintain that personality.

"No, of course not. That would take ages. You see, time moves much slower here, so slow you would think it's standing still." That still didn't explain where I was, but that wasn't really important right now. I waited silently for him to continue. I still wanted to know my way out of here. "There is one place we can send you, but it could be very dangerous. Remember, if you die there, then you die in the real world as well. So, it's either stay here for what will feel like a few hundred years, or go there. The decision is yours." He explained to me.

So, I could be safe and bored for what would feel like an eternity or go to whatever place he was talking about. Well, I had never been a very patient person. "Let's go then." I said after a few minutes of debating my answer. My voice held uncertainty when I talked, a little afraid of what this danger could be. I heard what sounded like someone clapping and light shot up from the ground. My arm instantly covered my eyes. As I removed it I still had to squint. What was going on?

Wait, if it was light, then I should be able to see the man I was talking to. Now, where was he? No where in sight. A voice called out from all around me, the same voice I had been speaking to minutes before. "Well, you can't wear that where you're going." I looked down at my outfit, my eyes were finally beginning to adjust to the light. What was wrong with it? It was a simple pair of jeans along with a pink hoodie with a track foot on the front with the name of my school under it. Who was he to criticize my outfit?

The lights flickered to pitch black again, and when they came back on I was wearing different clothes than I had been earlier. My eyes filled with confusion. How had that happened? Why did he have to change my outfit anyway? I looked down at my new outfit and decided it was pretty comfortable and didn't look too bad either. A pair of lime green shorts fit tightly around my waist, while a white tank top covered my upper body. On my feet I wore a pair of white boots that laced up about half way up my shin. My wrists were covered with a few silver bangles, while my neck had a small lime green choker necklace. I nodded slowly, accepting the outfit. It was one of my favorite colors, so I had no problem with it.

"Good luck." The voice said and then everything went black once again. I must have closed my eyes and fainted during this because when I woke up I was on my back looking at the sky. Wait, the sky? Then, that meant I was back on earth. Wow, that had been quick. What about all the danger he had been telling me about? My nose wrinkled in disgust as I took in the scent around me. It smelled almost like what you would smell when a puff of exhaust from a car blew in your face, just a little milder than that. I didn't live in the country, actually I lived about an hour away from a big city, this place was much more polluted than anywhere I had been.

I slowly picked myself up off the ground, my body aching a little. Maybe this was the pain left over from the car crash, but that still didn't explain where I was. My eyes scanned the area, searching for any sign of where I was. They landed on a large tower surrounded by a fence. Now, that looked pretty familiar to me, but from where? Where had I seen that before? I searched through my memories, trying to find the one containing this image. It turned out to be useless. That's when my eyes landed on the sign. As soon as I finished reading my mouth dropped. "You have got to be kidding me." I turned away once, and then looked back at it. It was impossible. I must have read it wrong. My eyes scanned the words once again, 'Welcome to the Sector 7 slums'.