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Chapter 1 Beat Down on Zack

Zack Martin slung his backpack over his shoulder as he headed towards the front of the school. The hall was deserted and most teachers were on the other side of the school, getting ready to go home. Zack turned a corner and ran right into Drew and his gang. Drew blocked Zack's path.

"Get out of my way," said Zack. Drew pushed Zack against some lockers.

Zack winced in pain.

"You got me detention for the next three months," said Drew.

"You should stop picking on my brother then," said Zack.

Drew punched Zack in the stomach as hard as he could. Zack gagged and doubled over in pain. Drew kicked him in the side. Zack fell to the floor, clutching his stomach and moaning in pain.

"It's payback time, loser," said Drew. He and two of his cronies started kicking Zack. Zack attempted to defend himself by blocking their kicks and punches. He tried to cry for help, but all that came out of his mouth were strained grunts. He spit out blood. Drew and his pals stopped after about a minute. Zack was whimpering softly. He had curled up into a ball. Drew grabbed him by the hair and pulled him to his knees. He then punched Zack right in the face. The punch was so hard it broke Zack's nose, sending blood everywhere. Zack yelped and fell back to the ground. Blood was gushing from his nose. Drew's gang started laughing. They had been waiting for this for a long time. Drew kicked Zack in the mouth. Zack heard a crack and yelped, realizing that Drew knocked out his teeth. His lips were trembling. One of Drew's cronies opened his locker, which was nearby. Drew pulled Zack to his feet. He swayed, so Drew had to hold him up as he shoved his arm into the frame of the locker and slammed it shut. There was a sickening snap as Zack's arm broke. Zack felt dizzy when he looked at his arm. Bone was sticking out of his skin.

"I'm going to make sure you spend the next several months in the

hospital," said Drew. Drew shoved Zack's head against the locker frame. Then he slammed the door against Zack's head. Zack's left ear was nearly crushed by the blow. Zack made another attempt to scream, but this time all that came out was a ragged gasp. Drew and his gang left Zack lying helplessly in the hall. Zack was crying now. He could hear Drew and his gang laughing as they walked away. Tears slid down Zack's cheeks, mixing with the blood that was pouring down his chin.

"Help," he said, in a choked whisper. His mouth was still bleeding.

"Cody," said Zack weakly, knowing he couldn't hear him. He couldn't move. His ear was ringing. Zack felt his eyelids growing heavy.

"Zack," came a voice down the hall. It was Cody. Zack tried to speak.

But his lips refused to work. They were no doubt busted up from the


"Oh my God, Zack," said Cody, running over to his brother. That was

the last thing Zack heard before passing out.

"Zack. Zack, buddy, can you hear me?" asked a voice. Zack opened his

eyes. Cody was leaning over him. Zack looked around. He was in an


"We're going to the hospital. Mom's meeting us there," said Cody. Zack moaned.

"It's okay, Zack," Cody said, resting his hand on his shoulder. "I'm right here," Zack went back to sleep.


As soon as they arrived at the hospital, Zack was taken to the ER.

Carey was waiting for Cody. Cody explained what had happened. After that, they could only wait. A doctor came out after what seemed like forever.

"Mrs. Martin. I'm Dr. Jake Conroy. Zack was lucky. His injuries could have been worse. There's no internal bleeding or damaged organs. He has two cracked ribs and a shattered right arm. His nose will require surgery as will his ear. He had two of his teeth knocked out. He has stitches in his gums and we fitted him for false ones that were already put in. His arm has been set and he has a sling and a cast. This could have been a lot worse if his brother hadn't found him."

"When's his surgery?" asked Cody.

"He'll need two of them. Maybe three because of his arm. He'll probably have his ear worked on tonight. You can go see him now." Carey and Cody followed Jake to Zack's room. Zack looked miserable. He had a black eye, a bandage on his nose, one covering his ear, and his arm was in a brace. Carey leaned down and kissed him on the cheek.

"Oh, Zack. Why didn't you tell me kids were picking on you?" she asked.

"They don't pick on me, Mom. They pick on Cody," said Zack.

"But they never put me in the hospital," Cody pointed out. Zack winced as his arm started to ache. Tears fell down his face.

"My arm hurts so much," said Zack.

"I know, honey," she said, stroking his cheek. "The doctors will take care of you, though. Until then, we'll be here." Zack nodded miserably. He closed his eyes and drifted off. Carey and Cody sat down and watched him sleep.