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Chapter 1- The Way We Are

Kagome groaned when her peaceful slumber was cut short by a familiar buzzing noise. Delicate hands reached out and gave the contraption a hard thump. Her eyes opened ever so slightly, taking in her surroundings before she reopened them fully indicating that she was now awake.

Sitting up on her bed, she yawned softly and stretched her hands above her head. Kagome couldn't help but give a loud sigh of annoyance. It was once again Monday, her least favorite day of the week. She hated the fact that she had to wake up early for her chemistry class. She had classes almost all day on Monday, hardly giving her anytime to relax at all.

She was only twenty, in her opinion she didn't need any extra stress. When she had entered college she expected to go to parties, hang out with roommates all day and maybe date around. Not once had it crossed her mind the amount of work and studying she would have to do. She was now into her junior year and had learned the hard way, the amount of work she needed to do to simply get by.

"I see someone has finally woken up."

Kagome turned around and faced her roommate with a scowl settled on her face. Sango was already up and was holding two cups. Kagome stumbled out of bed and tossed the sheets that were bundled up around her feet aside.

Sango smiled cheerfully and handed a cup to Kagome. The girl smiled gratefully and took a small sip.

Sango had been her friend since her senior year in high school. They had agreed to go to collage together, hoping to help each other out on the way. To Kagome, Sango was like her big sister, she always took care of her and made sure she was on time for all of her classes.

"Arigato, Sango-chan," Kagome said finally and took in big gulps of the coffee until it was all gone. Kagome knew that she was already behind. If she weren't out of her dorm room in about twenty minutes she would be late, once again.

She rested the cup on a nearby table. She quickly grabbed a towel amongst the mess around her and ran out of the room, obviously heading to the female bathroom.

Sango watched her friend leave and shook her head. Kagome was almost, always late. This was her usual morning routine and Sango had gotten into the habit of bringing Kagome breakfast, or at least a cup of coffee before the girl arose, which would always be the same time, no matter how early she had to leave for class but she found it rather enjoyable to watch Kagome's expression every morning when she discovered she would be late.

Sango waked over to her bed and lay there quietly, the small cup of coffee cradled in her hands as she waited for Kagome to run inside once again, causing chaos.

Inuyasha was sitting, alone at a table in the quiet library. He lifted his hand slowly and stared at the watch. He couldn't help but grumble to himself.

'She's late, again,' the thought with annoyance.

He tapped his finger on the wooden table repeatedly until he received several angry looks from nearby studiers. He scowled at them but stopped, the act that seemed to be irritating others around him.

"Damn it, what's taking you so long?"

He gathered his books together and stuck his pencil behind his ear. It didn't seem like she was about to show up today. He was about to leave when the girl who he had been waiting for came running into the room.

Inuyasha sighed and sat back down in his chair. At least he knew that she didn't forget about him. For some strange reason that made him want to smile.

The girl found him rather quickly and slumped down on a chair next to him. Inuyasha glared at her but still allowed his golden eyes to take in her appearance. He could tell that she didn't make an attempt to look decent.

Her long raven locks were tied up in a messy bun but some strands were loose and scattered around her forehead. She wore an oversized gray T-shirt and a pair of washed out jeans.

"What took you so long to get here, wench?" Inuyasha asked.

The girl looked down at her lap, obviously embarrassed for her late and noisy entry. It then occurred to her what she had called him. All her shame vanished in an instant and she was soon very angry. She faced him with those chocolate-brown eyes of hers, ready to take him on.

"Will you stop calling me wench? I told you since last year that my name is Kagome. Ka-go-me!"

Inuyasha glared at her and gave his golden eyes a slight roll. Every time they met it was always like this. He had to admit that he enjoyed their spats. Kagome was as entertaining as his brother when he had one too many drinks.

The senior ignored the young girl sitting next to him and opened one of his large textbooks but he made sure to look at Kagome from the corner of his eye to see her reaction. Her look had to be the most amusing one that he had ever seen come upon her face. It was also rather cute as well. The way how her cheeks flushed when she looked at him always made him care for her more than he did already.

He would only admit to himself that he loved her. Almost everything about her, she was an attractive girl but had a feisty attitude. When he had met her at first, he had expected her to be shallow and uninterested in learning but she had proved him wrong. Her work seemed to be more important to her than almost anything else. It wasn't long before his feelings had changed from one of friendship to wanting something more from her but he never perused her for she seemed to have no interest in him whatsoever.

He was snapped out of his thoughts when Kagome poked his forehead with her pencil.

"Hey Yashie-kun, are you going to help me with this chemistry or not?"

Kagome was now grinning at him. The fact that she had called him Yashie-kun quickly faded away in his mind and he couldn't help but give her a smile.

Kagome stretched and leaned back lazily against the soft chair. Inuyasha rested his pencil on the table and gazed over at her. Her eyes were closed and she had let her hair down sometime during their studying.

Kagome cracked one eye open and had managed to catch Inuyasha staring at her but he didn't do so for long. As soon as he met her eyes, he jerked his head away. Kagome frowned and continued to look at him. She had caught him staring at her many times before but never bothered to talk to him about it, thinking that it was not very important. She would have talked to him about it before but he had always had trouble expressing his feelings.

Kagome shook her head and pulled her hair up into a bun once again. Inuyasha's golden eyes were still focused on the table.

"Well that's all the studying that I can do for tonight," she announced to her friend and gave a slight yawn.

Inuyasha closed his book in response, letting her know that he had done enough as well. She couldn't help but watch as he gathered his things together. His eyes were still not meeting hers. Kagome decided that it would be best to start a conversation instead.

"Hey Yashie-kun," she began. This caught his attention immediately. She knew that he hated that nickname that she had created for him. She tried not to laugh at his reaction and continued, "I'm hungry, do you want to go and get something to eat with me?"

He seemed to consider her offer for a moment before nodding slowly. She caught the small glint in his eyes and stared intently.

"What is it?" she asked soon after, a hint of suspicion in her voice.

"Well, Kaggie since you invited me, that means it's a date, ne, so you pay," he smirked and folded his hands behind his head, waiting for Kagome's reaction.

Her look at first was rather blank. It took her a moment to really consider what he had said. She groaned and sank down lower into the chair. She had made a terrible mistake. Knowing Inuyasha, he would most likely want to go to an expensive place and she really couldn't afford to use much of the money that she had for the month.

"I changed my mind actually," Kagome replied and gathered her books together. Her stomach seemed to disagree with her because it gave a loud rumble at that moment.

Inuyasha couldn't help but chuckle at her sorry attempt in trying lying to him.

"How bout I take you out this time, and you pay me back later," he offered and smiled arrogantly at her. Kagome closed her eyes. Her stomach gave another growl.

"By the sounds my stomach is making, I think I have no choice in the matter," Kagome sighed. Inuyasha hid his amusement and stood up rather quickly.

"Well hurry up wench I'm starving!"

Kagome sighed with satisfaction when she took a large bite out of a sandwich. It didn't take her long to take another bite, stuffing her face with food.

Inuyasha raised one eyebrow as he watched his friend attack the food before her. Kagome stopped her attack to glance up at Inuyasha. She caught him staring at her again.

"What?" Kagome asked and grinned at him. Inuyasha shook his head.

"Nothing. Did you eat for the day?" he asked. Kagome leaned back lazily against the chair, and pushed her raven locks out of her face.

"I drank coffee," she answered and put on a thoughtful expression. "That's about it."

Inuyasha stared at her for a moment, before pushing his halfway eaten sandwich towards her. Kagome looked at him with wide eyes.

"You need to eat that more than I do."

Kagome was in absolute shock. Inuyasha never passed up a meal. Never! She looked down at the plate, then back at her friend.

"Are you serious?" she paused and sniffed the meal before her. "Did you spit in it or something?"

Inuyasha scowled at her. "What, I can't do anything nice now?"

Kagome looked down and the sandwich, then at his face again. He was looking at her with those amazing golden eyes of his.

She hesitantly allowed her hand to reach for the morsel. Just to tease him, she sniffed it at first and then took a cautious nibble. She was quite pleased when Inuyasha frowned at her. She held back a laugh that was waiting to burst out of her.

She decided to stop her actions and took a large bite. It didn't take her long to finish both sandwiches. The only evidence that something edible was there, were crumbs.

Inuyasha raised one eyebrow and placed his hands behind his head. Kagome looked up and smiled at him when she was finished. Inuyasha was about to give a witty remark when the tone coming from his phone stopped him.

He slid the phone out of his pocket and flipped it open to answer it.


Kagome watched curiously as his eyes lost their usual sparkle and his lips turned into a thin line. His eyes, now seemly mustard yellow, looked down at the table.

"I'll be there. I promise… I know it's kind of far away but I won't forget this time. Yes…. Okay. I promise. Trust me…. See you then."

He quickly flipped his phone shut leaving a puzzled Kagome sitting across from him. For a while Inuyasha sat quietly at the table, his eyes staring off into space. Kagome looked around uncomfortably before she decided she might as well snap him out of it.

She picked up a small napkin, rolled it into a ball and threw it at him. That seemed to do the trick for Inuyasha blinked a few times, allowing his eyes to gain back their normal shine. Kagome propped her head on her hands.

"Who was that?" she asked drew circles on the table with her tiny fingers. Inuyasha paused for a moment. He seemed to be trapped in his own thoughts.

"No one," he replied with a small shrug.

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