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Inuyasha looked up from his son when Kagome's scream echoed through the house. Little Kiyoshi took his attention away briefly from his teddy bear and titled his head to the side and stared in the direction from which the sound had come from before giving his toy his full attention again.

Kagome stepped into their bedroom, a white towel wrapped around her dripping, wet body. She stood at the door and glared at Inuyasha. Inuyasha was looking at her with raised eyebrows, wondering what caused her to stare at him like that.

"You used out all the hot water," Kagome said and scowled. Inuyasha chuckled and watched with amusement as Kagome walked back into the bathroom with a bundle of clothes in her hands.

Inuyasha turned his attention back to their one year old son, Kiyoshi. He was currently chewing on the ear of his red teddy bear. Inuyasha had received comments from both friends and strangers that his son was one of the cutest babies that they had ever laid eyes on. Inuyasha often scoffed, telling them that he did not want anyone referring to his son as 'cute'.

Kiyoshi had gotten his appearance mostly from his father. He had Inuyasha's sliver hair and the same golden complexion that Inuyasha had. The only thing that Kagome had seemed to have given her son in genetics appeared to be his eyes. They were a light, hazel. Kagome had often said that if Kiyoshi had somehow ended up having his father's striking, golden eyes then without a doubt he would have been seen as a mini Inuyasha.

As if sensing that he was being watched Kiyoshi moved his eyes away from his toy and stared at his father. He smiled and pushed himself to his feet before clumsily walking over to Inuyasha who was sitting at the edge of the bed. Inuyasha picked up his son and threw him up in the air before catching him again. Kiyoshi screamed and giggled at his father's actions.

Kagome came back in the room then. She was wearing a white shirt and a short, blue skirt. She came over to her son and kissed his cheek.

"Inuyasha, mama called. She's expecting us over by the next hour," Kagome said and lightly rubbed her son's head. "Nara's already there."

After Kagome had finished college they had moved into a three bedroom house that was closer to where their families were. Kagome's mother was generally pleased over the idea for after Kiyoshi was born she had commented that she would like to see more of her grandson more. They lived only fifteen minutes away from the Higurashi shrine and a half an hour away from Sesshoumaru.

Unlike Mrs. Higurashi, Sesshoumaru showed no interest in Inuyasha and Kagome living near to him. Rin however was ecstatic. She loved her new baby cousin and whenever they visited, she never kept the child out of her sight. Sesshoumaru didn't get a particularly good start with Kiyoshi. After holding the child for only a minute or so, Kiyoshi gripped on to his uncle's long hair and refused to let go. Kagome eventually got the baby to release Sesshoumaru's hair but little Kiyoshi ended up with a fistful of sliver hair in his tiny hand. Inuyasha found the entire incident to be hilarious. Sesshoumaru simply stared at the baby who was giggling and holding on to the hair that was once connected to Sesshoumaru's scalp, before making his way up to his office. He didn't come down after that.

Inuyasha picked up Kiyoshi and began walking out of the room after a long period of comfortable silence between the couple.

"I'll give him a bath," Inuyasha said. Kagome looked at Inuyasha in awe as he walked out of the bedroom. Was Inuyasha actually offering to help her? Sure he was a good father, when it came to playing with his son and occasionally feeding Kiyoshi but from what Kagome knew, he didn't participate in things such as changing diapers and giving baths after Kiyoshi had soaked Inuyasha once time after receiving a bath.

Kagome threw herself down on the bed and raised her hand to stare at the silver band, along with the diamond engagement ring that she both wore on her ring finger. After only being married for two months, Kagome still found herself staring at the wedding ring on her finger. Inuyasha had commented that after living with her for two years, it felt that they were married anyway.

Being married, and having Kiyoshi made Kagome feel that their relationship was finally complete. There was nothing more that they could do except for love each other and work their hardest to make their new life together work. Currently things were going well with the couple. Kagome had recently started working at a veterinary clinic and Inuyasha worked at a small medical center. Kagome always found herself smiling when she thought of her family and she could barely wait for the future where she knew more happiness awaited them.

She watched as the light caught the silver band, making the metal glow. Kagome giggled girlishly and brought her hand down to cover her mouth. If Inuyasha had seen her now, Kagome would have guessed that he would think she was loosing her mind but she couldn't help feeling happy, and bubbly inside, especially after all that had happened.

Things were going so well in fact that Kagome had even reconciled with Nara. After a year of barely keeping contact, Nara finally decided that she was ready to become close to both Inuyasha and Kagome again. At first it was a bit awkward, since Nara hadn't had contact with the couple for quite sometime. Kagome was often nervous when it came to Nara seeing her with Inuyasha, afraid that it would hurt her cousin again. Nara however had moved on by that time, leaving the conversations to be more comfortable. Nara too had found little Kiyoshi to be adorable and had often offered to baby-sit the toddler when both Kagome and Inuyasha were busy.

One cue, Kiyoshi ran clumsily into the bedroom both naked and laughing. Inuyasha followed soon after with a white towel in his hand, dashing after the one year old. He effortlessly picked the child off the ground and wrapped him in the towel.

Kagome watched with amusement as Inuyasha attempted to put on Kiyoshi's clothes. Kiyoshi was kicking his feet and constantly shifting. One time he even grabbed on to Inuyasha's hair, temporarily preventing Inuyasha from being able to move. After many struggles, Inuyasha had managed to get his son in his clothes.

Kagome smiled as she watched her small family together. Without thinking, Kagome moved over to where Inuyasha was and tiptoed so that she could deliver a kiss on his cheek. Inuyasha stared at her, baffled by her sudden affectionate gesture. Kagome simply beamed up at her husband before leaning lightly on his shoulder. The couple might have stayed like that for a long time, if it were not for their son.

The one year old struggled in his father's grasp, indicating that he wished to be put down. As soon as Inuyasha rested the toddler on the ground, Kiyoshi made a beeline to his favorite toy. Kagome then wrapped her arms around Inuyasha's waist and hugged his body close to hers. Inuyasha responded by moving his arms around Kagome's tiny body. Kagome grinned when she felt the moisture of his lips on the top of her head.

"What's with you today?" she heard him say as he ran circles on her back with his fingertips.

"I'm just happy today, that's all," Kagome whispered and smiled up at her husband. He raised one eyebrow at her and scowled but Kagome knew that he felt the same way.

"Keh," he said and moved down to kiss her lightly.

After being through so much together, the couple had still managed to make it through together. Inuyasha hadn't given up on her, even though she had given up on him after finding out about his arrangement with Nara. He stuck with her through it, despite the fact that she kept things from him and often lost faith in him, Inuyasha stayed with her. She knew that no matter what would happen between them, she would forever stay with the man holding her in his arms. She loved him with all her heart. It was so powerful that she found that she could never stay away, never leave him. By looking in his eyes, Kagome knew that he felt the same.

His eyes were once again whispering the words of love to her again. Kagome always found it amazing that he could tell her how he felt without words. The couple stared into each others eyes until their lips connected once again with a fiery passion.

Inuyasha moved his hand over Kagome's neck, while he tightened the other arm around her waist in order to bring Kagome as close as humanly possible.

Inuyasha pulled away from Kagome and looked at her sometime. His attention then turned to look at Kiyoshi. The toddler was currently clumsily walking across to the couple. Kagome noticed him and bent down so she could pick up their son. She kissed the one year old on his cheek and smiled when he too planted a slobbery kiss on her cheek. Words itself could not describe how much he loved her. He was about to lean in to give her another kiss but Kagome seemed to have caught sight of the time for she let out a soft scream and began running out of the bedroom.

Kiyoshi seemed to enjoy the running for his laugher increased. Kagome whipped her head around to look at Inuyasha who was still standing in the same spot.

"We have to go, now! If we're late mama is going to kill us! Come on!" Kagome urged and sifted her old on Kiyoshi who was now tugging lightly on Kagome's long, dark hair.

Without a second glance Kagome dashed out of the room and Inuyasha heard the closing of the front door before he could even move from the spot in which he was in. The sound of Kagome yelling for him to hurry up was heard all the way from in their bedroom.

Inuyasha stood frozen in one spot, still trying to figure out what just happened. A loud screech from Kagome brought him back to his senses .He shook his head and followed after Kagome. Being with her prevented from ever being bored, especially when she had her urgent moments. He felt as if his love for her was growing everyday and seeing her behave in certain ways always made him thank Kami that he had such a woman with him.

Kagome yelled his name once more, this time he swore that he heard the car engine start. He grinned and shook his head. He was definitely lucky to have her.

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