Divine Crossing: A DBZ Final Fantasy 7 Crossover

Somewhere, Deep in the recesses of space, In the center of
a spiral galaxy, on a small planet, a battle raged for
all life in the universe....
...A virus versus humanity...
...A meteor verses a planet..
...A man verses a monster...

"Regan!" Cloud called, enveloping the group a shower of sparkles
Instantly their mp began to rise at a steady rate. Tifa followed
up, "Haste!" and the chain of attacks came double time. Red XIII
finished the final preperation spells, "Wall!"
But Safer-Sephiroth just grinned, "Supernova!" he echoed
The group stood in the presence of a star strewn sky. Quickly, one
of the stars grew larger, then suddenly the meteor arrived at the
edges of the solar system, decimating Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, and
Jupiter as it treked further towards the sun. With a sudden explosion
it collided with the sun. Bubbling and expanding, the sun expanded, destroying
Mercury and Venus in the process. The burning fire then appeared
behind Sephiroth's angelic figure, his singular wing outlined
in the burning light.
Then the wave of fire sweeped the threesome, causing severe damage
, fortunately, wall absorbed half the damage, and regan kicked in and the
damaged waas counteracted. The battle continued, materia spewing magic as
Sephiroth kept pounding the group with Supernova, Deen, Fallen Angel, and Pale Horse
For the longest time, the battle was going Sephiroth's way, wthers, x-potions,
and pheonix downs were used right and left. Sephiraoth grinned as he realized that their
backs were to the wall. Cloud was desperate, time for the BIG guns. "Guys!" he called, "We
gotta pull out ALL the stops now!!" Red and Tifa responded with nods, and braced themselves.
Cloud pulled out a single red materia, a materia that just might change the tide of
this battle, "ULTIMATE END!!!" he yelled. Suddenly Sephiroth was surrounded by King
Aurthur and the 12 Knights of the Round. Each knight striked with itsown uniqe
attack, all in perfect coordination. As Aurthur struck the final devistating blow, Sephiroth emmerged,
bloodied a slashed, but it wasn't over for the son of Jenova, not by far. Tifa took the
next turn, using mime to recast the same spell. After her went Red using his mime as well.
And so it went an endless stream of knights with flashing swords, blazing axes, and burning
After the fifth salvo, Sephiroth stumbled, his body cut, his silver hair and
turquoise eyes mared with his own blood. He stumbled again, then faltered, then suddenly crashed to the ground.
At first the group was silent waiting for him to rise up again and continue the battle, but he never
stirred. Slowly, his body began to change, slowly reverting back to it's normal state, then faded to nothing.

Later aboard the Highwind.....
"It's over, It's finally over." Cloud whispered, could it be? Could Shinra, Jenova, and Sephiroth be truly
gone? Was his nightmare finally over done? For so long he stood on the bridge just in shock, until Tifa tackled him.
"Cloud!!! It's over, it's finally over, their gone! Shinra, Hojo, Jenova, Sephiroth, the whole lot of them!!"
Then, caught up in the moment,planted her lips right on top of his. Her sanity quickly caught up with her,
she pulled away, already turning red from embarassment. Cloud himself was turnng an attractive shade of bright
red, he was embarassed because he, in fact, had enjoyed the kiss more than she had thought. Red chucked from his spot in the doorway
it was so obvious that tifa was head-over-heels, over-the-moon for him, but Cloud was bit more difficult to
decifer, some in the group thought he still loved Aeris, though the girl had been dead for almost two months,
others felt that he had always loved Tifa. In fact the topic was a popular one at evenings in the AVALANCHE group
when they weren't around. (Will she ever tell him?) he wondered as he watched Tifa babble an apology to Cloud for her rash move, and Cloud
blush in embarassment for the both of them. As much as he would of liked to have waited to see how this turned
out, the others were waiting for them. (This will be some good gossip for the coffee table tonight.) he thought.

~~~~Somewhere in Space~~~~~~~
Jenova turned to watch the planet dwindle and dissapear as she floated deeper in space.
**Damn,*** she thought, ***So close, so very close.*** she mused. **If it hadn't of been for that
poor excuse of a failure, I'd be on my way to the next Lightstream planet with that planet's energy
with me.** Her eyes narrowed, if they hadn't defeated Sephiroth her plan would have worked. She shrugged
***Well, they were both fun to play with at least.** she chuckled. It had been so easy, on the outside, Sephiroth was
powerful, strong, and cool, the perfect soldier. But inside he was weak, crying out for love, companionship, and understanding
, simple human emotions he was never shown as a child in Shinra. Hojo, the father, had beat him on a regular basis,
refused to feed him when he showed any signs of humanity. Lucrecia was taken from him on the delivery table, quick shot to the chest
ended her life, or should of, the Jenova cells in her body kept her alive, dooming her to an exsistance
of eternal death and life.
***Oh well, on to the next planet.*** Obviously not affected by the fact that she alone, had manipulated a dozens of people,
killed the last member of an ancient race, and nearly destroyed and entire planet by hurling a meteor upon it. ***It's part of the job***
she rationalized.
~~~~~On Earth~~~

"This is terrible, just to terrible," Krillin sobbed. All around, an entire town lay in ruins, Buu's handiwork.
Vegita shook with rage, "Damn him!! What will it take to stop that monster?!?!"
he demanded, shocking everyone out of their mental funks. Ever since Bulma had died
by Buu's hand, he had been even more harsh and violent than ever....even if he
didn't admit it, Bulma's death had been hard for him to take.
"I don't know, it seems like the more souls he consumes, the stronger he gets.."
Piccolo stated. If he consumes every human on earth, we may never be able to stop
him.." he said. "I know, I just wish Goku, Gohan, and Goten would back soon.... we need
them." Krillin remarked. "Yeah, we do need them, but they need some time to themselves.."
Yamcha countered.
"Yeah, I guess they do......"

~~~At the Son House~~~~
Quiet. That was the mood at the Son house. Quiet. Goku and his sons stood by the
bed of the stream that passed by their home, pondering, in silent mouring.
"I can't believe she's gone." was all that Goten could say. Gohan and Goku just nodded
in agreement. "She was so brave...she stood up to Buu, all by herself, just
walked right up and slapped him. He looked so shocked when she did that, he didn't think
she would retaliate like that. Then he killed her..."Gohan mused, with a slight
grin on his face.
"She stood up because she thought I was dead. In a way, she died for me...."
Goku whispered the last part. Another bout of silence settled on them, then was
interupted by Goten, "We need to go, the others are waiting for us..." The other
two just nodded, and slowly turned to fly off, all but Goku. For one moment he gazed
at the swirling water, then took a single white orchid and tossed it into the
flowing current. As he took off to the east he turned his head and looked at the retreating
veiw of his-their home. "I love you ..Chi-chi" he thought to the heavens..
The Sons continued to fly east, none of them noticed a meteor fall
from the sky.......

Okay, I know a sappy begining right? Well I had to get this thing going
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