Chapter Five~Touchdown

The days passed in rapid sucession. Everyone had something to keep them busy, Cid kept watch on all the mechanics. Cloud and Sephiroth entertained themselves with staring matches and the ocassional sparing with their swords. Yuffie packed herself her entire collection of comics and her camera. Barett and Marlene played games and Barett undertook the task of teaching Marlene how to fight using a double-bladed polearm. "She's gonna be one hell of a fighter one day!!" Barett bragged.
Vincent was his usual cool and detached self, spending his time polishing Death Penalty and standing in the corner. Red was often found being Cid's right hand man, after taking up the pilots offer to teach him the basics of machinery. Aeris was found doing little things here and there, sewing, washing dishes, ect. Tifa as well as Shera had adopted the kitchen as their new home, much to both of their dismay.
In fact it was one day that Shera took the day off from cooking supper, that she found herself on the bridge of the Highwind. After walking the ship top to bottom, she took a break. She leaned against one of the controll panels, looking out at the twisting, mesmerizing movements of the Lightstream outside. I'm so glad that I got to come on this adventure with Cid. But, I sometimes wish that I'd stay home. It's dangerous, I could get hurt. But it's not fair that I get left behind either. But theres the fact that I could get in Cid's way, but he could need somewhere along the line as well. Good greif, listen to me, I'm goning around in circles she berated herself. She stood there still, letting her mind turn itself upside down with her worries and concerns.
"Shera! Get away from the !@%# controll panel before you break something!!" a gruff, but familiar voice come from the door. She flinched before putting space between herself and the row of levers and buttons. "Hello Cid.." she murmered before she shifted her wieght on the railing. Cid walked up to her in concern, something was wrong with her. "Hey babe," he said, using his pet name for her, "Whats wrong?" She looked down on her hand, absentmindedly twisting the band of gold on her right hand, the very one he had placed there almost a year ago. "Cid, are you mad that I decided to come with you?"
Cid blanched, was this what she was so worried about?? Sighing, he took her hand gently. "Babe, I wish that you would have stayed home, it's gonna get real dangerous and heaven knows what Jenova's gonna throw at us." He paused to think as she slumped, his words confirming her doubts. "But," he continued, "Your my wife, and I want you by my side, no matter what, so I guess I am glad you came. Besides, its nice to have someone around her who knows a gearshift from a piston." he joked. Shera grinned madly before leaping into his arms and hugging him. "Thank you Cid" she whispered. "Whatever Shera, now lets get to the mess hall before Cloud and Barett eat everything..." Shera just nodded. "Aye Aye Captain!!" she cried as she walked out the door with her husband. Neither one of them noticing the young ninja stepping out of the shadows winding her camera. "Hehehe, He's nice to her when no-one's around....I wonder how much I can sell these pictures to Barett for? Maybe I can get his contain materia...."

Goku shifted uncomfortably as his companion in this dark world shuffled again and sighed. "Shenlong whats the matter? You seem worried about something.....is it Jenova?" The grand dragon shifted his house-sized to his direction and aimed one large red eye at him. "Yes, she's been to silent as of late. She's gonna make a move, and soon. I'm worried that Earth's special forces won't be able to stop her." Goku tilted his head, "Don't worry about it, Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta and the others will be more than enough to stop her. And besides, if she makes a move we'll know about it."
Shenlong grunted, "I hope you are right..." he turned his head again to see Goku looking forlorn at the mirror that he used to watch over the planet. "You are worried about Chi-chi, are you not?" The saiyan nodded, amazed at the dragons ability to read him like a book sometimes. "Yes, she's been gone so long, and I can't find her anywhere with the mirror, I'm worried." He proped his head on his hand, "You know? It's funny how that we lost track of Jenova the same time Chi-chi dissapeared. Do you think their conected?"
Yet again the Eternal Dragon shrugged, as well as a dragon can shrug, "I seriously doubt it, what would a creature like Jenova want with your wife?"

Videl slowly opened one blue eye and spyed the phone across from her ringing off it's hook. Someone please answer the phone....please...
Someone answer the phone darn it!!
sigh "Fine.."
"Mushi-mushi, Son residence.."
"Videl!! I'm glad I finally found some-one!! Where are you!?!"
"Master Roshi?"
"Yeah it's me! Where are you!?"
"I'm at Chi-chi's house.."
"Check out the T.V on channel 3...NOW!!"
"Fine, okay, I will.." She reached across to the table that had the remote to Gohan's tv and switched it on. After clicking through a couple of channels, she found what she was looking for. "NO WAY!!!" she shouted, bringing Gohan crashing to the floor in surprize. "Where's Cell?? I'll get him this time!!...oh, Videl whats up?" he greeted her, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "Gohan, look at the T.V!!" he lazily switched his gaze from his wife to the flickering set. "OH MY GOD!!" he cried, jumping up.
The couple trouped down the stairs, Videl taking a detour to wake up the kids. "Hey everyone!! Hit the deck, we got an emergency!!" Goten stirred from his place on the bed, "Is mom back??" he questioned, sleepy-eyed. Videl frowned, "I really wish so Goten..." She dashed from the room before Goten could ask more. She went down the hall and to the guestroom, "Bulma! Vegeta! Wake up we got trouble!!" she screamed. The couple shifted and sat up, "Whats wrong with you woman?? Why are you screaming?" Vegeta asked giving her his infamous scowl. "Just get into the living room pronto!! We have trouble." she snorted at him.
Five minutes later the entire gang was in the living room staring expectantly at Videl. "Whats all the yelling about Videl? Do you realize that its 5:30 in the morning?" Yamcha asked as he let out a big yawn. Instantly, Videl swiped up the remote and turned on the tv. A few channels passed before stopping on a flame swept scene.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm standing in the middle of what was once downtown Carran Town, at about 1:30 this morning a mysterious figure appeared in the middle of town and started to destroy buildings and slay citizens. Before police could respond, the entire town was destroyed, any and all of the populous in the area were dead, either burned to death of victim of some attack by a sword. No building, man, woman, or child was spared. The casulalty count is in the thousands. There is only one eye witness alive."
The camera switched from the anchor to a spot where police were loading bodies onto 18-wheeler sized trucks. "The police are baffled as to what monsterous creature could have caused this atrocity. They are following every lead possible, the most possible theory right now is a terrorist attack..." The anchor kept talking but wasn't heard because Videl muted the T.V. "A terrorist attack?!?! Do they honestly think a bunch of terrorist with a couple of bombs could have caused that? It's right in front of their eyes, that was something supernatural. Terrorist, no matter how efficent, could have caused that much damage. Plus some of them were killed by a sword of some sort....This is bad." Krillin yelled trying to rationalize.
"Guys, we're calling the search off. Until this matter is settled, we can't afford the time to keep searching..." Piccolo stated. Everyone's eyes turned to the ground in silent agreement. "Fine then," 18 piped up, "I think we should head for Carran Town, maybe we can talk to that survivor they mentioned." "Good idea. If we can get anything from him, we can take it from there." Gohan said.

~~~The Highwind~~~~

Tifa silently crept into Cloud's room. She slowly opened the door and walked in, the sound of her footfall masked by Cloud's loud snoring. She made her over to the bed and kneeled down. Gently, she lifted the covers from over his head. "Cloud..." she whispered. He didn't move, he just kept snoring. "Cloud.." she tried again, only a little louder. He still snored. Good greif, he sleeps like he's dead... she thought. Deciding to give it one more try she leaned over to his ear and said in a low, sharp voice, "Cloud!!.."
**Snore** was the only reply she got. Fine then. I'll have to do this the hard way... Using her index finger, she slowly began to stroke the underside of his chin. He snorted and turned the other way. Planting her hands on her hips in frustration, she scooted down to the end of the bed and lifted the covers off his feet. She slowly began to tickle him on the bottom of his foot. He shifted and tucked his feet under him. "Whatever Cloud, you win...." she sighed in defeat, giving it up as a bad job. She stood up, adjusted her skirt, and walked out. "I guess he'll have to miss breakfffffaaaaaaaassssssttt!!!!!!!" The last of her sentence ended in a scream as she was knocked to the floor as someone jumped on her back. She lifted her head off the floor to the sound of familiar laughter.
"Cloud!!!! You were awake weren't you?!?!" she cried at the blonde man sitting on her back, laughing his head off. Cloud just looked down at her caught up in helpless laughter. Anorting in disgust, she rolled over to dislodge him. After standing up, she gave him her best glare, with her hands on her hips. "Cloud you baka!!! What was that for!?!?" she demanded. Cloud just sat on the floor holding his sides, still laughing. Tifa "hmph"-ed and adressed him. "Well, if your so busy laughing, I guess you'll have to mix breakfast.." she said and stalked off. Cloud stopped laughing instantly. "Hey Teef,..." he asked the retreating form of the young woman. "H-hey I-I'm sorry okay?? Hey Tifa I still want breakfast........."

Will Cloud get his breakfst?? Or will Tifa shut him out of the kitchen?? Who knows??

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Next Chapter: The Z-senshi head for Carran Town as a new character joins leaps into the plot. The Highwind finally touches down on Earth, as Shenlong and Goku observe the un-folding chaos.