I know I have not updated this story in forever but I really didn't know what to write. I am now in the process of rewriting it and finishing it. This story (if I do actually get it written) will follow cannon for all seven books. Part of the reason that this might take some time is because I an in the process of rereading all 7 book before rereading Deathly Hallows, and am only on the first (it has been a rather slow process). This is a very busy year for me and I just have not been doing as much reading as I normally do. I am also still having trouble writing it but really do want to finish this story. So I am going to leave what I have up for now although the first actual chapter has been scraped for this rewrite.

So keep an eye open but please be patient. Thanks! GNatGirl : )

P.S. actually, I just reread my chapters and might try and reincorporate some of the conversations, we'll see: )