Chapter One

"Come on! Ugh! I can do this!" Ginny wiped the sweat from her forehead furiously as she pictured it vividly in her mind. She was under the front steps of Hogwarts after dinner and practicing as usual on her newly discovered animagus abilities. She had been studying up during the summer break and was determined to transform herself at least once before returning to school. For a couple of weeks she had managed to sprout whiskers and a tail but not much more than that. Once at dinner her Mum handed Ginny the biscuits and instead of saying thank you she said "Meow." The entire table roared with laughter at what they thought was another one of Ginny's jokes. She was quite embarrassed of course which motivated her even further.

Finally a week before school started, Ginny was in the shower and envisioning herself as a cat. She wasn't really trying to make it happen at that moment since it wouldn't be a very convenient place if she was successful. She was simply trying to clear her mind and think of nothing else so that once dry and in her room, she could try again. She started thinking of all the fun things cats loved to do such as playing with yarn or finding mice to chase. She also thought about how rewarding it would feel to catch a bird flying low enough to the ground. Suddenly she realized how much she hated how the water felt on her body. It was weighing her down heavily and getting into her eyes.

She started to rub her eye and instead of a hand, she felt her paw. She tried to gasp but all that came out was "Meow." Ginny backed up quickly but began slipping on the shower floor. She looked up and saw heavy drops of water falling towards her. "Meow!" She slipped and slided forward towards the drain and found shelter under the spout. She was panting heavily and utterly terrified of how she would ever get out of there.

She licked her lips and noticed her tongue felt like sand paper. She thought hard. Alright Ginny, you should have reflexes like a cat so what you're going to do is jump out of this tub on the count of three. One, two, three. Ginny got into a squatting position and bolted up towards the edge of the tub. Her front paws and head made it but she quickly slid back downward scratching the sides furiously with her nails. She squatted again and lunged higher finally making it out of the tub. She sat on the rug in the bathroom and began to lick her paws and smooth down her fur.

If she could she would have been smiling but instead she did a happy leap and thought hard at becoming herself again. She was at it for quite a while but still sat there on the bathroom floor with four paws, whiskers, and fur. Suddenly she longed to go outside and have a go on her broom before breakfast and suddenly she was back to normal. She laughed to herself and thought it best to try it under better circumstances next time. She was only able to transform herself one last time before leaving for school which caused her to almost miss the train. It took her quite a while to change back that time.

Now here she was trying to think of anything 'feline' to transform that evening under the front steps. Just as she was about to give up since the sun was setting a lizard climbing up the wall caught her eye. She thought about how much fun it would be to chase after it and suddenly it happened. She had transformed and was now frantically trying to jump up and catch the lizard. After a few unsuccessful attempts she sat back on her paws and pondered what to do next. She started to scratch behind her ear with her back paw and licked the side of her tail. It was getting dark and boring but her eyesight seemed to almost improve. She started to walk from beneath the steps when she realized just how long and steep the trek back to the castle would be.

She peered over the bottom step with her wide green eyes and wished she could have her two legs back to quickly run up the stairs. She began pacing back and forth with her tail swaying from side to side contemplating how she would get out of this one. After several failed attempts at returning to her normal state she jumped up on the first step. One down, fifty more to go. She thought angrily at herself and wished she had eaten more than that stupid biscuit for dinner. Her stomach was growling loudly. Finally on step number 36 she decided to take a break and licked her paws yawning tiredly. She shivered slightly and wanted nothing more than to curl up into her bed that was so far away. Suddenly she heard the large oak doors open behind her causing her to jerk around quickly and blink at the blinding light that poured out. Whoever walked out slammed the doors behind them and started down the steps muttering angry words under their breath.

Ginny didn't bother to care who it was. She had bigger problems on her paws. She needed to transform back and get to bed. She ignored the person and began pacing again trying to think of anything to make her transform. Her concentration was broken by two strong hands around her little belly that thrust her into the air. Ginny jerked her body back and forth awkwardly trying to free herself but was slowly snuggled into someone's chest. Someone's warm and cozy chest. Ginny immediately calmed herself as the person was stroking her head and back softly. Suddenly it was apparent that it was a boy. She could tell by his intriguing smell and deep voice. "Shhhhh. It's okay. Trust me I know what it feels like. See, now you're not trembling anymore are you?" He pulled her up to his face and nuzzled her into his neck. Ginny would have blushed if she could but instead she closed her eyes and said. "Meow."

Ginny thought she recognized the voice but wasn't really sure. She was so soothed by his warmth and touch that she it almost caused her to nod off to sleep. She suddenly realized she had begun to purr. The boy chuckled slightly. "Oh really? That good huh? Well I guess I have to take you in for a bit don't I? Get you some food maybe?"

Finally! A good Samaritan! Ginny thought to herself and meowed agreeably. The boy seemed to hesitate almost as if he was making sure no one noticed and slipped the 'kitten' into his robes. He opened the oak doors and headed down to the kitchens. Ginny could smell the food from a mile away but stayed happily hidden amongst his robes. She was sure to make a mental note to thank this boy properly when she transformed back to herself. Maybe even get to know him better seeing how entranced she was with his smell and his voice. She didn't think most boys would react so lovingly to a kitten. Hmmm, maybe he's just the sensitive boy I've been longing to meet. He seemed to know exactly what I needed the moment he picked me up. Ginny's thoughts longed for food but then she couldn't fight it any longer. She fell asleep.

After a few minutes the boy removed the kitten from his robes and placed her on a table. She stirred slightly and fell back to sleep. He chuckled again and poked her softly. Ginny was now awake but refused to open her eyes. She wanted to listen to him speak a little while longer. "Hey you, time to wake up. I've got some milk for you….Kitty, kitty, kitty." He started to make kissing noises and snapped his fingers near her ears. Ginny wished she could burst out laughing at this boy's obvious sweet side but she decided that she was too hungry and opened her eyes.

The kitten blinked her sleepy green eyes at the boy and they suddenly grew wide with fear. It began to retreat to the other side of the table not realizing the edge was coming near. "What's wrong kitty?" The kitten was startled by his words and fell back onto the floor. The boy quickly dropped to his knees and looked under the table finding the kitten cowering and shaking. The boy grabbed for it but suddenly pulled his hand back. "Ouch! You bit me! Feisty little kitten aren't you? Now come here, I'm not going to hurt you."

Ginny tried to scamper away but his hand caught hold of her belly again and pulled her from under the table. She was not going without a fight. She started to hiss and scratch violently with all four paws. She was sure she was drawing more blood as he now squeezed her tightly slightly cutting off her air. He brought her face to his with a look of fury. Here in front of her stood Draco Malfoy. "Now look you, I brought you in because you were cold and hungry. The least you could do is eat like a good little….Hmmm." Just then Draco turned her over and pulled up her tail inspecting her well….you know.

Ginny hissed and growled angrily. How dare you! He ignored her growls and continued. "Like a good little girl." If Ginny had any dignity left she wasn't sure where she was hiding it. She had just been personally inspected by Draco Malfoy. The thought was horrifying. He placed her gently in his hands again and pulled her to his chest. He stroked her gently behind her ears. "Now be a good little kitten." He turned her over onto her back and rubbed her belly. No stop…No anything but that….Not there…Oh what's the use. Ginny began to purr happily and shut her eyes. She was ready to fall asleep again when his voice made her open her eyes and look up at him. "See, even cats can't resist the Malfoy charm. You should see what kind of effects I have on the girls here."

Shockingly, Ginny was able to roll her eyes in disgust although she didn't stop purring. She wanted the belly rub to continue. Draco seemed to notice the eye roll and did a double take. "You're quite a cute and interesting little kitten you know?" Yes I know I'm adorable. "I had a kitten with ginger fur just like yours when I was four but my Father got rid of her…..He said having a pet made you weak. I loved that kitten. She had white paws like you but she didn't have a white tip on her tail like you do. Father says she ran away but I know for a fact he drowned her in our fountain. I saw him pulling her out with a smile saying that takes care of that." Draco seemed to be replaying it in his head as a look of rage came over his face. Ginny couldn't help but feel sad. How could anyone drowned a four year old's kitten? Wait, this is Lucious Malfoy we're talking about.

Ginny nudged his hand that had stopped rubbing her. "Meow."

Draco shook his thoughts out of his head and pressed his lips together looking down at Ginny. "Enough of that huh? Let's eat." Draco pushed a bowl of milk in front of Ginny on the table and then began on his plate of ribs and chicken. You must be joking! I'm not going to drink milk while there's chicken and ribs on the table you selfish prat!

Draco had a rib held with both hands and was leaning in for a bite when the kitten caught his eye. She was sitting on her back paws licking her lips and eyeing his every move. Draco moved the rib up and down and watched her eyes follow it to the tee. He laughed loudly. "Well I can't let you have this if that's what you're thinking! You're a kitten! Don't you guys just drink milk all day?"

Ginny rolled her eyes again. Alright, if I'm going to get some real food I've got to play the part. Look at me! I'm so cute! Don't you want to share those ribs with me? Can't you hear me purring you stupid git! The kitten began to nudge her nose forcibly on his hands and slithered in between his arms purring loudly. "Meow!" She began to sniff his hands everywhere and slowly propped her front paws on his arms so that she could reach the ribs. Okay Malfoy, I'm just going to take a few bites. Don't mind me, I'm just a cute kitten. What are you smiling at you dumb prat!

Draco was actually smiling widely at her attempts to eat his food. Ginny wasn't sure she had ever seen him do that before. She began to feel uncomfortably wrong at his amused gaze on her. Malfoy was supposed to be an insufferable git who didn't have one nice bone in his body. He wasn't supposed to be pleasant to a defenseless creature. He should be kicking her or tying her to a tree from her tail. "Alright, alright. But don't say I didn't protest." Draco lowered the rib and Ginny dug into it quickly. Her previous thoughts vanished at the taste of the ribs. He watched her eat with a satisfied grin and pet her gently every now and then.

When they were both finished Draco leaned back in his chair and Ginny licked her paws getting rid of any sign of the ribs. Draco stood and stretched. "Well Miss Kitty, it's time for bed. Should I take you back outside?" Good God you dumb ferret! Anything but that! "No….It's awfully cold out. I'll take you into my dormitory and we'll figure things out tomorrow. Hmmm. I should name you."

He swiped his hand from her head along her back and up her tail. Ginny followed his hand with her body the entire way. It just felt good to be rubbed as a cat even if it was Draco the death eater doing it. Then she thought to herself. You're going to name me…Um, let's see. I think Queen of all that is Feline will do or Ginny the Magnificent. Oh I know! Awesome Animagus! "Red." Oh that's original you prat. How did you get even one OWL with that limited imagination? "You like that name do you? My precious little Red." Okay that's better.

Draco scooped her up into his chest and Ginny breathed him in deeply. He covered her into his robes and left the kitchens. Suddenly it dawned on Ginny. She wasn't going to make into her bed. She was headed for his! My Mum will kill me! Maybe I'll sneak out once he's asleep. Ginny suddenly heard him placing locking charms on the door of his private dormitory. Think of everything don't you, you foul….Oh what's that? Do that again.

Draco started scratching the base of her tail and Ginny started arching her back and purring loudly. "I guess it's not hard to find out what you like is it Red?" Draco placed her on his bed and the kitten peered up at him expectantly. "What? I need to go change so make yourself comfortable." He quickly scratched her ear and entered his bathroom.

Ginny looked around the room and was impressed at all the expensive furniture and the large fireplace. He's a Malfoy, what did I expect really? She crawled around the bed that felt as large as the Quidditch pitch since she was so tiny. It was the softest bed she had ever been on. The black silky comforter felt soothing on her white paws.

Draco walked out of the bathroom and found the kitten circling a certain spot (which happened to be his) on the bed as she was about to lay down. She heard him walking towards her and growled at him. Don't you think you should cover up? I mean I know I'm just a cat but goodness. Wow, I never noticed how well defined your chest and arms-Now I'm going mad! Draco Malfoy is not attractive! Draco Malfoy is not attractive! Draco Malfoy in nothing but black silk pants is not attractive! Don't you dare get on this bed without putting more clothes on. "Meow!"

The kitten hissed at Draco which just made him grin widely. "You wanna play precious?" He pulled his Slytherin scarf off a chair and started to dangle it in front of her. Oh please what a childish game! Draco brushed the end of the scarf on her nose. I don't have time for this Malfoy. She rolled her eyes as Draco started waving the scarf more quickly around her. I need to catch it. I need to catch that scarf! Ginny leapt into the air and dug her nails into the scarf causing Draco to drop it. Child's play. Ginny thought triumphantly.

Draco chuckled and plopped down on the bed next to her. He picked her up and placed her on his bare stomach or as Ginny noticed six pack. "Mmmm. You're so warm Red. Ouch!" Ginny bit his finger again and jumped off. Watch your manners Malfoy. He began to stroke her again softly. "Still feisty huh? Well I'm tired. Let's go to sleep and I'll let you out in the morning." Draco tried to slide her over to lie next to him but Ginny dug her claws into the comforter in protest. "Alright, alright. Have it your way precious." He rolled over on his side leaving Ginny curled up on the other side of the bed eyeing him suspiciously.

Perfect. I'll be able to transform back in time for breakfast. I guess he's not so bad, at least to kittens. People are a different story.

"Good night Red."